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In response to: The Myrtle Beach Entrada of 2013

Ron Mon [Member]
what does that mean?
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In response to: The Myrtle Beach Entrada of 2013 [Visitor]
I had open the link for the latter..Air and water monitoring equipment is in place at three Grand Strand piers, including Second Avenue Pier in Myrtle Beach.
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In response to: That Commercial! How Do I REALLY Feel?

Kathy [Visitor]
IS that David Feherty seated at table in the commercial?
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In response to: Golf, Speed And A Call To Arms

Jerry Kessler [Visitor]
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In response to: Golf, Speed And A Call To Arms

Jud Tigerman [Visitor]
Scrap stroke play and the USGA handicap system. Only allow twosome and foursome matches. Problem solved.
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In response to: Golf, Speed And A Call To Arms

smiledoc [Visitor]
folks do become self absorbed and forget they are slow
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In response to: Early April Fools invokes warmth and protection of Galway Bay golf apparel

Terry Prillaman [Visitor]
Ron, thanks for the GB comments. This season we made some significant improvements based on customer feedback. Contact me, if you like, to get an update on all of the new things going on at Galway Bay.
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In response to: Rory McIlroy to leave Titleist -- What does it mean?

Stuart [Visitor]
Great comment. McIlroy is only 23 and from January 2013 will replace Woods as the future of Nike's no-money-spared marketing and the media says Tiger Woods helped broker the deal. Apparently he has a 10-year contract, commencing at $200m before bonus clauses. It rivals David Beckham, who is a leading figure for Nike's rival Adidas. He makes roughly $46m annually. Adding to McIlroy’s appeal is the romance with Caroline Wozniacki, who is on the women's tennis circuit. Nike appear able to trust McIlroy but have had problems with both Armstrong and Woods.
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In response to: Augusta National's First Female Members: HE SAID! [Visitor]
I thought AGNC's decision was clever and perfect. They did it their way. I think it was great for their image, and great for golf. Best of luck to the new members, and to the club moving forward. I hope everyone just SHUTS UP about it now.

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In response to: Golf Without Fear from Dave Pelz-Latest Contribution To Golf Instruction

Sean Mysel [Visitor]
One of the most maddening things about modern golf instruction is really the lack of shot making taught to amateurs.

In fact, I think this why golfers actually "fear" shots. They never really get put in awkward or difficult positions when practicing. I think what Pelz does with this book begins to move the needle in that direction.

I wish more instruction was done this way.
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In response to: RTJ II firm nails 10 Theses to golf house door in Palo Alto

Katharine [Member]
Hear, hear!
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In response to: Snow Golf...Yes, Snow Golf...Really!

Aaron LaDuke [Visitor]
Golf has began to grow into a number of different games other than the conventional 18 hole round on a groomed course. I have been researching events such as Urban Golf played on streets with tennis balls. There are also a number Snow Golf events worldwide. Many people in third world countries are creating there own forms of the game. These events are all GREAT for the growth of the sport. Between technology and many other factors, the game of golf and the world around us are growing fast. This being said, this is an opportunity to support many different positive and influential organizations.
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In response to: Quick six golf products for your consideration

Davo [Visitor]
great review, keep up the good work
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In response to: Steve Williams Is A Braying Donkey, A Rooster, Lawnmower Guy

Jay M [Visitor]
cant say lol
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In response to: Televised golf and Twitter today on the Golf Channel

golfglove [Visitor]
that is very good,.,
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In response to: It's almost golf season...

best ladies golf clubs [Visitor]
I love classic courses also as well as Know of any good golf blogs?
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In response to: Snow Golf...Yes, Snow Golf...Really!

David Roy [Visitor]
I am currently in China, Heilongjiang and researching snow or ice golf since the weather here is suitable for that from November through March. I have absolutely no clue since I am originally from Alabama and love the warm climates. However, I think this is very interesting. I would greatly appreciate any assistance from you avid golfers. Thanks. David
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In response to: Golf Officials: It Boggles The Mind!!

Ron Mon [Member]
Thank you, Rich, for the rule book suggestion. Explain, then, why the two guys got let off easy and the one kid did not? I realize that the one dude may have been culpable, but it's quite ironic that they would penalize the one and not the other three, especially after the entire group had been on the clock.
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In response to: Golf Officials: It Boggles The Mind!!

Rich [Visitor]
You don't need medication. You need to take some time to read the rule book.

Players are almost never penalized for slow play for taking time between shots, they're penalized for the time it actually takes to play when it's their turn.

The USGA guideline for the maximum time it should take a player to play his stroke is 40 seconds. That time is measured from when it's his turn to play (which is a reasonable amount of time from when a fellow competitor's shot has come to rest, or when he is first to play and he has arrived at his ball and put down his clubs ), until the moment he strikes the ball.

If he was warned previously about a "bad time" (which he was), then his next time over 40 seconds would result in a 1 stroke penalty. Simple as that.

40 seconds may not seem like a long time, but in golf terms it's an eternity.
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In response to: So Camilo Villegas got a new friend...

