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The first LPGA tango for professionals Pressel, Creamer and Wie

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Much of the golfing world will be watching with interest this first fight between the heirs-apparent to Annika Sorenstam's throne. Morgan Pressel will come out fast in the early going but settle into another top 20 finish. Michelle Wie will counter wi… more »

Polar opposites Couples & Sabbatini and a 5-letter dirty word: CHOKE

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Choking is going to be a subject we will routinely discuss in this column. Admit it or not, everybody gives in to being nervous sometimes. Well, except maybe Tiger. In golf, it is the proverbial elephant sitting in the living room that nobody wants to me… more »

David Duval's comeback could be the story of the year on the PGA Tour

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Don't look now but David Duval's comeback is gaining altitude out in Los Angeles on the strength of a hot putter. Riviera CC (also known as Hogan's Alley) is considered one of the ultimate ball-striker's courses on the PGA Tour. Funny thing is, he's doin… more »

Ernie Els will measure his progress in PGA Tour events against Tiger Woods

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Some of you know that I have predicted great things for Ernie Els this year. He continues to get healthier and so far, most facets of his golf game are looking good. He played well in a couple of season opening events in South Africa, limping around whil… more »

Morgan Pressel is already using gamesmanship on Michelle Wie

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Morgan, Morgan, Morgan ….. you are the feisty one, aren’t you? One of the primary reasons that the LPGA will gain in popularity is because of the budding rivalries amongst the young members. This week, Morgan Pressel has fired another shot over Mich… more »

J.B. Holmes crushes the ball and the PGA Tour field

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What a breath of fresh air! J.B. Holmes no doubt captured a legion of fans with his stunning knockout victory over the field at the FBR in Phoenix, AZ. If it was a fight, they would have stopped it on Sunday after the 15th hole. His progress from here w… more »

John Daly disgraces himself and the PGA Tour once again

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Little John pulled another stunt Friday at the FBR in Phoenix. It was bad enough that he begged off of the Wednesday pro-am, citing illness. This, after a week where the Golf Channel has aired ads for the new Daly reality show where he tells the world ho… more »

Surprise! Karrie Webb will challenge Annika Sorenstam for LPGA dominance

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Funny how things change, yet remain the same. In 2000 Karrie Webb was clearly the No. 1 female golfer in the world, and only 25 years old. In 2001 at age 30, Annika Sorenstam started working long & hard in the gym to Tiger-ize her body and it paid of… more »

Golf, Sex and Augusta National

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My boys and I will occasionally utter this saying when we’re playing golf, “There’s nothing else we’d rather be doing, and that includes having sex …. because you can have sex anytime, but for golf you need daylight.” But that is not an eith… more »

Loren Roberts, Henrik Stenson: New studs emerging to challenge golf's status quo

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Only a few demented souls like myself probably witnessed the arrival of 2 new superstars on their respective tours this past weekend. Of course, I'm not talking about Tiger, for God’s sake - his dominance is clearly established. In the case of the PGA… more »

Big Dogs Woods, Els, Singh & Mickelson positioning for Majors

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Now, the golf season really starts! Tiger is coming out of hibernation and, to hear him tell it at his first Q&A of the year, he's loaded for bear. He said that, basically, he's waaaaay ahead of where he was at the same time last year, so there is… more »

Loren Roberts will dominate the Senior, er ah, Champions Tour in 2006

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Opening this week to much less fanfare than the PGA Tour did, is the Champions Tour. I still call it the Seniors Tour because, quite frankly, the players are all seniors but not all of them are champions - at least not at the PGA Tour level. It’s jus… more »

Observations of Michelle Wie from 2 rounds on the PGA Tour

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It is difficult to remain neutral on the subject of one Michelle Wie. After the disastrous first round 79, it was tempting to say she is totally out of her league. Then she authors a tremendous 68 in the second round and it was tempting to overpraise. Le… more »

Predictions for Michelle Wie at SONY

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There is no hotter topic in golf than Michelle Wie trying to make the cut at age 16 in a PGA Tour event. Everybody has their opinions and I invite you to express them here. Here is mine: She won't do it. As impressive a ball-striker as Wie is, s… more »

Let's all jump to conclusions about Vijay Singh, Stuart Appleby and Michelle Wie

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There is no question, some of the PGA Tour stars want a shorter season than all of us fans do. It's been a long time since we've had any real competition to satisfy our pro golf jones. The Mercedes had some good subplots afoot with some of them being Stu… more »
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