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A Golfer's Dream: 'Regular guy' Larry Berle conquers Golf Digest's List of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

A fellow from middle America decided to go on a quest a decade ago. He completed the quest by playing America's Top 100 golf courses. He then decided to sit down and write a book about his travels. Larry Berle dedicates 90 percent of the book to a… more »

The First Thousand...A Golf Marathon To Fight Cancer

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Here are some snippets from the first Thousand dollars raised to fight cancer in June in my 100-hole golf marathon... ...I know that 100 holes isn't a lot...they do 10 rounds in a day in the Golf Styles (formerly Washington Golf Monthly) fundraisers.… more »

Political Division on the PGA Tour? Say it ain't so!!

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There is a salty article on Golf.Com that threatens for the first time in recent memory to reveal a political division among the Republicans of the PGA Tour. It seems that the growth of limited-field invitational events eliminates opportunity for player… more »

John Daly, Superhero: The Man of Nougat

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After I wet myself a few weeks back, reading about John Daly's untimely demise at the Honda classic, I gathered enough of myself to consider exactly what we were dealing with here. John Daly, even more than Tiger Woods, is the most compelling golfer of… more »

RSVP...Regrets Only...How to botch your first PGA Tour event

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Yet another great trolling day for bizarre stories from the world of professional golf. Richie Ramsay, US Amateur champion, incapable of reserving a spot in a tournament. Are you telling me, please, for charity's sake, that a 23-year aged Scotsman is… more »

PGA Tour and yet another nonsensical rule

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Here's a quickie for you...thanks to the team at SI.Com, I learned that Boo Weekley was penalized two strokes for pulling a flag to save partner Tom Johnson a two-stroke penalty. Somehow this reminds me of the problems that New York state is having with… more »

Pro Golf round of year to date on European Tour

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I'm not going to tell you to remember the name Chapchai Nirat (or is it Nirat Chapchai?) I can never get asian names right, uncertain as to whether the last name equals our first name, or versa vice... I won't predict that CN or NC or Chappy is the n… more »

Jam Boy's new logo...Whose bottom is it?

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I just read a blog about what is up in the world of golf blogs, and was horrified at what I saw!! Take a look at Jam Boy's new logo...wait, let's back up. TRJB (The Reluctant Jam Boy) is one of the great golf bloggers, a reformed caddy, a lush, a card… more »

Rankmark's Hybrid Test...Imperfect without Izzo

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One of my favorite club-testing sites came out with a hybrid test and results today. Their technology prevents me from linking directly to the test, but if we could, the URL would be HERE. However, in order to see the results, you'll just have to go to… more »

Boo Weekley...Time To End The RonMon PGA Jinx!

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Boo Weekley is making a mid-Saturday run at PGA National, and it's time for him to end his victory drought, and for RonMon's prediction jinx to end! I don't watch Buffalo Sabres and Bills games because I don't want to jinx my team (I know...didn't hel… more »

Ernie Els says, Here comes Callaway...Is Garcia Next?

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So Ernie Els signed with Callaway...big deal. Actually, it is, as he represents the second huge player signing on the guys tour in the last few years. In all honesty, though, I can't blame Titleist...why pay these guys what they demand, as they are hea… more »

Google, UPromise, Yahoo have tool bars...RonMon needs a tool bar

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This offering below from UPromise was the latest tool bar to hit my screen, and of course, like all thing great and small, it got me to I need a tool bar? Do I need to offer readers and viewers all things me, for free? The answer, of cour… more »

The Florida Swing on the PGA Tour...What's that tourney again?

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Here's a laugh for the day...I couldn't remember which tournament was replaced by the PODS event. It was clear that Honda moved al otro lado de la calle to PGA National from Mirasol. I always liked the quirky bounces at Mirasol, so that's a minus. The… more »

Tiger Woods and Tim Finchem...More In Common Than Meets The Eye

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In the most unfortunate of dualities, Tim Finchem's Dad passed away last week, linking him with Tiger Woods in a bittersweet bond. Unlike the world-recognized passing of Earl Woods, Harold Finchem's departure has elicited two and three-paragraph stories… more »

Upstate New York Golf Show: Buffalo...Day One

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If you've never been behind a booth at a golf show, you just might read on. If you've been behind a booth at a golf show, you just might commiserate. If you've never been to a golf show, you just might be enlightened. Let me tell you about Day One at… more »

Fred Funk "retires" to Mexico, Leads Mayakoba PGA Tour Event

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In a release from no one in particular that has yet to be posted on Wikipedia, Fred Funk has retired from the Champions Tour. He will spend his days on the Mexican Riviera, where he currently leads the Mayakoba Golf Classic on the PGA Tour. Funk fired… more »
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