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Zinger's Palin Pick: Streelman

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You think that McCain picking Sarah Palin as running mate was out of the blue? What happens if Kevin Streelman wins this weekend? Can Azinger avoid picking the guy? We know he had the chops to lead the US Open and he will have performed exceedingly we… more »

Walter Whack Job to captain Team USA at World Amateur Team Champioships

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The male team is already in trouble. Walter Driver, the most insignificant and disruptive USGA president in recent memory, is in charge of the Team USA. Rickie Fowler, Billy Horschel and Jamie Lovemark will play, with Kyle Stanley and Drew Kittleson as… more »

Ladies European Tour Stands To Benefit From Xenophobic Bivens

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Leave it to a Canuck to organize my thoughts for me. In today's Toronto Globe and Mail, Lorne Rubenstein nails a point that Chris Baldwin, Will Wolfrum and I have already taken a crack at. Here is Rubinstein's most salient point, on which I wish to foc… more »

New Requirements for PGA Tour Membership

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Not to be outdone by their female counterparts, the PGA Tour of America has issued the following requirements for membership maintenance: 1. Lawyer, not Sociology, to be the new language of the tour. The majority of PGA Tour players majored in Socio… more »

Kittleson Komeback makes US Amateur Final Interesting

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Danny Lee got Kittleson 6 down after 20 holes but the tall lad has come back to 3 down with 12 to go. It might be conditioning, it might be nerves, but Drew Kittleson is -3 for the afternoon round to even par for Lee. We'll see. UPDATE: Kittleson e… more »

Gordon Brand versus Gordon Brand

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The doppleganger effect has taken hold...which Gordon Brand will triumph, the good or the evil, the Scot or the Brit? Currently in England at the PGA Seniors Championship, Gordon Brand and Gordon Brand are disputing a playoff after both tied for first a… more »

Happenin Happenings in the World of Golf

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Some crazy Aussie shook down a sand shot in overtime to win at Brunei, the country formerly as wealthy as Dubai (they even rhyme!) The European seniors are getting blasted by something supernatural in England. +3 leads with +4s cold on its heels.… more »

I Have Lost A Bit Of Respect For Brady Riggs

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Brady Riggs has always been one of my favorite writing pros. He had been involved with third-tier magazines before being snapped up by a first-tier magazine in 2007. Until today, I was a devotee. Now, I am adrift in the seas of disillusionmentationism… more »

European Ryder Cup Team Preview

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Colleague Tim McDonald and I had the same, simultaneous inspiration...too much USA coverage, not enough Euro. He focused on Luke Donald's absence, which I consider overrated and he feels is underrated. Good thing...disagreement makes for a solid conver… more »

Blueprint for Michelle Wie: Duramed Futures Tour

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Today in Kentucky, three LPGA stars may have twinkled in a dynamic matchup. Kudos to Mindy Kim, who held off Vicky Hurst by one, the best player by a mile on the DFT this season, and Stacey Lewis by two. Lewis is the recent Arkansas graduate who led th… more »

USGA Women's Amateur, Duramed Futures, Nationwide Updates

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Three other events have our attention this week. In the annual "this event predicts success for no one" event for women, Amanda Blumenhurst takes on Azahara Munyoz (no tilde for the "n," so I substituted a "y") in the 2-round final. Both finalists play… more »

Response To Tim McDonald's Hunter Mahan-Ryder Cup blog entry

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Two points on Tim's blog entry...the bloom is off the rose and the Cup events are seen in their entirety as the money-making shams they are. Sure, there's some history, but that certainly doesn't matter to the organizers. It might be the most stressful… more »

Get Pissed, Michelle!

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I am most certainly not encouraging the young Hawaiian lass to get drunk in a British way. I am encouraging her to get angry after her 3rd-hole bogey. I have never seen her pump herself up like Dottie Pepper used to do, like many great players do. She… more »
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