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Comment from: Jay [Visitor]
Does your name stand for Moron ?
What part of the Wie's ranking do you not understand ?

Using two different criterias, Wie ends up ranked 2nd. The Rolex system which gives points according to their performances (it awards consistent players) and the Sagarin rating where they compare the head-to-head result.

The only thing Wie doesn't have is a 1st place win. If you have a problem with that, you should devise another system which gives ranking to people who won 1st places. Then Birdie Kim who is the winner of 2005 US open will be ranked much higher, but she just missed the cut at Mexico, so what do you say about that ? Huh ?
03/12/06 @ 02:12
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
Chumming for hits Ron?
03/12/06 @ 05:35
Comment from: June [Visitor]
Ron Ron and Baldwin pimping themselves on their blog.
03/12/06 @ 07:48
Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]

Obviously Rollex is not going to want to put Michelle Wie in the Omega position in their ratings. Indeed, they would want Michelle Wie to be as far from the Omega position as possible. While 3 and 2 and maybe 3 again in a week or two are not quite the Alpha position, at least they are a lot closer to Alpha than they are to Omega. Does it make sense to you now?
03/12/06 @ 08:42
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jay, I don't want to be picky, but there is no such word as "criterias." Criterion is the singular and criteria is the plural. Latin, baby. You're right about the rankings. Michelle should definitely be number one after this week regardless of who wins the Mastercard. If Annika was as good as they say she is, she would be running away with it. Instead she had a miserable one-under yesterday and is merely tied for first. As for Paula, she was ranked behind Michelle before this event even though she did win four tournaments worldwide last year, so there is no reason for her to go anywhere in the rankings, especially since Michelle wasn't in the field. If neither of these two wins, it will show just how mediocre they are. And of course, neither of these second-rate females is anywhere near Michelle in the category of missed cuts in men's events. That is the most important stat and Michelle's record is not likely to be surpassed in the foreseeable future.
03/12/06 @ 10:08
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor]
Hahaha, I see the gong show of blogs has everyone stirred up again.
Shame on you, Ron. As one-putt said, "Chumming again, Ron?"
Annika just fumbled and is 1 stroke off the lead now with the Korean express (Seon Hwa Lee) and Paula making good speed to the finish line.
The korean rookies striking again, rofl
Go Paula and the rookie line !
03/12/06 @ 11:45
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
In answer to you all, I ask, what the heck else is there to write about? Look at the rest of this week's blogs and you'll catch my wave. Do you want me to talk about Camilo's sexy biceps? Tiger's clean-shaven face? Phil's cuddly love handles? Here are personal answers to all seven commens:

Jay, No, not moron, unles you want "More Ron" ... Get it?

One-Putt, not chumming, although I'm no fisherman.

June, Who is Ron Ron ... Is that like Da Dop Ron Ron? I've always liked that song.

Jim, nice word-play with the Alpha and the Omega, although I think you got one of them wrong ... or maybe I did.

Alex, Great touch with the "PGA tour missed cuts" stat. I should have you ghost-write for me.

P4P, This is like short-track speed skating, with the Korean presence. Whos is the LPGA version of Apollo Anton Ohno who will stand up to the Kim Krew?
03/12/06 @ 15:17
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member]
In answer to you all, I ask, what the heck else is there to write about? Look at the rest of this week's blogs and you'll catch my wave. Do you want me to talk about Camilo's sexy biceps? Tiger's clean-shaven face? Phil's cuddly love handles?
**************************************Wie would be doing the Blogs a big favor if she played more events. It is only the weeks she plays there are anything interesting to talk about/write about in golf. Who cares what happens to the PGA (Professional Grumppy old men Association) and the Wieless LPGA...
03/12/06 @ 15:52
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Well, Annika won, but only by one stroke as she bogeyed her final hole. And Paula could do no better than par, so she will probably drop in the Rolex rankings even though she did tie for fourth. None of the Koreans could muster a charge. So that should do it. With Annika's lackluster perfomance, Michelle will surely be Number One with Rolex. Congratulations, Michelle! You've earned it!
03/12/06 @ 16:08
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor]
LOL, your right Ron. But I couldn't help twitching everyone a bit.
Now I gotta twitch Baldie..

What's the matter with your girl, Baldie? I see she couldn't close it out? Jeez, ma, she should be able to just swish right on thru and whup Annika with no problem. I mean after all, she's your perfect golf girl isn't she? And she was even ahead of the Swedish bomber.. I mean after all, there just isn't any excuse is there?
Even the korean rookie, Seon Hwa Lee beat her.....

hehe, Had to say it you you Baldie, sorry.

