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Golf Fans in Washington DC Get Screwed by PGA Tour

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The PGA Tour & its Commissioner Tim Finchem have no conscience and should be ashamed of themselves. Never will they be able to justify what they have done to the loyal golf fans living in and around Washington, DC. Let’s start with a little hist… more »

Mickelson, Furyk and Montgomerie choke in different ways in US Open

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The finish of the 2006 US Open was unbelievably painful to watch, showing that choking comes in many forms. Perhaps that is the ultimate reason that this bubbling cauldron of nerves has so much appeal. Jim Furyk has finally gone over the edge with tha… more »

2006 is Year of the Comeback in Golf's Major Championships

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What in the name of the 1986 Masters is going on here? Since when does it make any sense at all that golfers on the downside of their careers can turn the clock back and become awesome again - en masse? First, it's Karrie Webb, dunking a wedge shot on… more »

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods aren't hated rivals

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Unguarded moments often tell the truth that we refuse to see. Despite what you may have read in the press and despite what you think you may have seen on television, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods don't really hate each other. Oh yeah, they want to beat… more »

LPGA Major Championship Trophy will likely be presented to Michelle Wie in 2006

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Okay, I've seen enough. No one on the LPGA Tour consistently strikes the ball better than Michelle Wie does. It is just a matter of time before she puts it all together with her short game and blows away the field in an LPGA event. As it happens, because… more »

Michelle Wie monitored today like she's in Intensive Care

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Ok, for all the Michelle Wie fans who aren't getting enough from tv coverage on ESPN and The Golf Channel, here are few internet addresses to track her progress hole-by-hole: The Golf Channel or Sports Illustrated For what it's worth, I'd pu… more »
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