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Sports Illustrated at the PGA Show: Video 101...C+ At Best

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I love video on the web. I love YouTube on the web. I love Windows Movie Maker. I love video on the web. That's my ode to video on the web. Even a hack like me can press the red record button, tape some life, upload it to a PC, and dice it into a… more »

Smarmy Alan Shipnuck of Sports Illustrated Goes To Hair School

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Sometimes you can sense that a writer wants to use a certain storyline SOOOO much that she or he forces it in, with absolute disregard for propriety and the truth. Such is the case with Alan Shipnuck's apparent infatuation with Charley Hoffman's Tarzan… more »

Calling All Editors: Golf Magazine, Adam Scott and Luke Donald Need Help!

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As I am wont to do, I was browsing through my February 2007 Golf Magazine in January (I receive my mail earlier than you!) and paused at the section marked "What Tour pros think about..." I've found this to be an interesting little read in the past, and… more »

Note To Self: It's Not Just Young Americans Who Choke!

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"He misses a step and cuts his hand, but Showing nothing, he swoops like a song She cries "Where have all Papa's heroes gone?" Those lines come from David Bowie's song, Young Americans. Just goes to show I can manipulate just about any words in the… more »

A failed generation of US Golfers...An answer for Brandon Tucker on why we don't win

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I started out with a comment on Brandon's post, then realized it was too long, so here's the gist: Our institutions have failed us publicly. Perhaps they were failing us privately before, but we kept up the facade. Ask the media: what sells more pa… more »

Ride For Roswell Plus Golf Marathon For Carly's Club

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Here it is, the 16th of the year, and I'm already begging for funds. I'll be Riding For Roswell (Park Cancer Institute) in Buffalo for the 12th consecutive year, but 2007 will bring something new. Seems like a bunch of local business dudes have been go… more »

Hawaii, Wie, Fujikawa, PGA Tour: Ruminations on a theme

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The floodgates have opened, the scribes have sharpened their pencils and keyboards, and the rain continues to fall in Binghamton. Not more than ten miles from what I considered 2006's "unkindest cut of all," with deference to my colleague, I ruminate, p… more »

The Golf Channel, The PGA Tour, and Deep Throat

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Kiel's mad that Tim Finchem's heart shrank two more sizes. Dave's pissed that the Golf Channel perhaps treads into false advertising. Tim, predictably, is ga-ga over Kelly T., and wishes she'd "tie his tie." The common cry from the common man concer… more »

Nothing To Do With Golf...Hats off to hero Wesley Autrey

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Click Here to discover what none of us would ever have the courage to do...He did it in front of his daughters!!! Thank God for Wesley Autrey. more »
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