A Golfer's Dream: 'Regular guy' Larry Berle conquers Golf Digest's List of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

A fellow from middle America decided to go on a quest a decade ago. He completed the quest by playing America's Top 100 golf courses. He then decided to sit down and write a book about his travels. Larry Berle dedicates 90 percent of the book to a… more »

An Open Answer To Mike Stachura On Institutional Loyalty & Respect

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  Have all institutions earned and retained our trust, without caving in to greed and other deadly sins? If they have not, should they be preserved? Does any institution truly serve all the good of all the people, all the time? As a teacher, I rememb… more »

Early Winter Madness In Buffalo

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The first snowfall of the year that actually stuck has arrived in western New York. The blades of grass peek through the light frosting, teasing me with their jade hue. The pale flakes ensure that no golf will be played this week in our area. Longing fo… more »

PING (who else!) Takes First Step In New World Golf Order

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John Solheim has applied for a patent on a golf handicapping formula. Here is the press release: PHOENIX (Dec. 19, 2012) – PING Chairman & CEO John Solheim announced today he’s applied for a patent that uses an equipment rating formula as a fac… more »

Ryder Cup Captain Equals Great Leader: Are We Kidding Ourselves?

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I read with immense sadness the blips on the rumor mill that Tom Watson would be named captain of the 2014 USA Ryder Cup side. Two days before the official announcement, the world knew that the PGA of America had taken "Reuse, Recycle" to another level.… more »

The Mayans Were Correct :(

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The Mayans predicted that the world would come to an end in 2012 (although the Canadian musical trio Rush has music being rediscovered in 2112, so there's a discrepancy there) and carnival workers believe that accidents come in threes. Take a look at th… more »

A Question For The USGA and the R&A

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How did Keegan Bradley, Webb Simpson and Ernie Els stack up against the rest of the field during the 2011 PGA Championship, the 2012 USGA Open and the 2012 British Open events? Here's another: Was putting the reason they won? Here's another: Did having… more »

Someone tell Bob Harig...

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that the PGA of America and the PGA Tour are different entities. While Mr. Harig might be excused for a faux pas, given the excitement of today's announcement (Yay, a bunch of amateurs will find another reason to give up golf!) he should know that the t… more »

A Storm's A-Brewing Over Proposed Changes to The Old Course at St. Andrews

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In 1919, Marcel Duchamp created the baudy postcard image of La Gioconda (Mona Lisa) with a moustache. The baudy part references the title he gave it, as well as the nerve he had in defiling a classic work. The Royal & Ancient and the St. Andrews… more »

Thanksgiving For What, Golf?

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I'm not up for having a dialogue with golf, at least not in the way that Clint had a dialogue with an empty chair. Off topic for a moment, I think that, if Clint had instead chosen two chairs (a la the duel scene in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly) he… more »

Rory McIlroy to leave Titleist -- What does it mean?

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This press release arrived on my digital doorstep a literal 30 seconds ago. What does it mean? Have a read and then we'll discuss...   Fairhaven, MA (October 30, 2012) - Acushnet Company, which manufactures the Titleist and FootJoy brands, and Rory M… more »

What The Media Does

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One of the few paper magazines that I actually requested arrived yesterday, with an article on misery, company and the Ryder Cup. In it were a couple of quotes attributed to Jim Furyk, quotes utilized by the writer to tell a certain story of a certain m… more »

Day One of Ryder Cup: How Close Was A Blow-Out?

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It's a match, there's no doubt. A 5-3 lead is essentially a tie, so no blood drawn on day one of Ryder Cup. The teams are feeling each other out and have determined who is on form. Normally a Tiger Woods absence during any match would be cause for alarm… more »

Team USA-Dudes Rests Hopes On Fox

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The USGA held true to form and named recent US Amateur champion Steven Fox to its 2012 USA side for the World Amateur Team Championship. From my perspective, the USGA handcuffed its squad, essentially submitting a two-man roster. Howza come? Well, Fox i… more »

Augusta National's First Female Members: HE SAID!

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My esteemed colleague, Katherine Dyson, offered up the first take on TravelGolf.Com on what it means to have female members at Augusta National. I can't resist the opportunity to add my five cents. I hope that my points contribute more to the conversati… more »

My First & Certainly Not Last Pontification On Team USA Ryder Cup 2012

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Woods, Watson, Dufner, Bradley, Simpson, Z. Johnson, Kuchar & Mickelson. Not an over-inflated law firm or medical practice, but the ocho automatic qualifiers for Team USA ~ Ryder Cup 2012. Captain D to the L to One, Two, Three now has four more rose… more »
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