03/12/06 @ 16:16
Comment from: David [Visitor]
Jay, if you find watching Michelle more exciting than watching Annika (who wins half the time, anyway - in stark contrast to Michelle, who has never won), then you're an idiot.

And I am in agreeance with Ron. Jay, I know you think the Rolex Rankings are wonderful and that Michelle really deserves World No. 2 position, but I am of the opinion that the rankings don't award WINNERS enough. Sure, Annika is top, but where is Cristie Kerr, Lorena Ochoa, etc? Behind Wie, but I can't think why.

Actually, Creamer may go back to World No. 2 since, as I am writing this, she has just got a T4 finish.
03/12/06 @ 16:19
Comment from: Paul W [Visitor]
David, there must be a lot of idiots out there because I think most people would rather watch Wie try to get her first win than Annika get her 64th. Like her or hate her, Wie makes it interesting.

I don't see Creamer's T4 getting her back to second place. She'll probably only get around 10-12 points for it.
03/12/06 @ 17:09
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]
Comment from: David [Visitor]
...I am of the opinion that the rankings don't award WINNERS enough. Sure, Annika is top, but where is Cristie Kerr, Lorena Ochoa, etc? Behind Wie, but I can't think why....
Although I am an ardent Wie fan (not a warrior), I do think this 13 week stuff of Rolex is problematic. What's the big deal with the past 3 month ?
Shouldn't you at least give 1 full year on the maximum points given out ? If you won US Open, you should get full credit before the next US Open. (it seems 3 months period is an extreme case of "what have you done lately"?)

Any thoughts ? Will this bring anyone above Wie ? (like Kerr ?)

03/12/06 @ 18:03
Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]
Michelle Wie was 3rd at 9.24 in the first rankings--with no tournaments in the 13 week period. Without the 13 week bonus, Michelle would still be over 9 and ahead of everyone except Annika and possibly Paula.

03/12/06 @ 18:21
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
..."Comment from: Ron Mon [Member]

One-Putt, not chumming, although I'm no fisherman."... Can't fish or cut bait eh Ron?

I get a kick out of the posts to your blog Ron from the supporters of Wie and the ones that are not. The Suits at Nike, Sony and Omega or yes, even Rolex know what they gain from associating their name with Michelle Wie.......Worldwide Publicity.

Marketing Suits look at Michelle as a product to be advertised with an expected profit return. Michelle has a "Star Quality" about her without being a Star. This Quality will draw soccer moms and their daughters into the game of golf.
03/13/06 @ 03:01
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Yeah,One-Putt-That's what I'm talkin' about! Every Soccer Mom and every other Bimbo will be out infront of you, and me, taking 6 or 7 swipes at the ball and FINALLY hitting it 50 FEET. EVERY TIME!!! Courses backed-up and everyon else waiting. Turn a 4 hour game into "I hope we get finished before dark."
03/13/06 @ 05:30
Comment from: June [Visitor]
Oh, and don't forget about the shreeking squeel, that can be heard all over the course, when I finally do hit it.
03/13/06 @ 06:58
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
Comment from: John D [Visitor]

Maybe you haven't noticed yet John, take a look at the practice range next time out. Scary situation old pal. They are practicing the Michelle swing at quarter speed with Daddy or Mommy looking on.

Maybe we should eliminate old people, women and kids on some courses built just for speed of play.

We could call it "Express Golf".

More Golfers equals more Golf Courses and that can't be all bad John.

Build a Golf Course and they will come.
03/13/06 @ 07:09
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Yeah,One-Putt-That's what I'm talkin' about! Every Soccer Mom and every other Bimbo will be out infront of you, and me, taking 6 or 7 swipes at the ball and FINALLY hitting it 50 FEET. EVERY TIME!!! Courses backed-up and everyon else waiting. Turn a 4 hour game into "I hope we get finished before dark."
This is neanderthal. John D., I am positive that every member of the girls golf team that I coach would leave you in the dust when it comes to pace of play. You are merely repeating the words from some other unevolved golfer that you find to be oddly cool, or you are applying a blanket statement to women golfers, based on one bad experience. Look for more during this week of controversial blogs from RonMon.
03/13/06 @ 09:39
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Paul W, You're right, there are a lot of idiots out. Just look at those fools who think that Michelle Wie doesn't deserve her number two ranking. As you say, Michelle occasionally TRYING to win her first tournament is far more interesting than Annika winning her 67th. These clowns can't see the desired political correctness in TRYING to get that first win, as opposed to winning repeatedly and demoralizing her opponents. Michelle should definitely be number one in the Rolex rankings since none of the others did enough to move up. That's the amazing thing about Michelle, she has the ability to move up the rankings boards without winning and sometimes without even playing. Can Annika, Paula, Christie or any of the Koreans do that?
03/13/06 @ 10:21
Comment from: Paul W [Visitor]
Alex, huh? If there was a point to what you just posted, it eluded me.

