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Comment from: Randy Hebert [Visitor]
I actually got to watch the semis on TV this evening. Kim Kim is actually a pretty impressive amatuer given her age. That iron shot into 16 was a thing of beauty.To a pin she couldn't see well tucked behind a bunker, to draw the ball over the short side of the green to 2 feet was fearless. Or perhaps as Dottie said, oblivious, haha. I can think of several less confident pros who would have bailed to the left of the pin on that one. You're probably right, maybe neither will be pros someday, but it's refreshing to see people playing hard without all the money on the line. This title is a big deal in the amateur world , so good luck to both ladies tomorrow.On a sidenote I wonder if a certain young 15 year old from Hawaii who also qualified for the Mens US Open like Kim Kim did the Womens will be able to advance as far as she has in the upcoming Mens US Amateur.
08/13/06 @ 00:24
Comment from: Monkey Fish [Visitor]
I hope the German wins. Sieg Heil!
08/13/06 @ 11:26
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor]
How can you say that Kimberley Kim will probably not succeed professionally? She would need to get better. but at 14 she figures to get better.
08/13/06 @ 17:25
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
The odds of succeeding professionally depend on one's definition of success. In any possible scenario, the odds of two finalists having success professionally are not very good. As such, I stand by my claim. Hopefully she'll choose a good college.
08/13/06 @ 18:28
Comment from: Daniel Kinoshita [Visitor]
Won't succeed as a LPGA professional? Hard to believe you said that. After all she came second and first in the two most important amateur women's competition in 2006--the Public Links and Open--and qualified for the professional Women's Open, being the youngest female golfer ever to make the cut, playing all four rounds. What's not to like about her future; she hit the ball long and almost never missed her short puts in the Women's Open amateur final. She has the potential for sure.
08/14/06 @ 02:30
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
"She has the potential for sure."

I agree...I have the potential, if I have gender reassignment. We all have potential. The odds of her realizing that potential are slim to none, just as they are for all top amateurs. Very few of them "make" it. Leave your feelings aside, look at those who have not made it, and join my team of believers.
08/14/06 @ 20:30
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email
There's only one way to find out if she'll make it as a pro: We've gotta get her as many sponsor's exemptions into PGA tourneys as we can, and fast. Heck why don't we just make half the PGA field teenaged girls? That'll keep the pros on their toes.
08/15/06 @ 03:10
Comment from: Johnny N. [Visitor]
Comment from: Daniel Kinoshita:
and qualified for the professional Women's Open, being the youngest female golfer ever to make the cut, playing all four rounds.

That is incorrect.
Michelle Wie qualified for the US Open as a 13 year old and played all four rounds, and got 39th position.
08/15/06 @ 10:37

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