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A Golfer's Dream: 'Regular guy' Larry Berle conquers Golf Digest's List of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

A fellow from middle America decided to go on a quest a decade ago. He completed the quest by playing America's Top 100 golf courses. He then decided to sit down and write a book about his travels. Larry Berle dedicates 90 percent of the book to a… more »

Adios, Vaqueros

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"Adios, Vaqueros," which means "Goodbye, cowboys," is where the expression "Adios, Buckaroos" originated. It has nothing to do with anything, other than this is my farewell post. I've enjoyed writing this blog over the past number of years and have had… more »

What We Learned From Tiger Woods This Weekend

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After the ire had cooled and the 1. Scorecard signing rule is anacronistic. No other sport has such an element effect such a powerful impact on the result 2. Nearest point definer is anything but a definition. What if Tiger had been 6 or 12 inches clo… more »

How to go low on Sunday at Augusta

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I know the secret: go high on Saturday. Check out these turnaround numbers among the first groups to finish on day four: -Ryo Isihikawa~8 strokes better (76 to 68) ~Sandy Lyle~10 strokes better (81 to 71) ~Michael Thompso~12 strokes better (79 to 67)… more »

Thursday Pairings at Augusta: One Prediction

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...from each of the first ten threesomes. They'll be going off in trios on Thursday at Augusta and I have a unique prediction for each of the first ten groups. While eyes will be on Tiger, Rory, Bubba and other trendy and trending competitors, I'll be p… more »

The Myrtle Beach Entrada of 2013

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"... packed my bags last night, pre-flight, zero hour, nine am ..." Rocket Ron Mon (dear God, please don't let that gain any traction) is prepped for a journey to the South Carolina coast and its run of golf courses. I'll have the good fortune to tour f… more »

A Straight-Eight Interview with Mike Hammontree of Chase54 Apparel

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  1. How did Chase54 come to be? Who are the principal figures and what industry experience did they bring to this venture? Chase54 started with a simple meeting between washed up golfers struggling to find great apparel at an affordable price, and a g… more »

Excuse The Digression: When Golf Elevates Life

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A few years back, after a mildly-successful team effort from the boys' varsity golf team that I coach, I was going about my January business and began to reflect on one of my golfers. A relaxed southpaw with a wicked smile, he had narrowly missed qualif… more »

Three Joints I Can't Miss In Pinehurst

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For a change, I'm not writing about golf. I've had my fill of Pinehurst golf for the time being. It's varied and memorable and challenging and I'll be back before long. What I feel the need to script today are my recollections of a triumvirate of establ… more »

Golf, Speed And A Call To Arms

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In a Sunday call to arms for the golf inter-nation, USGA president Glen Nager dedicated 9 paragraphs of his annual address to pace of play. Specifically, he noted that rounds lasting five hours and beyond are "incompatible with life in modern society."… more »

Interview with Mark Thaxton of Nike Golf (Part Two)

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This writer took a bit of time to construct an interview for Mark Thaxton of Nike Golf. After a successful academic and athletic stretch at Wake Forest University, along with a few attempts at professional tournament golf, Mark Thaxton settled in at Nik… more »

Rory McIlroy is STILL a Professional Golfer

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Contrary to soon-to-be-popular belief that switching equipment is the death knell for a young and promising (or an old and washed-up) professional golfer, Rory McIlroy is still a professional golfer. As I type these words, he is on hole #16 at Abu Dhabi… more »

That Commercial! How Do I REALLY Feel?

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It grew on me. Not like kudzu or mold. Like something friendly. I suspected that there would be some cheese in the first Nike Golf commercial featuring his Growl and his Roar and there was. And yet, perhaps because I've played one-up-the-friend on the r… more »

An Interview With Mike Miller (Pt. 1)

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Mike Miller, a 19-year old amateur golfer from New York, was the subject of recent media attention from a number of sources. With good reason, I can add. The aspiring professional has been a force in Metropolitan (NY) Golf Association events since his j… more »

With One Round To Go, Element Has An Insurmountable Lead At Kapalua

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At the beginning of the week, 30 golfers arrived in Hawaii wearing the baubles of 2012 USA PGA Tour champions. One of them, it was expected, would emerge victorious after 72 holes of heated competition. Since all had proven their mettle down the stretch… more »

Anti-Anchorers Are The Tea Party Of Golf

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Whilst trolling the social networks (not snapchat nor chat roulete, mind you) today, I stumbled onto Brian McCallen's Resolutions article on another fine golfing site/magazine. What a unique topic, thought I. I believe I'll read on. Much to my dismay, M… more »
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