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Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
Shanks said:
Wie will easily qualify for full Tour membership in 2007 without even going through the next Q-school. She will win enough money in her limited appearances by sponsor exemptions to do so.

Well said, but when she does that, some people are going to claim that she wouldn't have been good enough to go through q-school and it's like a special exemption for her.

Shanks said:
Then, to get even more appearances out of Wie, Bivens will change the LPGA Tour’s silly rule that limits its players to 2 non-LPGA appearances.

Indeed silly is the word for that rule. If they want Wie, they need to change it, and I concur with your optimism that they will have the sense to change it.

Shanks said:
And it has not one but THREE legitimate teenage challengers vying with Queen Annika – and in a catfight of a subplot, with each other - for the throne. Who wouldn’t buy a ticket to see that?

You're really on a roll here Shanks! Thumbs up from golf fans. There is plenty to look forward to.
12/15/05 @ 10:44
Comment from: Paul W [Visitor]
I wouldn't be so quick to assume Bivens will relax the 2 non-LPGA appearance rule just for Wie. She's probably concerned that relaxing that rule would reduce the number of LPGA events that Sorenstam, Miyazato, et. al. play in, which would hurt the sponsers of the less important tournaments. Bivens has been pretty clear that she doesn't want to change the rule and lose control of the LPGA members. Just look how she recently answered a different question, who will earn points:

Q. This will be members, in terms of the points, Tour members only, I guess the first year and a half, or however long it's going to take? Wie and Pressel, until they are fully certified, they would not be eligible to earn points. What was the thinking of that?
CAROLYN BIVENS: No, they wouldn't. This is LPGA, its members who are supporting our tournaments and our sponsors. So, no, there really wasn't any consideration.
12/15/05 @ 13:51
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Rather than limit the non-LPGA events played, which is short-sighted and stupid, it makes more sense to have a minimum number of LPGA events played in order to keep a Tour Card - like all of the mens Tours do. If the LPGA wants to grow, it needs visibility and exposure ... a buzz. When Annika, Wie, Creamer and whoever else can play elsewhere, it serves as advertising for the LPGA Tour. No other womens organization is anything more than a minor league when compared in any way to the LPGA. So what "control" is there to be afraid of?
12/15/05 @ 14:15
Comment from: Paul W [Visitor]
I agree it's short-sighted, but I don't think she will make such a change lightly and she's said as much. The more the best players play in LPGA events, the more short term revenue there is for the event sponsers. She's probably more excited about Miyazato joining the LPGA than Pressel, Creamer, or even Wie. Miyazato brings a huge Japanese audience. At every event Miyazato doesn't play in, the audience will go down.
12/15/05 @ 14:49
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
Paul I agree that she wants the best players to play in more lpga events for obvious reasons.
However, setting a minimum number of tournaments that lpga members must play in (quote Shanks), is the way to go.
PGA members must play at least 15 events.
European pga members must play at least 11 events.

If the lpga put a minimum of 15 events, I think Wie would join when she is finished school and still be able to play enough mens events for her liking.
12/15/05 @ 15:22
Comment from: matt [Visitor]
Norman---You couldn't resist getting in at least one shot on the Wie-skeptics, but I'm not biting today. I actually agree with Shanks and you on this subject. The rule should be lifted; Whether it's for Pressel, Wie, or any other young player who has the proven ability to compete on the LPGA level makes no difference to me. You must admit though the rule change would really be as Shanks insinuates more for Wie's benifit than for Pressel's. While I agree with the assertion that Wie will qualify based on money earned from sponser's exemptions it would still be fun to see her go through Q-school, just to put the naysayer's to rest.
12/15/05 @ 15:26
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Where Miyazato has a rock-star presence in Japan, Wie has a rock-star presence to the whole world. The audience that comes with a Wie performance positively dwarfs that which comes with Miyazato.

If Bivens could get Wie to commit to 15 tournaments a year, she'd willingly trade an entire year of appearances from Miyazato. It's not even close.
12/15/05 @ 15:36
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
Matt, I take your point that the rule is more for Wie's benefit, even though I certainly think Pressel should be allowed on the lpga, no questioned asked. She is a proven performer finishing in the top 25 on each of her appearances last season on the lpga.

