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Abandon the facts when reviewing drivers: Golf Magazine sucks up to Titleist

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I'll be on my soap box for a few blogs. I had to explain to a new generation of students what a soap box is (literally and figuratively), so I decided to get mine out of the attic and shake off the cobwebs. Here's the scenario: whilst reading the Ju… more »

Kiel Christianson on Srixon's Ball Ad...Agree or Disagree?

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Kiel Christianson has a nice blog on the new Srixon ball and its ad campaign. For whatever reason, the comment below would not post. Here is my complete and controversial response: My two cents...what is this "helicopter" to which the previous poste… more »

Chip In For Carly's Club Update...Golf Fundraiser To Fight Cancer

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Let's sorry can I feel for myself. girls' golf team that I coach lost league title by one stroke; golf camp that I run is at 1/2 capacity three weeks before first day; tons of grading to do as school year finishes up; soreness in trapezius mus… more »

Amateurs Rise Again and Weight Of A Country

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Two-part blog here, to mark my return from real life's intrusions. First, did you see that Ryo Ishikawa fired a 7-bird, 1-boge final round in Japan to win the Munsingwear? Ishikawa is, like, 18, dude. He joins 20-year old Pablo Martin (Estoril Open on… more »

Golf Equipment Update: File This Under Why?

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Put away your tuning forks, your pen knives, your spatulas, and whatever else you use to fix ball marks on greens. Bulle Rock, sanctum of all that is holy and right with golf, informs us that traditional golf ball mark repair tools are damaging greens!… more »
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