LPGA Stars Watching Annika Sorenstam for Chinks in the Armor

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Annika Sorenstam gave hope to the rest of the LPGA by not doing her usual Sunday Terminator performance two weeks ago in Georgia. Don’t you think that all of the LPGA Tour isn’t watching her every tournament for some signs of slipping. The much-hera… more »

Ryder Cup travesty: Larry Nelson will never be U.S. captain

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Thank God that Larry Nelson has finally been elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame. Although he would never come right out and say it, he must feel like the PGA of America has slapped him in the face every two years by never naming him captain of a U.S.… more »

Where in the world is Shanks? Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

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Somewhere in my pea-brain, I harbored the notion that Alabama was a state comprised of flat terrain. Wrong! Just got back from an eight day golf trip to play some of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. This is a trip that every traveling golfer should mak… more »

Masters winner Phil Mickelson now halfway home to a Mickel-slam

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Having already captured the 2005 PGA title and now following that up with a commanding win at Augusta last week, there is the possibility of Phil Mickelson matching the Tiger Woods 2000-2001 feat of holding all 4 professional Major championship titles at… more »

Michelle Wie at Kraft Nabisco & Tiger Woods at the Masters add drama to start Major Season

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The best female golfers on the planet are having their first Major meeting of the year at the Kraft Nabisco in California and I can hear the buzz all the way across the country to the East Coast. Many stories abound with Annika Sorenstam trying once agai… more »

Van de Velde Victory Affects NCAA Final Four and Players Championship

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Shock waves rippled through the cosmos yesterday when Jean Van de Velde captured his first victory in more than a decade. Unfortunately for Jean, he has only been known for the Calamity at Carnoustie and his rather ignorant stance on females competing ag… more »

RTJ Golf Trail is next for Shanks and the Boys

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In addition to our 3-4 day mini-trips that we take throughout the year to Williamsburg or Pinehurst, the boys and I have gotten into the habit of taking one big trip per year, usually lasting one week or longer. And I should point out at this time that t… more »

The Players Championship should not be Golf's Fifth Major

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It is largely a notion of the golfing press in the United States that The Players Championship be considered the fifth major championship. You will not hear anybody from outside of the U.S. clamoring for this new status. Golf needs another Major like gol… more »

Annika Sorenstam's dominance of women's golf

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Bad news for the Brat Pack. Annika Sorenstam thinks she can improve on her 2005 performance. Last year's performance may have been the most dominant in over 50 years at any level of golf. Tiger Woods has never been as dominant on the PGA Tour as Sorensta… more »

Sergio Garcia will never be a better golfer than he is now

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Ever since a teenage Sergio Garcia burst onto the world golf stage in the 1999 PGA Championship at Medinah with his now famous challenge of Tiger Woods, greatness has been predicted for him. He has become a steady presence in the bottom half of the top 1… more »

Gunfight at the OK Doral - starring Tiger Woods as Wyatt Earp

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As I write this blog, it is the latter stages of the third round of the Doral PGA tournament. (I just hate saying the sponsors name in the title.) Tiger Woods has just double-bogied the 9th hole to let go of his choke-hold on another title. It’s very… more »

Where in the World is Shanks? Golfing at Pinehurst Resort

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Many things come to mind when I think of the Pinehurst Resort. Like most of you, the No. 2 course is probably my very first thought and rightfully so. But having been there several times now, the lasting impression is deeper and more textured. This is a… more »

Where in the world is Shanks? Golfing in Pinehurst!

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Nothing could be finer Than to be in Carolina In the Moooorning ….. Yes, I know that I’m dating myself with that little ditty, but it sums up my feeling about the Pinehurst area. If there is a better place to play golf in the Eastern U.S., I hav… more »

2nd Tier PGA Tour event in Tucson is awesome, babeee

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Got home early from bowling last night - about 10:30pm EST - and flipped on the tv while I was winding down. Seems I can't ever just walk in the house and go directly to bed. Much to my surprise I stumbled across the delayed broadcast of the Chrysler Cla… more »

Shanks and the boys will be playing golf in Pinehurst

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If you live in a warm climate, you’ll have little understanding of the pure delight derived from the golf trip that kicks off a new golf season. My boys, my chums, me mates, my friends, mon amis and I are heading south to Pinehurst for a little 4-day g… more »
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