Tiger Woods will dominate again

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Sportswriters are hilarious, not even as accurate as weathermen when it comes to forecasting. As they are giving you their best educated guess, it makes me wonder about the education. So, it is with that warning that I tell you this:Tiger Woods will… more »

Hunter Mahan in the Ryder Cup: The agony of defeat

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Every sports fan over 30 years old in the United States, at least, has burned into their brain the iconic opening scene of the Saturday afternoon sports program Wide World of Sports. Legendary broadcaster Jim McKay would entice us with "the thrill of vic… more »

Europe will win the 2010 Ryder Cup in a very close contest

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Really, this thing is too close to call, but that'll never stopped me from telling anyone what I think. Everything in my head says that the United States team is stronger and deeper. Something in my gut tells me that the Europeans will find a way to win.… more »

Strength of European Ryder Cup team questioned by former Open Champion Todd Hamilton

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Well, no, he didn't actually come right out and say it. But 2004 Open Champion Todd Hamilton surmised as much. All one has to do is look at his success during his recent starts in the last 3 European Tour events. At the KLM Open in the Netherlands, Hamil… more »

An Unexpected Phone Call from the European Ryder Cup Captain

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"Hello.""Captain Colin Montgomerie here. Is this a Mr. Shanks?""Please, just call me Shanks. May I call you Monty?""Captain Montgomerie will do nicely, thank you very much. Now then, what's all this foolish talk of a botched European pick? Do… more »

A personal Ryder Cup phone call from the U.S. Captain

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"Hi Shanks, Corey here.""Hello Corey, I guess you're happy to have that Captain's selection business behind you.""Dude, you have no idea. Every word I say has to be perfectly neutralized because, if I don't, the press just has a field day, saying tha… more »

The European Tour Makes A Ryder Cup Mis-Step

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What we all want to know is precisely how did Colin Montgomerie say with a straight face that "nobody in match play golf wants to play" Padraig Harrington. When I heard him say that, I had to push up on my chin just to get my mouth closed. Did I hear wha… more »

Reigning Fantasy Golf League Champ Shanks Drafts Another Winning Team

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Actually, the draft is tonight at one of our favorite watering holes. I'm just using the art of positive thinking regarding my selections for 2010. I'm also letting you know that I did win the big prize in 2009, in addition to one of the side pots (thank… more »

How Well Will Tiger Woods Play Golf in 2010?

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Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. - Quoted from "Marmion" by Sir Walter Scott in 1808 It's impossible to know what effect this public humiliation regarding his philandering lifestyle will have on the golf game of Tig… more »

LPGA PLayer of the Year Shootout

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Rarely does a large honor like Player of the Year come down to the final event of the season, but that is exactly the case in the LPGA today. Finishing on Monday because of heavy rains, 2009 POY leader Jiyai Shin starts the day just one shot off the lead… more »

Imagine Michelle Wie without the baggage

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Now that Michelle Wie has withdrawn from the final event of the 2009 LPGA season due to a worsening ankle injury, it is a good time for evaluation. The problem most people face in doing so, however, is dealing with their own pre-conceived notions of how… more »

Fanatasy Golf League Update: Shanks in front, going to the whip

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We're officially coming down the back stretch now and I've got one hand on the first place prize with a lead of over $896K in earnings. Just one problem, though. The team in second place has the potential to fly past me this week at the WGC-HSBC Champion… more »

Golf fans should exalt in Presidents Cup

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To be honest, there's not a lot of buzz surrounding the 2009 rendering of the Presidents Cup. The reason for the lack of pre-event excitement is because the American team appears to be a lead pipe cinch to win. I mean, seriously, is there anyone in the e… more »

A Solution to the Problems with the FedEx Cup

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Close your eyes and imagine that your boy Shanks here is Commissioner of the PGA Tour. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a real stretch, but bear with me. I’d be going to those generous folks at FedEx with a better concept for their wildly lucrative FedEx Cup… more »

Phil Mickelson's joke about the FedEx Cup is no joke

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"Let me get this straight. I just shot 65 on Sunday to win by three shots, while Tiger shot 69. But he gets $10 million and I get $1 million. No, he he he, I'm just joking." That was Phil Mickelson's response (paraphrased) to a post-round query of his… more »
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