A Golfer's Dream: 'Regular guy' Larry Berle conquers Golf Digest's List of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

A fellow from middle America decided to go on a quest a decade ago. He completed the quest by playing America's Top 100 golf courses. He then decided to sit down and write a book about his travels. Larry Berle dedicates 90 percent of the book to a… more »

Maxfli's Once-Premium Reputation...my laugh for the day

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In a banal article devoid of intentional hilarity, GolfWeek's Adam Schupak inadvertently gave me a chuckle for the 24 with the following elaboration: In 2002, the Carlsbad, Calif.-based equipment maker acquired Maxfli and its patent portfolio (for ureth… more »

What Irks Me: Playing on Writers' Names

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That headline WILL NOT garner any google recognition, so I'll probably get a nasty email from my superiors...so be it. How do you fluff that one? I was splashing around GolfWeek.Com today and finally recognized an aversion to "Hate To Be Rude," Jeff Ru… more »

When Fiction Meets Fact...India Tour Stop Not For The Weak Of Stomach

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Poor Alistair Tait. Poor pampered European tour professional golfers. By the look of things, they've just come to realize that poverty exists in the world. I've yet to figure out if Tait writes with naivete or with cynicism in his recent GW article ti… more »

Anthony Kim versus Tiger Woods...Note to WGC golfers--Stay Healthy!

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I WANT TO SEE THIS MATCH! I was OK with Pat Perez v. Tiger Woods, but I am so down with Kim V. Woods that I implore/beg all other entrants to stay freaking healthy (although I know it won't happen.) I cannot imagine a more enjoyable match with potentia… more »

Still no number two to Tiger Woods on the PGA Tour...Unless it's J.B.S.S.P. Lowery?

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Thanks be to Vijay, who confirmed that no one wants the title of #2 anymore (just ask Barack or Hillary...) Vijay resurrected then returned to the dead with a playoff loss to Steve Lowery on Sunday. In the last eight days, Ernie gave away a title to Ti… more »

Indian Masters gets a home-grown champion in debut event

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Remember how difficult (ultimately impossible) it was for Mike Weir to win the Canadian Open a few years back? He received a bear hug from an over-zealous, over-drunk fan that ultimately proved injurious, then lost to Vijay Singh in a playoff. The Indi… more »

Number two to Woods on PGA Tour? Who cares!

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Both number two candidates of the week botched chances to make a statement. Phil Mickelson overtook J.B. Holmes, then lost to J.B. in a playoff at the Loud Open in Phoenix. Ernie Els failed to make birdies and received tread marks on his back, courtesy… more »

Rich Beem's Bud Sweat and Tees Caddie Dies

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Steve Duplantis, made infamous in Alan Shipnuck's Bud, Sweat and Tees, has died. In a hurried piece on Duplantis, Shipnuck reveals a bit more about the late caddie. more »

Golf Mysteries Mourned and Bunkers and Hazards Explained

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In 2007, golf lost a wonderful writer. She didn't die...a good thing. Instead, mystery writer Roberta Isleib turned her focus from Cassie Burdette, struggling tournament professional, to Rebecca Butterman, psychologist, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist...wh… more »

Lendl Soup at The Ione D. Jones/Doherty Championship

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Leslie Fiedler, the late and great literary critic and professor at SUNY-Buffalo, published a tome late in his life titled "Fiedler on the Roof." It had nothing to do with Tevia; it was simply a title waiting to happen, with the roof representing the po… more »

The One Golf Man Not Afraid To Call Out Tiger Woods (and indirectly, all of the golf media)

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In a very open blog entry, Will Wolfrum writes How about this discussion: How is it even possible that there is only one African-American on the PGA Tour? Or: Why does the Golf Channel have 33 on-air announcers, but only two of color? Those are go… more »

Darren Clarke surges in Sunshine and European Tours' Joburg Open

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Watch out for Darren. I'm just saying... more »

Kelly Tilghman: Day Five. Does Art Imitate Life and Did Jeff Rude Miss The Mark?

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In an incredible sense of foreshadowing, Kelly Tilghman's unfortunate use of the "L" word has brought about her own professional "L." She has been tried and convicted in a kangaroo court, sentenced to two weeks probation, with the threat of greater acti… more »

PGATour.Com's New Look: Just A Pretty Picture?

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In preparation for the 2008 tour season, the US PGA Tour unveiled its annual, new look to pgatour.com, the tour's website. The born-again appearance can be divided vertically into six rough layers, and I'll take a look at each one here. At the top, g… more »

A golf novel that deserves to make it big...Pops And Sunshine

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I don't mind confessing before God and my readership (is it plural yet?) that I am a poacher. The envy that I bear for other writers outweighs my sense of propriety; when I see a good idea, I steal it. Such was the case the day I read Kiel Christianson… more »
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