One word of advice, if you have to use sarcasm to make your point, it's probably not a point worth making,
03/13/06 @ 12:07
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Paul W, There was no sarcasm implied. I am simply agreeing with all the Wie fans that it isn't necessary for her to win anything for her to be wildly popular and for her to change the face of golf. She has already received more sponsors' exemptions and endorsement fees than any other female golfer in history. She will doubtless receive more of these freebies in the near and distant future. She has a fiercely loyal fan base. She has a sizable portion of her fans who firmly believe that she will not only obtain and secure a PGA tour card, she will be a force on the PGA tour and will someday soon win a men's major. And she's done all this without winning anything even on the LPGA tour. What else could she possibly accomplish? Winning a tournament will be just a blip on the radar screen for MIchelle. For Michelle to remain an icon for her fans and grow in stature in their minds, she has to do only one thing: exist.
03/13/06 @ 14:02
Comment from: Oneputtshy [Visitor]
I'm tired of all you writers and the news media going ga-ga over Michelle Wie. She hasn't won anything to this day and all the world is in awe of her. And, why doesn't she play with the other women in the LPGA? She insists on playing on the men's tours, but still hasn't won anything.

On top of all the excitement about her, she's rated near the top by the Rolex pole, then she's given an Omega for not winning in her last tournatment...go figure.

At least Paula Creamer & Morgan Pressel are out there playig in their respective leagues trying to actually win.
03/13/06 @ 17:46
Comment from: Eli [Visitor]
Alex, your ongoing attack on Michelle for not having ever won an LPGA event is only convincing when taken out of context. Try adding a little reality to your analysis by comparing Michelle to all the other players who won LPGA tournaments at her age.

Having trouble coming up with a list? Thought so… The fact is, while you continually condemn the winless Wie, no player, ever in the history of the LPGA, has won at her age. Not one single 16 year old has ever won. Not one single 17 year old has ever won.

In fact the youngest player to win an LPGA event was Marlene Hagge. She won the Sarasota Open in 1952 (an 18 hole event) when she was 18 years, 14 days old. The youngest player to win a 72 hole event was Paula Creamer who won the 2005 Sybase Classic at 18 years, 9 months and 17 days.

Michelle still has 1 year 7 months and 12 days to beat Marlene, though she will have to do it in a 54 or 72 hole event. Michelle has 2 years 4 months and 15 days to top Paula’s impressive achievement.

Will she manage it? Chances are pretty good. She holds the record for the youngest player to Monday qualify for an LPGA event at 12 years, 4 months and 14 days and the youngest player to make the cut at an LPGA event at 13 years, 5 months and 17 days.

I know you think her age is just an excuse. You may not appreciate the fact the most people mature a great deal, physically, mentally, and emotionally between the ages of 16 and 18. Your postings seem to indicate you stopped maturing well before this point. You may not appreciate that there are achievements and accomplishments, worthy of recognition, move subtle that a great big “W”. You may not understand the satisfaction can be gained with out immediate gratification. The loss is yours. That is a big “L”, you lose, no wins, no ties, pitiful!
03/13/06 @ 18:06
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Eli, You just made my point. You're obviously one of MIchelle's most fiercely loyal fans of which I wrote. And you didn't disappoint with your assessment that many things are more important to Michelle AND her devoted followers than a big "W". I really do admire your undying loyalty to Michelle and her cause. If she never wins a tournament she will still be "Numero Uno" in the minds and hearts of her followers. She will always be younger than some of the other PGA players. There will always be some other extenuating circumstance to be used as a crutch. If one is a fan of Michelle Wie, hope will always spring eternal. And I think that that is admirable. Now, Eli, let me pose this question: Do you really think it is necessary to cast aspersions at the character and mental maturity of another poster to prove you are a fan of MW? I can assure you that I have had at least as much education and a lot more life experience than most people you know, and that includes yourself. Please, try to be objective and stay away from personal attacks. Thank you.
03/13/06 @ 18:35
Comment from: winston [Visitor]

