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Comment from: Casual Observer [Visitor] Email

Are you planning on writing a blog titled:

- If VJ was my son, or
- If VJ was my daddy, or
- If VJ was my brother?

If you are thinking of it, please DON'T....
01/09/07 @ 15:56
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
"Vijay, my son, go forth and play golf from dawn til dusk."
"What's that? You already do so? Oh, okay."
01/09/07 @ 16:03
Comment from: todd [Visitor]
i think people don't like the fact that vijay cheated in his career. i don't know the exact story, i'm sure most people don't. maybe you could set everyone straight. sounds like a good article. "why some people don't like vijay...and never will." could be why he doesn't try to be affable. tp
01/10/07 @ 11:22
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Here is the story, as reported by S.I.

01/10/07 @ 13:35
Comment from: JPCorbeil [Visitor]
I remember reading a more complete story on the incident in (I think) Golf Digest somewhere in the nineties (?). (Heck I have trouble even with my own age).

In that article, the story was that Vijay had indeed doctored a 5 into a 4 and signed the incorrect card. He was under heavy financial pressure and took the chance.

Not sleeping too well during the night, the phone rang:"...we all know what happened out there today, don't we...'.

After a sleepless night, the following morning Vijay went to the officials, confessed and was, of course disqualified and suspended for 2 years.

I am sure the folks at Golf Digest (or Golf Magazine if my memory is off)can help you dig out the story.
01/10/07 @ 17:36
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
You are correct about that S.I. article from the nineties. But I have no reason to dispute Garrity's recounting of it, that he spoke to all parties involved. Singh served his sentence for that youthful indiscretion and apparently learned a very hard lesson, as evidenced by his behavior in professional events since then. I'd say he's a changed man from the experience. So he's not a bubbly personality all the time. No big deal. Hogan and Snead were both frequently testy, to name a few.
01/11/07 @ 07:33
Comment from: Mr. Wonderful [Visitor] Email
Why idolize a cheat?
01/11/07 @ 09:54
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Who said anything about idolizing anybody? I'm talking about proper appreciation of a great player. I don't know about you but I've made enough mistakes in my life - especially as a young man - that I won't throw stones. What I see is someone who learned a valuable lesson from a bad experience.
01/11/07 @ 10:36
Comment from: Mr. Wonderful... [Visitor] Email
You don't elect a druggie president. With the one exception of the joke; Clinton

How about Mark McGuire, Pete, or in the future, Barry. Hall Time?; Hell NO.

You don't put a common cheat in the Hall, period... Over and done and can't cry over the spilled mistake (milk). It is supposed to be a gentleman's game, one which takes president over all others due to honor, except to the common H.O.F. Cheat...

Don't idolize him, don't congratulate him, don't write about him, maybe he'll go away....
01/11/07 @ 21:33
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Since his return from exile, Singh's adherence to the rules has been exemplary. When the man has staunch allies in stand-up guys like Ernie Els & Nick Price, who play with & against him every day, I say: time served, lesson learned, let's move on.
01/12/07 @ 07:35
Comment from: Mr. Wonderful... [Visitor] Email
Anyone who can bring up the fact a cheat has to be recognized.... maybe if the fact had been brought up and made front page like Rose, Bonds and McGuire, he might never have got in. Ask the average player, the man on the street what can they tell you about Cheat, they will say hardly anything. Where is he from? Same answer. Did you know he cheated in an honorable game? No.

You appreciate a person for them being a great person, not pick and chose from their past. The complete person.

If you can bring attention to a no personality, in it for himself cheat, why not start up a blog about getting Pete in the Hall, now do that, then lets move on...

Subject done...
01/12/07 @ 14:09
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Sorry, Mr. Wonderful, but I'll take Price and Els opinion on the man. These 2 first class gentlemen are regular OPPONENTS of Vijay and they know him to be an honorable competitor. Who, then, are we to say otherwise?
01/12/07 @ 14:23
Comment from: Mr. Wonderful... [Visitor] Email
Facts are facts.

If a drug dealer was recently released and allowed to qualify for the tour and and did... He would still be known as a former drug dealer.

