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Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
RM, you are correct - we should all employ that stroke-saving short game method. (Tom Kite was the first to do it and look at what it did for him.) But that would take serious practice and most 10+ handicappers seldom practice beyond a pre-round warmup on the range.

When I'm play with my regular 18 hdcp partner and he asks me what the distance is from inside 100 yards (a frequent cart-path-only problem), my standard response is to tell him it's a "feel shot". And no matter how you finely tune your swing & club set-ups, you will always have some in-between feel shots.
07/15/06 @ 13:12
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor]
Too many wedges in the hands of the unpracticed spells certain disaster. My yardages with my wedges are: LW 100-110; SW 115-125; GW 125-135; PW 135-145. So anything under 100 is, as shanks says, a feel shot, usually with the LW, but not always, depending on lie and pin position. Golf clutters the mind, and wedges clutter most folks' bags. Before I went to 4 wedges, I had 2, and learned to play all shots with those--that's how I developed feel. If I had begun with all 4, I'd still be screwed.
07/16/06 @ 00:32

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