New Era Cap [Visitor]
they'll be miserable. Same goes for a wedding in a wooded clearing deep in a forest, or some other remote location.
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In response to: Early Team USA Walker Cup Predictions

Chase [Visitor]

What's your thoughts on Corbin Mills after his win yesterday?
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In response to: Attention, Patrick Cantlay: Call Phil

Who is Michigan State amateur champion for 2011?
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In response to: Quick six golf products for your consideration

Nike [Visitor]
Play a round at Key West with the Nike, quite a good ball. Got my vote
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In response to: A daughter takes her father to Augusta for the Masters

Scotty B [Visitor]
Good stuff Ron. I hope they took it all in just like you said, there is nothing quite like being there in person.
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In response to: Can Masters replicate Kraft Nabisco Championship?

Scotty B [Visitor]
Does Rickie Fowler fit the bill? I think so. Would love to see Fowler and the crowd you mention duking it out on Sunday!
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In response to: Golf gear I'm looking forward to testing in 2011: Starter Coin, Nike and Fairway and Greene

Ken Barley [Visitor]
I like the Poulter and Harrington's clumsiness. It points out the need for a ball marker to be a little heavier and larger than your special penny or favorite dime. We were at the Portland Golf Show last week and golfers were testing the weight or our Photo Ball Markers to be sure they would not easily get moved.

"Given the recent spate of unreliable coins, it’s high time that we focus our eyes on acquiring a personally-fit ball marker."

Photo Ball Markers are the ultimate personally-fit ball marker.Uploading three special photos and having them made into top notch personalized golf ball markers is the perfect replacement for that under performing coin.
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In response to: 2011...What Will It Bring In The Way Of New Golf Gear?

Scotty B [Visitor]
I think the Pro Mode with aerial flyovers on the upro mx costs a little extra, but Callaway is definitely on the right track by bringing the price down on one of the sophisticated golf GPS units.
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In response to: Snow Golf...Yes, Snow Golf...Really!

Rob Rudolph [Visitor]
Great stuff! We play snow golf all the time here in Colorado using SNAG. We actually paint the snow green around the flags and blue for water. Lot's of fun sober or otherwise! Check out the site and grab a Player Pack and see for yourself. Golf does not end when the snow falls.
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In response to: 2011 Mondays: Fantasy Golf Update

Ron Mon [Member]

Sorry...the league is a private one...however, feel free to comment on my expertise or question my sanity.

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In response to: Espiritu Santo Trophy to Korea at World Amateur Golf Team Championship

fighting games [Visitor]
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In response to: BamBam ... Bamberger has a new club. Let's hit him with it.

Hi and thanks for publishing this. It addressed a large amount of questions in which I had. Thank you.
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In response to: Ryder Cup: The Storylines

Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth.
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In response to: RonMon's Guide To Extra Distance And Better Golf

Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.
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In response to: Of Late, Golf Is Great Because ...

bzykamy [Visitor]
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In response to: An eight is not great for USA

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In response to: Finality of Golf

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In response to: PGA Tour is all about testosterone these days

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In response to: Chip In For Carly's Club Update...Golf Fundraiser To Fight Cancer

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In response to: Duramed Futures Tour Season Ends With Ten LPGA Promotions

canlı sohbet [Visitor]
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In response to: Ferry Point Golf Course in Da' Bronx...Ferry Tale or Fairy Tale?

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In response to: Upstate New York Golf Show: Buffalo...Day One

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In response to: Of Late, Golf Is Great Because ...

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In response to: File Tadd Fujikawa under NEVER SAW THIS COMING at SONY Open

truereligion [Visitor]
thank you for posting.
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In response to: Thoughts from day one at Bethpage: US Open

Boston Taxi Cab [Visitor]
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In response to: Tour Striker practice club...makes sense to me!

Mike [Member]
Ron, Checked this out last year (and wrote about it as well on I had different guys try it out, and it helped everyone, from scratch to high handicapper. Despite the infomercial barrage, this thing is one of the better training aids to come along in some time because it's intuitive.
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In response to: PGATour.Com gets the best new website functionality award

ogorekpureki [Visitor]
I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!
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In response to: Mr. Olympia, Phil Mickelson, Tarnishes Scorecard, Wins HSBC Champions

ogorekpureki [Visitor]
Great Blog. I add this Post to my bookmarks.
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In response to: USGA Womens Amateur Public Links Final: A Great Performance

This post has been extremely insightful and useful to increase my knowledge in the field of knowledge and its many facets. Thank you very much, I will certainly come back to visit often and definitely tell some of my internet-inclined friends to visit this site. Keep posting and expressing your knowledge and opinions strong!
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In response to: Golf @ Halloween: Things I Suspect

I suggest contacting a realtor. This is actually a travel site for weekend vacations, not a relocation site. Good luck!
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In response to: 2011 Mondays: Fantasy Golf Update

Jon Utley [Visitor]
no response - hmmm bad blogger ;)
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