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Nationwide Tour, Winning, and Barona Creek

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Miguel Carballo...John Kimbell...Jay Williamson...Chris Riley...Daniel Summerhays...Tom Scherrer...Franklin Langham...Brad Adamonis If you can guess what these guys have in common, in addition to vowels, consonants, and good golf swings, then you are… more »

A Match Made In Montreal: Zero Restriction And Woody Austin

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Aquaman has the perfect outerwear sponsor in Zero Restriction. The press release came through today, and you could see it coming from at least a mile. Woody Austin signed with Zero Restriction, the company that kept him dry during his cliff dive at the… more »

Golf news from a Saturday: LPGA, Nationwide, Heath and Boo

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Two fantastic 63s took place on a Saturday around the world. Suzann Pettersen's star is rising at an unbelievable rate, and the 9-birdie round she tossed at Laura Davies, Paula Creamer, and Annika Sorenstam goes a long way toward placing her as co-1 wit… more »

Sarah Turcotte: Fake Pro Faking Her Way To The Tour

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All it took was one read of a Sarah Turcotte blog post to make me hurl. I'd just finished reading Dottie Pepper's vicious missive to BJ and Bo Wie (and applauding old Dottie, mind you), when I stumbled onto this fodder from Turcotte. Here's the tease f… more »

Left Coast Whiners: Please Shut Up About Torrey Pines

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There is an interesting blog entry on Geoff Shackelford's site about Torrey Pines. Seems some feel that the Open Doctor, Rees Jones, committed malpractice on his re-do. To them I say, simply, shut up. When the Black course at Bethpage was toughend for… more »

What Wie needs to do to W.I.N.

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A lovely Ph.D. has penned an article titled "Spelling out the steps Michelle Wie must take to succeed." The nucleus of the article is a mneumonic device, in the form of the acronym FORWARD, and isn't life just tidy! This sweet tidiness is what BJ and M… more »

RonMon's Guide To Extra Distance And Better Golf

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You might be astonished to learn that no major publishing house has approached me on what I'm about to reveal. You might be chagrined to learn that I picked up the information on my own, with a wee bit of help from the players (girls and boys) that I co… more »

LPGA Tour: The Best Value In Town

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I know two things about the LPGA Tour in these here United States of America. The first is that a terrific relationship of symbiotic proportions is developing 'twixt Lorena Ochoa and Suzann Pettersen. SP blasted a -8 today to close to a stroke… more »

Lorena Ochoa: The LPGA's answer to Arnold Palmer

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Beloved by the masses in the player's own country, a gifted ball striker with the ability to go very low, an unsettling penchant for blowing up on the final hole, the final nine, the final whatever! Arnold Palmer or Lorena Ochoa or both? Ochoa's seni… more »

Ides of October in Pro Golf: A great week on PGA Tours

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There are no ides of October; that was just a tease to draw in the Shakespearean crowd. If there were, they'd take place with greater proximity to the 15th of the month. As the PGA tours draw their legitimate seasons to a close, this week makes for gre… more »

LPGA, Get with the times and get a playoff pop-up for your website!

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The same week that the LPGA unveiled a sporty new logo, two fine players went into a sudden-death playoff at the Longs Drug Classic in lovely California. It was the fourth playoff of the week on the major tours, following sudden-death decisions on the E… more »

Ernie "Crash" Els back to old tricks at Dunhill Champs

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There he was, having birdied three in a row, about to reduce Nick Dougherty to a puddle of Faldo, and the wee mon, the little man on his shoulder, smacked Ernie upside the head. Triple-bogey, bogey, and two holes later, Ernie is done. Great article b… more »

News from the US Walker Cup side

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If you're a Bandon Dunes addict, as I am, you cannot get enough of the southern Oregon coastal enclave with the three (soon to be four) vibrant courses. This week, Trip Kuehne validated his championship performances in USGA team events in Ireland (Walke… more »
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