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Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email
Quotes with which I take umbrage:

"...nothing short of miraculous."
---Usually reserved for a Messiah.

"Propriety demands we give this young man a nickname right now. I’m going with T-Fooj."
---Propriety demands we call him by his given name. Over-40-trying-to-reconnect-white-guy syndrome demands we give him a youthful-sounding, urban-appealing nickname.

"This kid could charm the skin off a snake."
---Suggests that he is pulling a scam.

"I could not ever root harder for someone to achieve their dream."
---What about a sense-deprived person (as in blind, deaf, mute, etc.) or a wheelchair-bound person, such as the Buffalo police officer recently shot through the chin in the line of duty?

Other than that, I like the blog! Keep it up, chum.
01/16/07 @ 09:32
Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email
By the way, what would the Fooj have needed to qualify for this week's PGA Tour event? Don't top-somethings the previous week get you in to the next one? Now THAT would have been a decision to make!
01/16/07 @ 09:33
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Um ... Ron Monster ... I'm an over-50-white-guy ...

Unless it has changed recently, the top 10 get an exemption into the following week's tournament. T-Fooj was 2 shots too high. But there's always next year. Apparently the Sony event gives exemptions to local stars for life.
01/16/07 @ 09:48
Comment from: Baby Blue Eyes [Visitor] Email

What about a blog entry titled:
'If Tadd was my son'?

01/16/07 @ 10:50
Comment from: Mr. Wonderful [Visitor] Email

Will give you all the credit for a good one this week, except the need for a nickname.

Greatness comes in a single name.

Shaq, Madonna, Kobe, Rosie, Jack...

For now, Tadd will do.
01/16/07 @ 10:51
Comment from: Mr. Wonderful [Visitor] Email
Correction needed...delete Rosie from that list...
01/16/07 @ 10:52
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Baby Blue, you're killin' me ...
01/16/07 @ 12:16
Comment from: Norman [Visitor] Email
Shanks & Ron Mon,

If Tadd got in the top 10, he wouldn't have got an invite to the next event, because he is an amateur.

The top 10 professionals get an invite to the next pga event.
01/16/07 @ 12:47
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
"That's a bummer, man."

- The Dude (in The Big Lebowski)
01/16/07 @ 12:59
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

Where have you been, you old bugger?

Judge and I figured you might have taken the "black pill" since Double-wide tanked last week.

What's your take on her latest floperoo? Still think she'll get her PGA tour card?

Or have you seen the light like One-Putt?
01/16/07 @ 18:56
Comment from: OCranky1 [Visitor] Email
Tsk, Tsk Alex... don't bait poor Normie. He's given up on MW, cause he's a "Tadd" envious of another young golfer's success.
BTW..MW actual might actually stand for Maximum Width
01/16/07 @ 21:24
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

Far be it from me to stir up the Wie-wee's with any snide remarks. If I did, Ghet Rheel might turn me in to the PC Police as an Astroturf conspirator.

I think that Norman may have finally read a few chapters on physiology and the innate difference in strength and coordination between the sexes.

It took him a good while to realize what has been obvious all along for us skeptics, but I suppose it's a case of "better late than never."
01/17/07 @ 07:59
Comment from: OCranky1 [Visitor] Email
"better [a Tadd] late (tied for 20th) than never (MW's attempts at at PGA cut)"... is a rather apt and fitting description of Maximum Width's golfing resume, as well as the "Wie"ner's avoidance of the obvious.
01/17/07 @ 23:33

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