This is what Donald had to say after he won the Honda on 3/12/2006

"You see a lot of players when they get close to him seem to either give it to him or he doesn't have to do too much special," said Donald after his two-stroke victory at the Honda Classic in Florida. "He just knows that his golf is going to be good enough to get it done and sometimes he lets the other players feel like they have to do more. "I think if you can kind of get into the mentality that you don't have to do any more, you just do what you know you can do. Hopefully that will keep me going to get up to Tiger's level. "I don't think I need to practice that much harder. I think I've got to change my mentality. "I think you have to start believing that you're the best player in the world. That's the first step. " can I beat Tiger on any given round? Sure. So why can't I beat him during a tournament? "I feel like if I play my golf, just a satisfactory Luke Donald style, that should be good enough to compete no matter what tiger does.

Please note! Tiger is two years older than this fool….
03/13/06 @ 19:04
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
winston, Luke Donald is a fool? He graduated with honors from Northwestern University and he's a fool? He won Tiger's own Target event last fall in which Tiger competed and he's a fool? He just won $990K and he's a fool? Aren't you the guy who referred to Sergio Garcia as a racist? Maybe you're the fool.
03/14/06 @ 00:49
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
Luke is one of the players to keep an eye on this year. I would not be surprised to find him in the top three on the leaderboard at a Major this season. Heck he might even win.

He has a very solid all around game.

Sergio doesn't practice hard or long enough to be competative in a Major this year. Many hours on the putting green might turn that snake into a putter if he works at it.

They are the best of friends off the course.

03/14/06 @ 04:07
Comment from: Eli [Visitor]
Alex, I am not a fan of Michelle Wie. I am a fan of the game of Golf. As such, I watch with interest the development and performance of many players, Michelle included. If I were a betting man I’d still be putting my money on Annika almost every time out. I enjoy the drama of the competition and enjoy seeing any player achieve beyond expectation.

My issue is with ridiculous expectations. I think those who see a sound byte, or read an article or two about Michelle, and declare her the best player who ever lived are sadly misguided. Not everyone who appreciates what Michelle has accomplished is that foolish.

The point you missed completely, or choose to ignore, is that expecting a 16 year old to win in LPGA is a ridicules expectation. Condemning a player, for not having done so, is simply foolish. This is something no player, not even the greatest legends in Women’s golf, have ever achieved. The fact that there is a player who could conceivable accomplish this should delight and entertain… not be a target of ridicule because the miracle has not yet taken place.

Alex, Michelle’s age relative to other players in not the issue. It is her absolute age today that is the issue. Should Michelle reach 25 years of age with our winning, the age at which Annika won her first (after losing 34 in a row), it will be reasonable to start questioning her ability. It is entirely possible Michelle will never devlope into the player her potential promises. I can think of several scenarios from injury to romance to burnout to new interest that could lead Michelle to remain an interesting footnote in the history of golf. What is fascinating is that the potential is there and we get to see it unfold, for better or worse.

Finally, Alex please read carefully, I only commented on what your statements in this forum “seem to indicate”. I do not have a problem separating a persons opinion from the person them self. I have no intention of casting dispersion on your person, only to state my opinion, that the ideas you express here are foolish and immature. I will happily take your word for it that you are mature, well educated and intelligent and look forward to see evidence of the same in your postings.
03/14/06 @ 10:05
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Eli, Fair enough. I thank you for your insightful and cogent response. I personally don't have any unrealistic expectations for Miss Wie. The same cannot be said for her legions of fiercely loyal fans. She does have a surfeit of natural ability which has on occasion been apparent. My only objections to her meteoric rise in everything from the faux Rolex rankings to her numerous (and in my opinion, undeserved) sponsors' exemptions to her endorsements is the crass way that her as yet unproven skills have been marketed. If one reads these threads, it is amazing the number of grown men who think that Michelle is a lead pipe cinch to be not only a consistent winner on the LPGA tour, but that she is also destined for the same success on the PGA tour. It used to be in sports that an athlete acquired a loyal fan base after many years of rock solid performance. Willie Mays with the Giants. Mickey with the Yanks, and Joe Montana with the 49ers are just three that come to mind. Michelle has a similarly ardent and loyal base of admirers without having accomplished anything of note. Slick and aggressive marketing can be thanked for that. Evidence of this overhyping can be best exemplified by her being ranked as the number two female golfer in the world without ever having won a tournament. All one need do is read the postings of her fans to see how far this brainwashing has gone.
03/14/06 @ 11:48
Comment from: Eli [Visitor]
Alex, your point about the damage done by the marketing and media machines is well taken. There is every evidence that sports is taking a page out of the recording industries book and attempting to manufacture stars. I certainly would not argue that Michelle has escaped this trend. However, I’m not ready to write her off just yet. I really hate to miss a great new musical talent just because that got snapped up by a major recording studio… not that that is likely to happen. Yes, there are mindless hoards ready to jump on any and every bandwagon but isn’t criticizing them just a little bit like railing against the wind?

