A Golfer's Dream: 'Regular guy' Larry Berle conquers Golf Digest's List of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

A fellow from middle America decided to go on a quest a decade ago. He completed the quest by playing America's Top 100 golf courses. He then decided to sit down and write a book about his travels. Larry Berle dedicates 90 percent of the book to a… more »

Bamberger Goes Back In Time, Has Nicklaus Disqualified ATF

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In a thinly-veiled attempt to regain the spotlight of last fall's Michelle Wie "intervention," Sports Illustrated writer Michael Bamberger has announced plans to travel back in time and convict Jack Nicklaus of an offense he did not commit. When asked w… more »

I accept this nomination to the PGA Tour Partner's Club

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If my keystrokes seem a little erratic, please bear with me. Today, in the US mail, I received a personal nomination from the 2006 US Ryder Cup Captain, Mister Thomas Lehman, to join the PGA TOUR Partner's Club. My hands were quivering with uncertainty… more »

Flat-Lining The Shovel: Applying the Tiger Technique

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Many of you have doubtless read my panning of Tiger Wood's flat-line technique, aka, the anti-viagra of the arms. Well, I'm here to recant my criticism, and let you know that it does indeed work...for snow shoveling and sump-pump well bailing. If you h… more »

What is Tiger Woods writing about these days?

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I could hardly wait to crack open a cold bottle of Golf Digest, circa November 2007. After all, Tiger Woods promised that I could "Try my flat-line tee-shot technique to hit more fairways." Cool, thought I. Even if I'm hitting all 14 driving fairways… more »

How do you keep up with Tim Finchem?

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I swear to you, I speak his English language, but I am having the hardest time keeping up with Tim Finchem. First I read, way back in the Summer, that the Fed-Ex Cup is set. Then we get the "Chase for the Card," or whatever the leftover events are call… more »

NikeGolf never fails to entertain

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LOVED: Tiger bouncing the ball off the face of his club, then whacking it into oblivion. HATED: Ball Go Far. Kind of like being drunk with your friends, when everything is funny, then being sober with a drunk friend, and wondering what he finds so… more »

Why must the USA win at everything?

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INTRO: I was out for a round today at the currently-being-redesigned Holiday Valley Golf Club in Ellicottville, New York (a trendy little ski town in southwestern New York state.) The course is undergoing a three-year renovation with Paul Albanese, who… more »

Let's Hope USA-Europe Has Flavor of Local High School Match

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I had the great good fortune of coaching a match this week in upstate New York. Two of the league's top teams went at it over nine holes, six players a side. After seeds one and two, it was 6.5-1.5 points against my lads. After seeds three and four, i… more »

Trip Kuehne...America's Gary Wolstenholme in the Walker Cup

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Now that the semifinalists for the 2006 US Amateur have been decided, it is time to posit a theory that may hold little interest for many, but should be discounted by none. Trip Kuehne, of the golfing Kuehnes, should be granted (royally or otherwise) a p… more »

Eagle City in Reno on PGA Tour

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Google Eagle and you should come up with Reno...after Will MacKenzie made three eagles in one round on Thursday, Yusaku Miyazato dunked two tee balls on par threes on Friday. So what wins in Reno, three of a kind or two aces? Not to be forgotten, MacKe… more »

US Amateur Mid-Day Update: Friday the 25th

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Out went the medalist by 1 down, to the Canadian, Ryan Yip. Out went the McLean lad, by 2 and 1 to John Kelly. Out went Fidel Castro by 2 and 1 to Webb Simpson. Out went Pablo Martin, by 1 down to "Da' Kid," Rickie Fowler. In is the Mid-Am, Trip Kuehn… more »

US Amateur Day Four: Some rain and some pain ...

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The second day of match play is in the books, on the slate, under the tarp, and the winners and losers have emerged. Without adieu, here are the cold, hard facts: Euro Walker Cuppers march on...Oliver Fisher and Richie Ramsay squeeked by, on the 18th… more »

Pluto stripped of status...Is Finchem reading?

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"...the International Astronomical Union stripped Pluto of the planetary status it has held since its discovery in 1930. The new definition of what is -- and isn't -- a planet fills a centuries-old black hole for scientists who have labored since Coperni… more »

US Amateur Day Two of Match Play: whom to continue watching

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The twins are, coincidentally, both out of the tournament. The Fathauer boys got knocked out, coincidentally, on the 17th hole. One lost, 3 and 1; the other, 2 and 1. The parents are still trying to determine which was which. The Euro Walker Cup guys… more »

US Amateur: whom to watch in match play

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In addition to the six guys with the identical initials TBD, there are a number of players who survived stroke play to make the round of 64 at match play in the US Amateur at Hazeltine Regional, err, National Golf Club. Here they are, in no particular o… more »
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