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Five aren't enough...Ogilvy in Tiger's sites at CA Championship

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Look at me! I'm the Magic Eight Ball!! Here are my answers: # ● As I see it, yes # ● Ask again later # ● Better not tell you now # ● Cannot predict now # ● Concentrate and ask again # ● Don't count on it # &#9… more »

Puerto Rican Pride on PGA Tour...Suarez, Morales and Campos Make Cut

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With much of the world of golf's attention focused on the CA Championship in la Florida, three aspiring professionals from the island commonwealth of Puerto Rico did their commonwealthmen proud. Wilfredo Morales, Miguel Suarez and Rafael Campos each sur… more »

Doral WGC CA Championship

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At 12:31, EST, Saturday the 22nd, names are rising to the top of the leader board that have not been seen together in quite some time. Within the top 10 currently are Jim Furyk, Retief Goosen, Vijay Singh, Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, Geoff Ogilvy and Tim C… more »

Tiger Woods without World Golf Championship Wins would still be Tiger Woods

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I remember Helen Ross when she wrote for the Winston-Salem Journal or the Greensboro hokey-pokey, or whichever newspaper I read in the pre-internet days in North Carolina. She was a terrific writer and did not surprise anyone with her eventual move to P… more »

Labiodental fricative "F" culmination of Tiger Woods Freaking Putt on 18 at The Arnie

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In linguistics, the labiodental allophone is formed when the upper teeth (the dental) meet the lower lip (the labio). The sound produced in English can be a voiced R (say "Row") or a voiceless F (say "Fred.) If you take a look at the labiodental formed… more »

David Feherty assasination plot foiled; McCord in custody

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SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: The following is a poor attempt at fiction and should not be read in any way, shape or form as resembling the truth. David Feherty, who bears a striking resemblance to this writer, was in passable condition in a southern hosp… more »

Daly's Disqualification bounces OHern and Imada: Another Finchem PR Coup

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The strange trip of John Daly may have done some good today, revealing yet another ridiculous policy in the PGA Tour handbook of Tim Finchem. The following quote originates in a Golf.Com story on the Arnold Palmer Invitational: "And the thing that upse… more »

Ferry Point Golf Course in Da' Bronx...Ferry Tale or Fairy Tale?

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Catchy title, I know. It is what I do. What they do not do in New York, apparently, are two things: complete projects and set viable time tables. Languishing for decades is a golf course project in NYC, the Bronx, Ferry Point. Nicklaus design associ… more »

Hawkman, AKA Tripp Isenhour, AKA JHI III--Why didn't anyone challenge him to stop?

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The wolfman, Will Wolfrum, relayed today the news that Tripp Isenhour went hawk hunting last December. My question is, what were the host, television crew and bystanders doing while the imbecile was targeting the bird? Did they think it was funny? Wer… more »

My golf guru: long-distance teaching and playing pro Wayne DeFrancesco and the GolfStyles enigma

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Back in the day when the in-laws lived near Pittsburgh, the fam and I would make the trek south and I'd play at Chestnut Ridge, an interesting 36-hole complex in Blairsville, PA. At some juncture during those electric 90s (the decade, not my scorecard t… more »

Average Joe Meets Pro: What happens when a golf pro plays your local goat track

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I saw a link today from OOBGolf's website to a Washington Post article. The WP writer had invited Steve Marino, PGA Tour professional, out to East Potomac golf course for a round. The supposition was that Marino would certainly shoot in the low 60s, po… more »

Ernie Els goes wild, Lorena Ochoa plays an Oosthuizen, and Mark Brown says "Who's Mark Brown?"

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In short order, Ernie Els is going crazy in south Florida. He's -4 on a course that has given up one -6, one -5 and about a dozen -4s all week. With his main challenges coming from Matt "Tiger" Jones, Mark "Assistant Pro from Italy" Calcavecchia, and L… more »

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