Sorry, that comparison might be a little vicious, but to love this honorable game and to see someone cheat to make a check...

Something about a skunk and its stripes...

I am a Life Member of the PGA...I work to promote it, I teach it, and I live it promoting it to the future of the game as one of the last great sports with some honor left in it... Sadly, maybe you need to see the game clip why golf is such a great game, talks about how the player referee themselves, how the players go out of their way (which VS seldom does) to promote the game, how the Tour donates to charity in 1 season what the other major sports can't come close to.

I have a problem with the "appreciation" of someone who CHEATED...

Next column please...
01/12/07 @ 17:41
Comment from: Mr. Wonderful... [Visitor] Email
And they are called "fellow competitors", not opponents or playing partners...
01/12/07 @ 17:42
Comment from: Oliver Sudden [Visitor] Email
I appreciate Singh's candor but it bothered me when I saw him constantly patting down spike marks as recently as a couple of years ago. On short putts he would address the ball then pat down his line with his putter. I often wondered how he got away with it. The other thing is while Singh has had a great career due to hard work he has improved with age and to get the public's attention you need to start strong like Daly or Woods. Andy North said he played an exhibition with Singh when Singh was around 21 and said he felt there was no way for VJ.
01/12/07 @ 23:58
Comment from: jimbo [Visitor] Email
Mr. Wonderful,
You did elect a former druggie and a former alcholic.
It happened to be the same man: Bush.
A fact that he doesn't deny. Get your facts straight!!!!!
01/13/07 @ 11:11
Comment from: Judge [Visitor] Email
Jimbo, Bush was never a "drug dealer," and that's what Mr. Wonderful was talking about. And, by the way, it's Clinton who has specialized in drug use. Do you remember when that person who knew him well said that he had " . . . a nose like a vacuum cleaner"?
01/13/07 @ 17:35
Comment from: Jack [Visitor] Email
Hey there Judge,
There you go again, speaking of things of which you know not. Mr Wonderful said druggie not drug dealer!

I don't think anyone has said that Vijay was a drug dealer. I think you should put down that straw, so that you can write an intelligent blog pertaining to the topic.

Drug dealer, Clinton? Are you ignorant to what the term means or are you just plain stupid? Don't bother to answer that!!!!! It's pretty evident.
01/13/07 @ 21:36
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
I'll take the word of Price & Els regarding Vijay Singh. I think they might know a thing or two about honor, respect & lifelong commitment to the game.

Other major champions have been disqualified for turning in a scorecard with a lower score than actually shot: Nick Faldo, Greg Norman, Jeff Sluman, Lee Janzen & Mr. PGA himself, Davis Love III. Should they all get the Big C branded on their forehead too? What's good for the goose ....
01/14/07 @ 07:57
Comment from: Jack [Visitor] Email
I could not have stated that more intelligently, a wonderfully presented argument.
01/14/07 @ 15:36
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
"If a drug dealer was recently released and allowed to qualify for the tour and and did... He would still be known as a former drug dealer."


It's the above comment that I was referencing; I had not seen the earlier posting prior to the time of my response.

As far as being a druggie goes, the only president who might have been a druggie while in office was the Slickster.

As for telling Shanks that you "could not have stated that more intelligently," you can't state anything more intelligently.
01/15/07 @ 14:06
Comment from: Jack [Visitor] Email
My friend, the small Judge,
You can't see, you can't think, all you can do is hate!!
Now you have added VJ and Clinton to your list.

At the cost of sounding redundant, what the hell would you know about intelligence? If "apple pie" made more money than you or could do anything better than you,
it would be on your list as well--Judge? Please.

01/15/07 @ 19:18
Comment from: Jack [Visitor] Email
My friend, the small Judge,
You can't see, you can't think, all you can do is hate!!
Now you have added VJ and Clinton to your list.

At the cost of sounding redundant, what the ---- would you know about intelligence? If "apple pie" made more money than you or could do anything better than you,
it would be on your list as well--Judge? Please.

01/15/07 @ 19:21
Comment from: Mr. Wonderful [Visitor] Email

After reading the responses, like the game of telephone, boy did that go astray.

