A Golfer's Dream: 'Regular guy' Larry Berle conquers Golf Digest's List of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

A fellow from middle America decided to go on a quest a decade ago. He completed the quest by playing America's Top 100 golf courses. He then decided to sit down and write a book about his travels. Larry Berle dedicates 90 percent of the book to a… more »

John Atkinson, Rest In Peace

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For every individual that sulks and says "Why not me? Why him?" I have the following suggestion: avoid loaded questions. John Atkinson passed away. He was the first winner of the Golf Digest US Open contest to pick a rank-and-file amateur as guinea… more »

Sunnehanna Amateur: Where 61 means nothing

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Kevin Foley autographed a scorecard yesterday for 11 birdies, 2 bogeys and a 61. It means nothing at the Sunnehanna amateur. In fact, it merely tied the course record for 18 holes. The guys to fear are named Harmon and Fowler and they lurk five and si… more »

Two recent golf books from Christina Ricci and Jimmy Roberts

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The golf man from television, Jimmy Roberts, released a book in 2009 titled "Breaking The Slump." His aim was to consult 15 male professionals, 1 ex-speed skater, 1 female professional and 1 ex-USA president and determine how they assessed, coped with,… more »

Ken Green in my thoughts and prayers

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There was a time in the 1980s, before John Daly and the other (were there any other?) bad boys of the PGA Tour, when a guy with dark green shoes and apparel ruled the roost. He was Mark Calcavecchia's foil and friend, a guy with loads of talent who fell… more »

McDonald's LPGA Championship Presented by Coca-Cola: Which Kid Will It Be?

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This is not a long limb on which to go out. I have never been a risk-taker, though, so it should come as no surprise that I have selected one of five young players to win the McDonald's LPGA Championship Presented by Coca-Cola at Bulle Rock in Maryland.… more »

CRAZY Low Weekends Around The World of Golf

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1. Peter Karmis wins on the South African PGA Tour with...3 eagles, 7 birdies for the first 59 in SAPGA Tour History. Second Place Jaco Van Zyl watches helplessly as his third round 66 gets him within four strokes of the champion golfer of the week.… more »

Tucker and Judge mis-quote Caddyshack

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Real simple here...2 Iron...ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?!?!? Looks like about an 8-iron from my vantage point, but then again, it's dolphin season. Maybe Tucker underwent some accu-pressure...or is it accu-puncture? I forget. However you mix it,… more »

Pukka Headware in New Era country

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There is a massive yet tasteful complex on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, a stone's throw from city hall and Niagara Square (which truly looks more like a circle.) The executive offices and home store of New Era cap company occupy the former Federal Reserv… more »

Shingo Blingo Pinko Sombrero

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That about says it all, right? Shingo with the sideburns, the bling hanging around his neck, the pink muscle shirt and the sombrero with the faux burned edges. He is the latest incarnation of Doug Sanders and Jimmy Demaret. The Masters is back, baby! more »

With Two Holes To Go In Round Three, What I Think Of Angel Cabrera

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I think that Cabrera came from four shots back in his US Open triumph two years ago. I think that he is tied with Perry for the lead as the third round wanes. I think that being in the final group will tell us something new about Cabrera. Having said… more »

Masters Game Show: For the departing guests, we have...

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Crystal Goblets! One of those neat prizes for competitors is the pair of crystal goblets awarded for an eagle. If you missed the cut, as Drew Kittleson did today, you still might go home with a door prize or, in his case, two. That's correct; Kittle… more »

Nike Dymo has a new ad and...

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I bet a bunch of golfers will have a reaction. As I logged on to an unnamed sporting site to get my daily scores update, a pop-up for the Nike Dymo adjustable driver appeared, with brilliantly-colored jet streams painting the sky in blues, yellows and r… more »

TravelGolf Twittering: Dedicated To Kiel Christianson

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I was so taken with the saga of Kiel Christianson, trying to make his way in the Twitter world, that I looked in the mirror and said "You, sir, will make a difference. Get off your spiritual couch and help this man. Step forward when others retreat, rai… more »

Second Round of the Match Play...My Predictions

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A good friend from BuffaloGolfer.Com, The Mouth That Roars, posted his predictions for round two of the match play this morning. I said good, but not necessarily smart, friend. He and I agree on virtually nothing when it comes to day two. Here's why:… more »

Poor Brendan Jones--Tiger was not his only foe!

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Here is a quote from an article about the Jones-Woods featured match on Wednesday at the WGC Match Play: Jones and Levin began learning the new course Monday, and there was much work to do. While Woods had not hit a shot in competition since last June… more »
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