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Comment from: Todd Miller [Visitor]
As a golf course homeowner, Republican and attorney for many golf course owners nationwide, I commend you on such a controversial article. As I hope you know, many golf course communities start with the real estate component and then address the golf course. Such golf building plans provide the best profits for developers while contributing to the oversupply of golf courses nationwide and the decreased golf course revenues as well. That having been said, I suggest you look at the top 100 golf properties in the U.S. as reported by Golf Digest and Golf magazines. Each of them is peppered with examples of golf course communities that maintain a balance of a "controlled, well-ordered image" and "natural" beauty. As a point of reference, I point to Bay Hill in Orlando, FL as well as Dalhousie Golf Club in Cape Girardeau, MO as fine examples of golf course communities.
2004-11-02 @ 10:32
Comment from: Andrew Birrell [Visitor] Email
During my time in South Africa a lot of Golf Communities sprung up which were called Golf Estates. One of the reasons for this is that many golfers were worried about the growing security issue both when at home and playing golf. So the answer was to build these golf estates that eventually became isolated communities that did not represent South Africa as a hole. When playing them as a reviewer it is important to understand what the purpose of the developer was. What I found is that the ones built in the existing residential areas were very tight and the houses became a part of the course whereas the ones built in rural areas had extra space to keep the houses away from the course. But often when playing you got a feeling of tunnel vision on the tighter ones and many balls ended up in the houses or were protected by unsightly golf nets.
2010-06-10 @ 23:32

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