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Making the Ryder Cup Team

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I know, I know, there's a long way to go yet until the 2008 Ryder Cup is played at Valhalla this September. In fact, three of the four Major championships have yet to be played. But it's not so soon that we can't have a little fun with some speculation!… more »

Greg Norman is Now a Very Sad Figure, Indeed

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Greg Norman is an immense golfing talent. Of that, there can be no question. Though I've never been a fan of his, I believe he's always gotten worse treatment than he deserved for choking away Major tournament victories. Some of the time when he lost on… more »

Golf on the Nationwide Tour: A Study in Contrasts

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Let's start by saying a minimum of 25 Nationwide Tour members will replace guys who are currently playing on the PGA Tour. And as the saying goes, These Guys Are Good. Having attended a Monday qualifying event way back in the non-exempt 1970s, I learned… more »

Annika Sorenstam Will Retire at the End of 2008 Season

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Well, I'll be. The Associated press is reporting that Annika Sorenstam is calling it quits at the end of this golf year to pursue business interests and, more importantly to start her own family. Go figure. Just as she appears to be ready to challenge Lo… more »

Believe It or Not, Pro Golfers Like Paul Goydos Can Be Funny

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For as long as I can remember, Touring Golf Professionals have been accused of a lack of personality, of being bland. But what I know is their demeanor on the course is often different from their normal personality. This week the world got a good dose of… more »

The Golf Channel's PGA Tour coverage is missing the drama

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Maybe it's just me but I have to wonder what The Golf Channel trying to accomplish with their weekday coverage of the PGA Tour. They almost totally miss out on the drama of the 36 hole cut. Perhaps they are satisfied just having some live coverage of the… more »
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