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The personal fitting process of Henry-Griffitts

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A week back, I wrote an entry on my anticipated fitting with a regional Henry-Griffitts teacher. That is correct and not a typo, a teacher. I was as stumped as you might be, reading this. I visited their website and found one menu item that read "Find a… more »

LPGA brings out the tricks for Halloween

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If the secrecy involving the candidacy of Michael Whan is the good sign that I take it to be, the LPGA is prepared to right the ship that foundered partly thanks to ex-commissioner Bivens and partly thanks to the world economy. I have followed this wh… more »

Will Steve Carell destroy Missing Links?

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The golf web sites are abuzz with news that Steve Carell, an actor I laugh at but can hardly stand to observe, is in line to play the lead role in Missing Links, one of the five best and funniest fictional golf pieces ever. In what could be the worst mi… more »

Pain No Longer: Remembering Payne Stewart

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Ten years is a long time to hold a grudge. I was 33 years old, awaiting the arrival of the completion of 34, when Payne Stewart's plane rose then fell. I recall scanning the list of casualties, sorry that I could not recognize the names of the pilots, th… more »

Getting fit the Henry-Griffitts way

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When I was a young'un back in the early 1980s, a certain ad caught my eye. Two gents name of Henry and Griffitts had developed a method for precision fitting a set of golf clubs to any individual golfer. Since I did not have two nickels to rub together… more »

Nike golf shoes and driver coming out at the correct time

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Nike has fired off two press releases in the past month concerning new golf shoe lines. The Tour Premium Golf Shoe looks like this and fits snugly around the entire foot with great comfort and flexibility. It is quite eye-catching, as each member of… more »
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