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Comment from: Oliver Sudden [Visitor] Email
How about cheating ? You know, like when a football player acts like he caught the ball when he knows he didn't. This idea that golf is a game of honor is fine if every player is honorable but what about Jeong Jang in the Women's U.S. Open when she denied she double hit the ball when it was obvious she did ? And she almost got away with it until thousands called or emailed outrage and the USGA had to change their ruling. And what if it hadn't been filmed ? So there's that, but the "legal" cheating is what gets me. On 11 at The Masters Mickelson hit his drive in the woods, then he hit his second shot off a tree deeper into the woods. At this point he was looking at 6 or 7 so he called for a ruling, got an outrageous free drop and made a nice 5. What in the world is wrong with golf when time after time players get free relief after hitting a wild shot ? Like when Tiger hit it over the clubhouse last year no penalty. Please.
05/02/07 @ 00:37

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