A Golfer's Dream: 'Regular guy' Larry Berle conquers Golf Digest's List of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

A fellow from middle America decided to go on a quest a decade ago. He completed the quest by playing America's Top 100 golf courses. He then decided to sit down and write a book about his travels. Larry Berle dedicates 90 percent of the book to a… more »

A failed generation of US Golfers...An answer for Brandon Tucker on why we don't win

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I started out with a comment on Brandon's post, then realized it was too long, so here's the gist: Our institutions have failed us publicly. Perhaps they were failing us privately before, but we kept up the facade. Ask the media: what sells more pa… more »

Ride For Roswell Plus Golf Marathon For Carly's Club

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Here it is, the 16th of the year, and I'm already begging for funds. I'll be Riding For Roswell (Park Cancer Institute) in Buffalo for the 12th consecutive year, but 2007 will bring something new. Seems like a bunch of local business dudes have been go… more »

Hawaii, Wie, Fujikawa, PGA Tour: Ruminations on a theme

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The floodgates have opened, the scribes have sharpened their pencils and keyboards, and the rain continues to fall in Binghamton. Not more than ten miles from what I considered 2006's "unkindest cut of all," with deference to my colleague, I ruminate, p… more »

The Golf Channel, The PGA Tour, and Deep Throat

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Kiel's mad that Tim Finchem's heart shrank two more sizes. Dave's pissed that the Golf Channel perhaps treads into false advertising. Tim, predictably, is ga-ga over Kelly T., and wishes she'd "tie his tie." The common cry from the common man concer… more »

Nothing To Do With Golf...Hats off to hero Wesley Autrey

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Click Here to discover what none of us would ever have the courage to do...He did it in front of his daughters!!! Thank God for Wesley Autrey. more »

Happy New Year! RonMon on YouTube.Com

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Ego-maniac that I am, the wry smile you see when you read my blog just wasn't enough. I found a local camera guy (little Mon) and a closed state park course nearby, and went out for a few holes on Tiger's birthday. The cameralad did his job, so let's h… more »

2007 Golf Notions...Places You Might Be, Things You Might See

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In an unanticipated collision of time, space, and Ziparelli, a review-only copy of the Kingdom Of Shivas Irons made its way to my holiday basket in 2006. Inspired by the maniacal, somewhat homo-erotic pursuit of Shivas Irons, I joined a car to a train o… more »

Loogies and Head Butts on the PGA Tour? Why not?

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So Terrell Owens hocks a loogie in the face of DeAngelo Hall...they kiss and make up. So Zinedine Zidane head-butts Marco Materazzi in the chest in World Cup soccer...Zidane's mamma wants to cut MM's M&Ms off. Could this happen on the PGA Tour?… more »

Double Bang For Your Buck...Ochoa and Woods as athletes of year

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For the first time in my lifetime (and probably the last), two golfers were named Associated Press athletes of the year. Lorena Ochoa is the bigger surprise, in that no other female athlete seemed to receive as much coverage for what she did. What she… more »

SI's Steve Rushin...Ignorant Man of Golf

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"PLEASE KILL ME NOW Recreational golfer Tom Kenney took a mulligan after he was unable to find his tee shot on the 370-yard 18th hole at Batavia (N.Y.) Country Club, thus wiping out the hole in one he had just scored." Rushin needs to speak with coll… more »

Golf and the NFL in December...in Buffalo...HELLO!!

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I have a friend who recently accomplished a unique feat: rounds of golf in each of the 12 calendar months in western New York. He did not set out to achieve this notoriety, but when unseasonable days in January and February presented themselves, the no… more »

Why should Golf Digest apologize for Osprey Meadows?

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It turns out that in Idaho, a course called Osprey Meadows was designed by the Robert Trent Jones, jr. firm. It turns out that an Osprey is a type of bird, and a Meadow is a flatland with flora and fauna. It turns out that Golf Digest's panel of course… more »

World-Stage Foursomes continues to bedevil United States at Golf's World Cup

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It's beginning to sound like the opening to an old joke, but I have yet to figure out the punch line. Why can't we play foursomes? Ryder Cup? Nope. Presidents' Cup? Uh-uh. World Cup? 'Course not. Latest evidence presented by the prosecution: 200… more »

Kevin Stadler promotes Kevin Stadler: The Brand

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"The punishing schedule that Kevin Stadler has followed this year has taken its toll. More than 30 tournaments in countries as far apart as New Zealand and Scotland represent a lot of golf. So it is little wonder that Stadler missed his past two cuts, at… more »

Tiger Woods forgets the common man for his first golf course

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With more than a hint of bitterness, I embark upon this blog. This blog, about a golf course that I will never play, assesses the enigma that is the Tiger formerly known as Eldrick. To borrow a few bars from a sports illustrated article on the next cou… more »
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