Q-school would be interesting with Wie in it, and it would certainly get alot more attention.
But I think we are all agreed, that it is very unlikely to happen.
12/15/05 @ 15:58
Comment from: Paul W [Visitor]
It's not just Miyazato, it would also potentially mean Annika cutting down her LPGA sched too. Also, hasn't BJ said Michelle plans to focus on the LPGA after graduating anyway?

Anyway, I hope you're right. The LPGA needs to loosen up and stop being so clubby.
12/15/05 @ 15:59
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
I don't think Annika would cut down her lpga events. Where else would she play?
12/15/05 @ 18:09
Comment from: Paul W [Visitor]
I think Annika has already been cutting back her schedule. She may want to play more events in Europe or collect some appearence fees in asia.
12/16/05 @ 08:39
Comment from: dean [Visitor]
im new here guys so take it easy on me. Just saw on blog where al mizato finish last from two rounds in japan. How old is she. how big is she? when she won q by alot I figure she to do better. May be she just nervus first time out.
12/16/05 @ 11:33
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
Ai Miyazato is just 5 foot 2 inches.
She can hit the ball about 250 yards, which is very good for her height, but not near enough to be competitive on the mens game.
Had she played her best stuff, her score could have been better no doubt, but I think making a cut is asking a bit much of her.

Ai Miyazato is 20 years old. She won 5 times on the japanese womens tour.
She didn't do so well in the lpga events she entered, although she made cuts, she was well down the field. That was why it was very surprising that she thrashed the field, including Pressel at the q-school tournament.

Ai will probably be one of the top players on the lpga in the next few years, but I don't think she will challenge the men again, unless something strange happens in her body to give her about 30 or 40 yards more power to her swing. Although she may want to do another mens tournament, just to give a better account of herself.
I think she will win on her rookie lpga season. About 25 tournament to do it in!!!!
12/16/05 @ 14:32
Comment from: dean [Visitor]
Thank you. Please, what is making cut. Al mizato has better stuff why she did not play it. She will win the lpga rookie season. good! She will beat then Annika and miss Wee. thank you best regards, Dean
12/16/05 @ 14:56
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
To explain making the cut, here is an example:

For the Japanese event that Ai was in, there were 120 players in the event. After 2 days, 60 players make the cut. That means they are allowed to play in the final two days of the tournament.
The other 60 players "miss the cut", meaning they don't get to play the final two days of the tournament.
12/16/05 @ 15:37
Comment from: jon [Visitor]
I didn't think Miyazato would make the cut, but I am surprised by how poorly she placed in her home town course, last place on 120 player field I believe. It just goes to show you the great divide that separates the Men's tournament from ladies'. Just to tick off jealous anti Wie buffoons, it show you why Michelle is special. She is probably the only one who can cross that divide. Most experienced golfers know this. I don't hear anyone who tried (Annika, Gustafson, and now Miyazato), wanting to embarass thenselves again.

I tried to avoid saying negative things about other players, hence I don't blog much, especially on sites not directly dealing with Wie and without much content. But since oher players feel free to comment on her, I will comment on them.

The fact is that most people don't care about LPGA. It is slow, boring and mediocre. Bivens can tout all she wants about exciting new players (Creamer, Miyazato, Pressel, Lang etc), but the fact is people don't care about these players. The only exception is Wie. Why else would she be losing network coverage on Michelob, a Major.

Shanks suggests that Bivens should make an exception for Pressel, I respectfully differ. Pressel to me is a dime a dozen. just one of many players who come along every year. There is nothing special in her game or personality. She talks way better than she plays. The only reason she got any attention is bad mouthing other players. She ask "what has Michelle done?" I would ask what has she done. Nothing , except win a women's amateur at 17 when Michelle has won the women's national at 13. She lost US open because of "miracle shot." She placed second with Lang, off 2 shots. There was no way even without that birdie that she could have won outright. Period. When I think of Pressel, the word "mediocrity" comes first and "poser' second. Just like her Dad, she may have one or two decent years, then simply fade away like Kelli Kuhne. Bivens would be stupid to overhaul age requirement for someone as overhyped and average as Pressel.

If she were to increase interest in LPGA, I would argue somewhat facetiously that instead of changing age requirement for someone as untalented as Pressel, she assign themes to different tournament. For instance, for a Hawaiian Open, all the cute players wear hoola coustums, and fat and ugly ones wear male coutumes. Out of respect for Annika she can choose either, and Pressel a male coustume just to get her used to being fat as she is getting there, I know I am being distasteful. My apologies to anyone I may have offended. But sadly I find this scheme more effective than overhauling age rewuirement at the moment.

