A Golfer's Dream: 'Regular guy' Larry Berle conquers Golf Digest's List of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

A fellow from middle America decided to go on a quest a decade ago. He completed the quest by playing America's Top 100 golf courses. He then decided to sit down and write a book about his travels. Larry Berle dedicates 90 percent of the book to a… more »

What I'm Looking For In The World Of Golf 2008

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Truth...I don't want to read or hear that a golf tee, a golf ball, a golf glove, or a golf shoe can improve my game. They might improve the experience, but the only things that can improve my game are lessons, hard work, and a proper shaft, in that orde… more »

Dave Pelz trademarks AimLine; Verbs and Adjectives next?

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In a stunning move corroborated by the American judiciary, Dave Pelz has trademarked a noun. In a recent article on a well-known website, the familiar TM was affixed to the word AimLine. Pelz utilized his new prize four times in the article and twice i… more »

Tiger Woods reaffirms Predominance

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The mere mention of Tiger Woods reaffirmed today the predominance of The Onion as the most outrageously funny place-to-be on the web. In a frighteningly-accurate portrayal of the science of child putting, The Onion revealed the lengths to which Tiger go… more »

Nail-Biting Time In Orlando...PGA Tour Q-School Goes Down To The Wire

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Frank Lickliter the Younger is on his way to a -30 or better week, averaging five-under per round. He'll win Q-School and the pittance that comes with it, and regain his tour card. Your attention should be diverted to those grouped around -13 and -14,… more »

Bush-League LPGA Website Trumped by PGA Tour Portal

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Just when you thought the Ladies Tour of America had come into the new millenium, the Q-School Scoring Machine turned into a marshmallow. Here's a link to the Real-Time Scoring page for the 2007 LPGA Q-School (Be warned...It's a PDF!!) In contrast,… more »

Milton, Florida leads Germany by One stroke at Omega Mission Hills World Cup of Golf

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I've never heard Heath Slocum speak. I've heard Bubba Watson and lord knows we've all heard Boo Weekley enunciate. Does Heath have that long, syrupy drawl, that goo dripping off a shovel, tongue kind of stuck here and there, form of pronouncing? I thi… more »

Forget NFL Football...There's Golf To Be Played This Thanksgiving!

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I do not suspect for one tick of the clock that Boo Weekley will resort to blogging to pay his hunting expenses. I do know that he is under contract to the PGA Tour to write a blog for the World Cup of Golf this week. I am unaware as to the true nature… more »

Scott Masingil and Rick Rhoden take Champs Tour Q-School lead

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I've never been a big fan of quoting the big rags in a positive way...call it a Napoleonic complex, whatevuh! A story by Cam Morfit (only people who have never met him call him Cam) touched on Scott Masingill and how good he is and BOOM! Look who's l… more »

Mr. Olympia, Phil Mickelson, Tarnishes Scorecard, Wins HSBC Champions

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They don't call it the silly season for nothing. Sure, the HSBC Champions event is an official spot on the Asian tour, the Euro tour, the Global tour, whatever, all three! The fact that it occurs when major events are far in the rear-view mirror (or st… more »

Guess who's tired? Freshman Pressel opens with 82 at T of C

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Freshman year can be extraordinarily demanding: tough classes, boys everywhere, booze and drugs all over the place, pizza 24/7/365, credit cards...Oh, wait, Morgan Pressel's not in college, she's on tour. Between you and me, I think she's tired. Rem… more »

Creamer "coasts" to seven consecutive birdies

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Really quick here: Paula Creamer banged out seven consecutive birdies to finish (it seems) her first round at the LPGA T of C in Alabama. The Pink Panther shot 29 on the back after an opening-nine 38. Creamer is tied for first with the eternally-young… more »

Remember the British Open? Check Out Part Two at the Volvo Masters

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Remember the British Open, when that crazy young Argentine, Andres Romero, played crazy golf, then gave it away on Hole # 72? Cue Graeme McDowell at the Volvo Masters. McDowell led on Thursday with 68, then didn't resurface until Sunday on hole # 71, w… more »

Forget Paying For College or The Mortgage...Look Like Hogan at Golf Magazine!

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Is your trendy new clothing suddenly out? Never fear, the economic pragmatists at Golf Magazine are here. If you'd like to look like Hogan, you can do so for a mere $875. How to update it: Beige cardigan sweater in wool with a white cotton-blend s… more »

Nationwide Tour, Winning, and Barona Creek

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Miguel Carballo...John Kimbell...Jay Williamson...Chris Riley...Daniel Summerhays...Tom Scherrer...Franklin Langham...Brad Adamonis If you can guess what these guys have in common, in addition to vowels, consonants, and good golf swings, then you are… more »

A Match Made In Montreal: Zero Restriction And Woody Austin

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Aquaman has the perfect outerwear sponsor in Zero Restriction. The press release came through today, and you could see it coming from at least a mile. Woody Austin signed with Zero Restriction, the company that kept him dry during his cliff dive at the… more »
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