As I said, next topic... How about a good Wie bassing. Want to get some hits that go on for a week... Say or mention the word: "Wie"...

God Bless Tadd!!!
01/15/07 @ 20:32
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

You must have so little confidence in your ability to relate an idea that you have to post things twice.

By the way, Singh is my favorite golfer. Although, unlike you, I'm not on a first name basis with him.
01/16/07 @ 17:30
Comment from: Joe Black [Visitor] Email
My son and I traveled from Baltimore to Maui to see the Mercedes championship. On Tuesday night we were seated in the booth next to Vijay in the Outback Steakhouse in Kapalua. When we got up to leave there were maybe 4 tables left in the place, including Vijays. He was done dinner and signing his check. I stopped and said "Vijay, good luck this week", not only did he not say thanks, HE NEVER LOOKED UP! It was hard to understand! He is a rude man.
Go Tiger,
Joe Black
02/01/07 @ 19:24
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Well, Joe, I never said he graduated from charm school! That sort of thing is partly to blame for Singh's being under-appreciated as a player. Once, when he was in town playing a Tour event, my son sat and watched him practice for a couple of hours after his round was over - until it was nearly dark - to get his autograph. We were about the only ones still there. Singh seemed to really appreciate that my boy would wait through one of his legendary practice sessions just for that. So, who knows what he's doing. I just get the feeling that he does what is necessary while at the golf course but would rather keep his private life very private.
02/02/07 @ 08:48
Comment from: Joe Black [Visitor] Email
Apparently he is not that nice on the golf course, according to one of the top caddys in the world.

"I never got a 'Good Morning' or 'Good club' from Vijay. It was either nothing or a negative if he did speak to me. Being courteous isn't much to ask. There's only so much you can take, no matter how good the money."
~Dave Renwick, who caddied for Vijay Singh for most of 2004 until the two parted ways at the Tour Championship, giving his side on the split.

02/02/07 @ 15:39
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Renwick is not the one to get that info from. He's a bit full of himself. And players haven't exactly been running over each other to hire him now that he's available. Never heard another caddie fuss about Singh. And most of the players like Vijay a lot. I'm guessing they were just a bad mix of personalities.
02/02/07 @ 16:10
Comment from: Joe Black [Visitor] Email
Oh yeah, your right Vijay is a stand-up guy
02/02/07 @ 20:10
Comment from: Joe Black [Visitor] Email
Larry Startzel and the other rules officials love Vijay too.Especially when he does't say good morning, and just gets right up in his face and says "are you guys going to watch the pace of play today or sit in your tent and eat donuts"
02/02/07 @ 20:21
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Like I said, he didn't graduate from charm school. So what? That kind of attitude is probably what has allowed him to actually challenge Tiger Woods head-to-head and beat him to be No. 1 in the world. Maybe Singh is the next Nick Faldo. Once his playing days are over he'll be all warm & fuzzy for everyone to see. Or not.
02/03/07 @ 10:38
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
And, by the way, the PGA Tour (your man Larry Startzel et al) should be ashamed of themselves for the abominable pace of play. It is ridiculous for a twosome or threesome of professionals - with professional caddies - to take four hours or more to play 18 holes. If you put those comments of Singh's into context, I'll bet he had a pretty good reason for saying it. Most folks hate to be smacked in the face with the truth. Usually, it hurts a little.
02/03/07 @ 10:42
Comment from: Joe Black [Visitor] Email
My only point is Vijay is rude, I experienced it first hand. If your response is "so what", I can't argue.
He is obviously "your man". There are to many great guys to root for, like the subject of your latest blog,(Ernie Els} I just don't choose to root for guys that demean fans, and/or employees, and/or officials, and/or women.
. Silly me!

02/03/07 @ 18:36
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
I don't know but maybe the bad experience you had with Singh could have been a case where you were the 1,000 person to interrupt his famuily meal and he was just tired of it. Is he a charmer - no. Not "my man" either. But he does have some good qualities too, if you really look. He has many loyal friends on Tour. He is a family man. He has a pretty good sense of humor. So he can't be all bad. And, personally, I prefer a man be honest so at least you know where you stand with him, pro or con. But that's just me.
02/05/07 @ 07:34

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