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Vijay Singh being named European Tour player of the year is a joke. The guy played four times in Europe and barely broke the top 10 in any of his appearances. Yet Miguel Angel Jimenez won four times. Talk about jumping on the bandwagon. Jimenez is also… more »

Enough with the rankings!

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I hate this time of the year. It's when all the golf courses send out hundreds of press releases crowing about their inclusion in whatever magazine ranking they happened to make. "Best places to play for less than $500. "Best places to play while wearing… more »

Stop all this "Tiger is back" baloney

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Can we stop with all this "Tiger is back" nonsense? Just because he says his swing is back doesn't make it so. Just because he's won a couple of unofficial "silly season" tournaments doesn't mean he has regained his superpower form. Nicklaus went throu… more »

you lucky carolina fans - watch out, Spurrier's coming

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One more word about Steve Spurrier going to South Carolina. I have it from a reliable, inside source how Spurrier responded to the new president at the University of Florida, who asked Spurrier to submit a resume after it became known Ron Zook was out.… more »

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