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Week 4 of Fantasy Golf-Wee changes and Missed ops

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Do you know anyone else who left Nick Watney on the bench on Sunday? I did and it cost me 12 points. Not that Marc Leishman played poorly, but Watney chose Sunday to show up? On the heels of my abandonment and public decrial of Bubba "Take That, RonMon!!… more »

Training For The 50K Golfing Equivalent

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Every once in a while, I peruse a running magazine to learn what the other half (aerobic exercisers) reads. In the most recent sample, an article on ultra-marathons lept out at me, encouraging me to consider what an ultra-marathoner might eat, how she/he… more »

The storming of Bethpage 2011: Making plans for public golf's holy land

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For years, I've considered Bandon Dunes to be the pinnacle of USA public golf. It may be so, but it is not the epitome of access. That designation falls to the five-course amalgamation on western Long Island, the two-time host of the USGA Open championsh… more »

Fantasy Golf 2011: Winter Season Begins To Stabilize At The Top At The Hope

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A big-points week at the Bob Hope represented the second chance in three to garner some numbers and separate yourself from the crowd. The absence of cut at Hyundai meant all eight selections had a shot (unless they withdrew, or cut themselves on reefs, o… more »

Golf Sense or, the Change of Movement

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A gentlman from England, Roy Palmer, sent a book my way, titled "Golf Sense." The book promises "practical tips on how to play golf in the zone." Ahh, the zone. Fine place to vacation, and we'd all like to live there! Most of us have played our best golf… more »

Snow Golf...Yes, Snow Golf...Really!

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I was born and raised in the winter climes. A four-year college escape to North Carolina and a one-year hiatus in southern Ohio did little to disconnect my nervous system from the effects of snow. I have hit golf balls off mats, from heated stalls, onto… more »

2011 Mondays: Fantasy Golf Sony Open Update

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It might come as nearly the shock as the Patriots' collapse on Sunday, that no one in the league of leagues picked Mark Wilson at the SONY Open.  I do know that Wilson can now make plans to head to Hawaii next year, as he is in the Tournament of Champion… more »

The end of an course construction halts in western New York

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I knew that this day would come...somewhere, in the front of my mind, I had pushed "The End" to the darkest, dimmest, most distant recesses of my consciouness.  Throughout my youth, one public and one private course had opened in western New York.  Oak R… more »

Tour Striker practice club...makes sense to me!

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I have been working for nearly 35 years to perfect the early release, the scoop and the left-wrist-break-down, with much success.  Despite these endeavors, my hand-eye coordination and a whimsical ability to putt and chip with certain acuity have allowed… more »

2011 Mondays: Fantasy Golf Update

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If you've never played Fantasy Golf, now is the time to learn about it.  You've lost out on a profitable points week at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions (where there is not cut) but that's all right.  At most, you'll be 180 points behind the leader in… more »
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