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Absolutely Inane Golf Commentary, A Question And A Plea, Fueled By Too Much Turkey

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1. The USA proved the superiority of its socio-economic structure by riding seven consecutive birdies to a T7 placement in the World Cup of Golf this weekend. The USA leap-frogged Hugo Chavez' Venezuelan team, who could only muster an even-par Sunday,… more »

An eight is not great for USA

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Team USA made eight birdies in better-ball or fourball competition on Saturday and shot -5 for the day. Three bogies in better-ball is unheard of for amateur hacks, and completely inconceivable for the world's top professionals.Well, strap on your s… more »

Ups and Downs of the OMH World Cup

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The World Cup defines team play in an individual sport. Might be that defines is too strong a word; perhaps anticipates is a more correct choice. One of the great challenges of any team coach in the golfing realm is the one that decrees that players… more »

My Limb: Rickie Fowler Earns Card The Hard Way

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Not since "Yeah, wanna make 14 bucks the hard way" have I wanted to type those three tantalizing words: the hard way. WELL, all things come to an end. I cannot confirm nor deny (since I am lazy) that Rickie Fowler is the only biped to lose playoff… more »
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