The Rolex rankings are an interesting issue. They actually are not intended to determine who the best players in the world are, and at this point I certainly don’t think they do. The stated purpose of the rankings are to provide a method for determining eligibility for events such as the McDonald's LPGA, the Women's British Open, and the Women's World Cup of Golfand as well as seeding for HSBC Women's World Match Play Championship. As such the method used to determine the rankings accommodates amateurs and smaller women’s leagues. While the philosophy and basic method for calculating rankings is based on the system used in men’s golf, the exacting weighting of major tournaments and relative weighting given to various league ratings in establishing the baseline have not been published (to the best of my knowledge). The most controversial element of the system is using a minimum divisor of 15 as opposed to 40 for men’s leagues. The argument runs this is in deference to smaller leagues and to give new players a chance show up in the rankings, which is in keeping with the stated goals. Were the architects of this system immune to the marking pressure related to having Michelle’s name in the rankings? Probably not.

Still the fundamentals of the system are sound (for its intended purpose) and with time and tweaking (just as the men’s version required) the system will probably evolve into a useful tool. Over time the top player in the men’s rankings correlate pretty strongly with number of wins, earnings and major statistics. I suspect eventually the same will be true of the Rolex rankings. In the mean time I’d rely on the later three metrics when evaluating the LPGA.

All that being said, the ranking Michelle has achieved is the result of performing better, on average, than every player, other than Annika, over the last 104 weeks. This certainly does not make her the second best player in the world. In my mind it does justify the exemptions she has been given. However, that low divisor is a double edged sword and any poor or mediocre performance on Michelle’s part will drop her ranking dramatically. One or more poor performances seem likely given the challenges of puberty, sponsors/press pressure and intermittent playing. If she can maintain a high ranking I’ll be impressed.

Bottom line, you are right about the marketing, who cares about mindless masses, and maybe Michelle deserves a chance to prove herself.
03/14/06 @ 15:28
Comment from: Toronto Hack [Visitor]
This confirms it. With idiots like you and Baldwin here, it's clear that this is just another trashy website.

I see better and more coherent writing on blogs kept by teenagers.

Sorry, but I think that the few respectable writers on this site should leave before they damage their reputations beyond repair.
03/14/06 @ 20:04
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Toronto Hack,

Do you cough a lot? The Canadians that I know (being from Buffalo) are quite polite. You must be an emigrant, and the exception to the rule. Give us examples of coherent writings from teenagers. And exactly which writers on the site are you insulting by calling them "respectable"? Next time, post something with some substance. THAT, we will welcome.
03/14/06 @ 22:19
Comment from: winston [Visitor]
Hi Alex...I am the guy. Luke hangs out with Sergio, thats's my point. They all get hang up about Tiger Woods. Anybody in the PGA can beat tiger woods so why are they so hang up. You don't see tiger woods badmouthing other players in the Pga, why don't they just give it a rest? To be sure Luke, sergio and co can't beat Phil, Vijay, Els, Goosen let alone be no 1. Reason! they are about the same age. That's the reason I think sergio and co are fools regardless of their money etc. Remember! "The fool and his money shall depart"....the Bible
03/15/06 @ 15:33
Comment from: winston [Visitor]
By the way Alex...Please don't take it so personally, but you have to agree that one who spend their time idly or aimlessly is really a fool regardless of the school they graduated from or how much money they have. Remember that "I hate Americans" comment by Paul Casey? Luke/sergio and co were a party to it, remember?
03/15/06 @ 15:57
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
winston, I am having considerable difficulty deciphering your postings, as I am sure you will also when you sober up. Drinking heavily and smoking marijuana do not mix well with internet posting. Can anyone on this board translate winston's gibberish for me?
03/15/06 @ 19:11
Comment from: winston [Visitor]
Alex, the honest truth is, I don't drink or smoke and I am sorry about the communication. Do have a great weekend.
03/16/06 @ 14:28
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
winston, Okay, my friend, I'll take your word for it. My best to you and yours.
03/16/06 @ 18:38
Comment from: jordan 3 sale [Visitor]
A stitch in time saves nine.
12/28/10 @ 05:30

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