A Golfer's Dream: 'Regular guy' Larry Berle conquers Golf Digest's List of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

A fellow from middle America decided to go on a quest a decade ago. He completed the quest by playing America's Top 100 golf courses. He then decided to sit down and write a book about his travels. Larry Berle dedicates 90 percent of the book to a… more »

Numbers from the tours this week

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You've noticed by now that I like to look at high and low scores. Like a blockbuster movie, I love the holes that cause train wrecks and rescues, the ones that move you WAY up or WAY down. Here's what we have in this hemisphere for this week: High Rin… more »

Hip-Hop Golf: Next step in the game's American evolution?

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Can you hear the sounds of our youth blasting across a golf course? Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Metal, and good old Rock and Roll take turns setting a hypnotic pulse to which the game’s alternate rhythm beats. Can you see the colors of the game, green… more »

Sean Cochran, PGA Show, San Diego, Champs Tour, and Thor's Golf Links

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Like my new picture? I went for the David Feherty look, but I can only look so sinister. Oh well, it's certainly an improvement over old pasty guy. Maybe my writing will improve (although old Arnie and Under Par might wonder if that could ever happen.… more »

Slow Play is the natural evolution of the game

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Here are some reasons why I support slow play in golf. Feel free to roast my arse on a spit over hot coals. 1. They charge us enough, so we should enjoy the darned course. 2. I paid enough for these clubs, so I might as well enjoy hitting them o… more »

Alphabet Soup: Superman, Kryptonite, Pat Perez, Bob Hope Celebrity Classic

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I was driving along when it hit me: Superman always wilted in the presence of kryptonite on Earth, right? So how come we see all those Kryptonians cruising around their planet, before it blew up, as if nothing was the matter? The whole planet was made… more »

Bowditch update & other stuff you didn't know mattered

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Punctuating his four days in Palm Springs with a six-bogey, one-double, one-triple, three-birdie Saturday, Steven Bowditch's over-par performance necessitated a trip to the drug store. Kaopectate, Immodium, gas-x, anything to relieve the spate of flatule… more »

End to Wie madness, once and for all

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If your tire picks up a puncture today, and the culprit is a loose screw, please do Jennifer Mario the favor of returning it. Our beloved redhead has gone over the edge, with a blog on the odds of Wie winning a men's major, established by a British book… more »

Bowditch: THE Story of the Bob Hope Classic

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You know that a story is developing when a guy plays the same course as Mr. 60 (aka Pat Perez) on the same day, in 19 more strokes. I took a quick look at Steven Bowditch's numbers on Wednesday at the Palmer Course, and realized that he made two doubles… more »

Before the O.C., there was the B.C.--Not with a bang, but a whimper

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Long before the O.C. became the fashionable and troubled county it is today, Broome County, New York gave birth to the creator of one of the most endearing cartoon strips of the 20th century. Johnny Hart created Thor, Grog, Clumsy Carp, Wiley, Fat Broad… more »

Roswell Park Cancer Institute: A Break From Golf

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If you Click Here ... nah, better wait to tell you where you'll go. About ten years ago, one of our daughters went overnight to a local hospital, for some unrecognizeable ailment. I was there, awake, without the aid of coffee, for the whole ordeal.… more »

Move from 82nd to 31st electrifies golfing world: Duval, Hawaii and the PGA Tour

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The last time I was so jacked about a guy moving from 82nd to 31st was ... never. Yet here is Double D, complimenting eleven pars with seven birdies, firing the third-lowest score of the tournament, and getting the supportive juices flowing. Who doesn'… more »

While You Were Sleeping: Better-Ball Record Set & Other Sleepers

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With all the news about that Hawaiian teenager the first three or four days, the pairing of Toms and Campbell (was there a third?) was everything the PGA Tour needed to reaffirm that "These Guys Are Good." Playing better-ball, Toms and Campbell birdied… more »

Seven birdies are hard to ignore!

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The furor has abated for another time, it seems. Michelle Wie has missed yet another PGA Tour cut, this time in Normanesque fashion. Remember those days when Greg would post a high round on Thursday, the battle back on Sunday, to fall a stroke or two s… more »

How To MisRead A Quote, or English 101 with Prof. Baldwin

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Here is Baldwin's re-quote from Leadbetter: "Wie is the only LPGA player he's worked with that could handle wind." Here is Daniel's response (see sidebar in article): "You couldn't tell me that Mickey Wright couldn't hit it right and left and… more »

The people have spoken: TravelGolf's fan base testifies on the topic of Wie

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Three topics of late have generated more responses than anyone but Baldwin ever gets, so it's high time that we at TG.Com recognize the power of the people. Regular viewers like UnderPar, Norman, triple R, jim COULTHARD deserve our thanks for contributi… more »
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