(I think Creamer is the real deal and the future for LPGA. She has the game and the mental toughness. Michelle is an open book)
12/16/05 @ 15:57
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
Pressel is far from an average player. She is one of the top young players coming through and thoroughly deserves an exemption.
She finished 2nd at a womens major. This is a very big achievement and proves that she has the game to be a very good lpga player. Also she finished in the top 25 of all the lpga tournaments she entered. This is another big achievement.
Pressel has proved that she has the stuff required, and is well worth an exemption.
12/16/05 @ 17:03
Comment from: dean [Visitor]
And Norman thank you. Also no money paid is if cut not made? By jons blog did Preszel make cut in Japan? To Norman thank you. dean
12/16/05 @ 17:13
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
Yes you are correct, there is no money for those who don't make the cut.
Pressel has never played in Japan to my knowledge.
Gustafson, Wie and Miyazato are the only three women to play in the Japanese mens tour.
12/16/05 @ 19:01
Comment from: Jim Coulthard [Visitor]
Bivens is essentially the head of the LPGA Union--and she will do what the Union membership wants. She told the membership not to bad mouth Wie--but in return she is making it clear to her members that nothing special will be done for Wie(unless sponsers demand it). In addition, Bivens is making ever effort to encourage Michelle Wie to go somewhere other than the LPGA. Basically she is telling Michelle Wie to go to hell in a nice way.

I think Morgan Pressel is being foolish. It is only a few months. She will easily keep her card in any case--but by pressing the issue she will alienate the LPGA traditionalists. She has already alienated progressives who like Michelle Wie. Does she want to be hated by everyone? Waiting a few more months is part of paying her dues. If she is not willing to do that small thing, how does she get off lecturing Michelle Wie on the subject of paying dues.
12/16/05 @ 20:36
Comment from: Paul W [Visitor]
If looks could kill..

12/17/05 @ 15:41
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
Who's look. Wie or Pressel?
Wie could take her!
12/17/05 @ 19:23
Comment from: Paul W [Visitor]
Mostly Wie's look. Pressel's kind of smirking.

Pressel could be tough, but Gulbis could take them both.
12/18/05 @ 09:21
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
A) Wish I had thought of this blog. Shanks nails every point. Best blog I've read this year.

B) Didn't Se Ri Pak make a men's cut this year or last?

C) What is Dean's real name?

D) Who could take whom, Paul or Norman?
12/19/05 @ 12:32
Comment from: dean [Visitor]
From dean, hello to Jim Coul and Norman. Mme. Bivens is boss of lpga Union. good. Since my immigrate i am union carpentier. Miss Preszel and Miss Wie are pay dues? If union must pay dues not? I am not unnerstand dues. Please thank you for answer Norman and jim Coul. best Regards dean
12/19/05 @ 13:50
Comment from: Paul W [Visitor]
Looks like Bivens took your advice on Pressel. You have amazing powers of persuasion.

Ron Mon,
The only Norman I ever took on was my older brother and he used to win, but I'm bigger than him now.
12/19/05 @ 13:58
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
I really couldn't see any justification for NOT allowing Pressel full membership now. However, I still think the primary reason Bivens did this was to get Michelle Wie into more events next year. There will be no appearance of special priviledges to Wie. Since Wie has turned pro, she will be able to collect checks for her 7-8 LPGA appearances in 2006. Assuming her performance is comparable to 2005, she will easily qualify for her Tour Card in 2007. And the LPGA would love for Wie to join that way, making the comparison to how Tiger got started on the PGA Tour - but Wie doing it at a much younger age. Make no mistake, this is about marketing the LPGA.
12/20/05 @ 08:05
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
Shanks, I think you have a point about the Pressel decision being partly due to, being then able to give Wie a waiver of the age rule, without it being such a big deal.

Pressel has something to thanks Wie for. I wonder if Pressel will be sending Wie a Christmas card.
12/20/05 @ 11:53
Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]
I think there is more than just a waiver of the age rule for Wie at stake here. If Bivens can change rulings for Pressel on age, then rulings can be changed on how many events Wie can play this year, whether the ADT championship is limited to LPGA members if Wie does well enough to qualify, and those guidelines Bivens refers to in Paul's quote. The LPGA guidelines look to me like a clear violation of American Anti-Trust Laws.
01/03/06 @ 14:42

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