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A Golfer's Dream: 'Regular guy' Larry Berle conquers Golf Digest's List of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

A fellow from middle America decided to go on a quest a decade ago. He completed the quest by playing America's Top 100 golf courses. He then decided to sit down and write a book about his travels. Larry Berle dedicates 90 percent of the book to a… more »

2011 Mondays: Fantasy Golf Sony Open Update

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It might come as nearly the shock as the Patriots' collapse on Sunday, that no one in the league of leagues picked Mark Wilson at the SONY Open.  I do know that Wilson can now make plans to head to Hawaii next year, as he is in the Tournament of Champion… more »

The end of an course construction halts in western New York

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I knew that this day would come...somewhere, in the front of my mind, I had pushed "The End" to the darkest, dimmest, most distant recesses of my consciouness.  Throughout my youth, one public and one private course had opened in western New York.  Oak R… more »

Tour Striker practice club...makes sense to me!

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I have been working for nearly 35 years to perfect the early release, the scoop and the left-wrist-break-down, with much success.  Despite these endeavors, my hand-eye coordination and a whimsical ability to putt and chip with certain acuity have allowed… more »

2011 Mondays: Fantasy Golf Update

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If you've never played Fantasy Golf, now is the time to learn about it.  You've lost out on a profitable points week at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions (where there is not cut) but that's all right.  At most, you'll be 180 points behind the leader in… more »

Golf @ Halloween: Things I Suspect

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...the luncay of some wag on a prominent USA golfing magazine's website who questioned South Africa's Lee-Anne Pace.  It seems that Pace, coming off a 2nd-place finish in a LPGA q-school sub-final event, indicated that she might not be around for the fin… more »

Espiritu Santo Trophy to Korea at World Amateur Golf Team Championship

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A funny thing happened this weekend:  Korea dominated women's golf. Not Jimin Kang, Jiyai Shin or Meena Lee, all of whom placed in the top ten at LPGA Malaysia. Instead, let's turn our attention to the World Amateur Team Championship, run by the Internat… more »

Number One in the Golfing World...Is There One?

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Parity, lasses and lads, is the word of the day. We see it in american football this season and we have known it existed in golf for at least two or three years. The last truly powerful number one was that ancient wizard, Eldrick "Tiger" Woods. Although… more »

Days One of the 2010 Ryder Cup...Daze?

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It took more than one day to resolve the opening fourballs (better ball in the good new USA); the afternoon foursomes (alternate shot) never broke ground. No doubt the armchair caddying and second-guessing has begun. It's such a fun sport and inexact sci… more »

Team USA Rain Suits: Potential Explanations

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Now that the USA has a break during the rain, it's time to examine the rain suit debacle. Any logical person will conclude the following: --Sun Mountain knew what kind of rain suits it was shipping to Team USA and knew that they were rain resistant, no… more »

Ryder Cup: The Storylines

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A sagacious type mentioned the other day that Colin Montgomerie should thank his lucky stars for Lisa Pavin. Her insinuation into the running of the team, coupled with the media love affair wth her that has emerged, removed any glare from the media spect… more »

My fix for the FedEx Cup

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A lot of thoughts on how to fix something that may or may not be broken have crossed the printed page and the digital wire of late. I recognize that many purists of the golfing game want to see match play enter the discussion when it comes to the FedEx c… more »

Duramed Futures Tour Season Ends With Ten LPGA Promotions

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The Duramed Futures tour, that harbinger of potential success on the LPGA tour, wrapped up its 2010 campaign Sunday in Albany, New York. We learned a few things on Sunday evening about two handfuls of young ladies aching to compete at the highest level o… more »

Of Late, Golf Is Great Because ...

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1.  I played 18 holes in three hours last night...teed off at 5:15 and finished around 8:30. The front nine took about 1 hour, 15 minutes...just as I came up to nine green, a foursome snuck out ahead of me on ten and held me up the entire inward half. Ke… more »

Why I Will Not Write About Tiger Woods

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He might be a sitting duck for some writers. Perhaps he represents the tough guy, the bully, the cool kid that you/we/I always wanted to topple in grade/middle/high school (please don't say 'life' need to move on!) Despite the way he moves to… more »

So Camilo Villegas got a new friend...

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Part One:  I'm putting on my Shade to cover up my eyes Not really, but he finds himself in the midst of a break-up, one that will take five long months of heartache to come to a conclusion. Villegas and his muscles, you see, have been under contract to… more »
Prince Edward Island Golf Packages
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