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Comment from: Rick in San Jose [Visitor] Email
Wie should take a year off, PROPERLY rest and rehab her injured wrist, then put in serious training in the gym and lots of practice on the driving range and the golf course. This way, she could come back, well-rested and better than ever, at age 18 -- and have PLENTY of time to rack up victories and rewrite the LPGA record books. I hope she comes back, beats everyone, and makes the nay-saying gloating journalists choke on their words.
07/01/07 @ 02:32
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Have they put too much of some chemical in the tap water in San Jose?
07/01/07 @ 07:52
Comment from: Matthey [Visitor] Email
People say why is there so much talk about Wie.
The answer is simple, because so many people want to sleep with her.

Does anyone think that Alex posts again and again because he is so concerned about the issues!!!!
How about Judge Smails, Stanley, One-Putt and the other guys.

It's all about obsession and that obsession is just about looking at a hot girl and wanting to do things with her and the talk is due to that.
07/01/07 @ 10:54
Comment from: JR [Visitor] Email
Matthey.... well, MW is not unattractive to say the least. However, the moment she says something, all that goes out the window.
07/01/07 @ 11:45
Comment from: Lance R [Visitor] Email

No no no Matthey, you should learn to speak for yourself. I seriously doubt that any of the folks you mentioned are thinking about sleeping with Bubbles (except for maybe Putt4par, you forgot about him). As for myself, no, she is young enough to be my granddaughter and more confused and disallusioned than Paris Hilton. So sleeping with her is the last thing on my mind.

It does not have anything to do with "obsession" either. I hope your day job is not related to psychology, otherwise, there will be numerous misdiagnoised patients roming the streets.
07/01/07 @ 12:10
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Ron Mon,

There's a glaring omission in your piece. You credulously wonder why there is so much antipathy for Bubbles, absolving her of all responsibility for her image. Have you forgotten that, prior to her complete meltdown, she used to make a habit of making cocky, hubristic pronouncements? Remember that this is the girl who said that she would beat the men, and she mentioned Tiger Woods specifically. No, when I ponder Bubbles' predicament, an old truth comes to mind: "He who exalts himself will be humbled."
07/01/07 @ 12:37
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Oh, I have an breaking news, folks. I have discovered the REAL reason for Bubbles withdrawal.

Remember that play was suspended on Friday due to rain, requiring that the second round be completed the next day. So, Bubbles went out there to play her second round . . . but then, after about six holes, it hit her. "Wait," said she, "This is Saturday. I don't play on weekends! I'm outta here!"
07/01/07 @ 12:46
Comment from: Matthey [Visitor] Email
Judge Smails,
Your obsession with Wie is like a young boy who gets a new girlfriend and he can't stop talking about her all the time.
Say this boys girlfriend is called Sara.
Any time someone says something, he says well Sara thinks they are really good, or Sara always says they aren't the best or Sara this Sara that.

You guys are just like that. You are like love sick teenager.
To be honest the girl has an absolutely top knotch body on her. I could go into detail to describe the different attributes but she is fantastic in every way that a hetrosexual man would want. She is far and away the best looking of the lady golfers.

And that is why people want to talk and talk about her.
07/01/07 @ 14:43
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor] Email
LanceR, I have a wie exercise for you. Simple instructions, even you should have no trouble following them.
A) Place both hands in front of your face
B) Firmly grasp your bottom lip with both hands
C) now stretch that lip out as far as you can.
D) pull it over the top of your head til it reaches the nape of your neck.

and finally,( Now follow this carefuly, LanceR, this is the E you always talk about.
E) Holding that stretched lip tight against the back of your neck, do what you do best and SUCK !
07/01/07 @ 15:45
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
Matthey is simply projecting his own
personal pedophilic tendencies on those
around him like a true sociopath, Judge.
Pay no attention to this degenerate.
07/01/07 @ 15:49
Comment from: Frederick [Visitor] Email
It is human nature to enjoy watching cockiness and hubris fail on such a grand scale. I think a lot of people resented that Wie made herself into an underage sex symbol by walking the course in micro miniskirts when she should have been wearing pants like the other players. No 15-17 yeard old girl should have been allowed to dress like that. What were her parents thinking?
07/01/07 @ 16:40
Comment from: Kathy [Visitor] Email
All u guys who are constantly on these golf blogs (Alex, Judge Small, Put4 whatever....)talking about MW, are just sick puppies especially if you are old enough to be grandfathers

Don't u grown men have nothing better to do than attack a 17 year old girl?
Mind your own business and get on with your lives will you? Pathetic !!
07/01/07 @ 16:46
Comment from: putt4par [Visitor] Email
Ack, I've been lumped in with Alex and company.

Sorry Kathy, I have never attacked MW.
I leave that up to the old pensioners withtime on their hands.
07/01/07 @ 17:00
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Apparently you don't believe in free speech and the right of anyone to exercise right guaranteed by the first amendment to the constitution.

If you think that the privilege of exchanging ideas and opinions is the exclusive province uneducated, illiterate broads, well, you are just exhibiting your monumental stupidity.

You should read up on "PMS."
07/01/07 @ 18:52
Comment from: JR [Visitor] Email
Matthey.... You think MW is the most attractive golfer on the LPGA tour??? You must have really low expectations.
07/01/07 @ 20:11
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Matthey said,

". . . she is fantastic in every way that a hetrosexual [sic] man would want."

Well, that leaves putt4par out.
07/01/07 @ 20:28
Comment from: Lance R [Visitor] Email

So that is your idea of a "Wie exercise?" It is no wonder you were recently hospitalized, they just let you out a Wie bit early.

Kathy, you said: "Don't u grown men have nothing better to do than attack a 17 year old girl?" Good grammar Kathy, you express yourself quite well (and you are calling us pathetic)? Also Putt4par is actually right on this one. If you ever group any of us together in a general category, Putt4par should be grouped by himself as no one else exhibits his mental instability.

07/01/07 @ 21:58
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Yes, anyone who writes "you" as "u" either has to be under 18 or a complete dolt. Whenever I see that, I automatically know I shouldn't take the person seriously.
07/01/07 @ 22:20
Comment from: Lance R [Visitor] Email
Judge Smails,

The double negative was also a nice touch is that eloquently stated quote. But, with a little hard work and practice, I am sure she could improve to a fourth grade level in ample time.
07/01/07 @ 22:41
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Lance R,

I am not at all sure that Kathy could improve her communication skills to the fourth grade level.

She is so dumb she should have been twins.
07/02/07 @ 14:17

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