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2004-12-16 @ 07:52
Comment from: Gary Stauffenberg [Visitor]
You are correct sir ! Just like Jack broke out of the pack --largely because of his superb length--Tiger similarly got a jump on the field. But they've basically caught up.

From now on, any Tiger majors will trickle in. I think Tiger's slam will stand as the benchmark for decades. Sadly, that means it may be downhill from here.

2004-12-28 @ 20:44
Comment from: RB [Visitor]
Guys, let's not forget who this person is-this is TIGER WOODS!!!! A shoo-in for the Golf Hall of Fame-a person who at one time held all 4 majors simultaneously! Did Nicklaus do that? NO! So, when he says that he's coming back, I truly believe him!
2004-12-31 @ 11:41
Comment from: Ed Gulewitz [Visitor]
Not that it will ever happen, but I think Golf would be more excited if John Daly had a Tiger Slam. The difference is that Corporate America would never embrace JD as much as Tiger. JD brings baggage along and even if he had a Tiger Slam II, he would still be with most of the same advertisers, except for maybe a major beer brand.

My point is that Tiger and JD are true forces within the golf world, but they draw on different emotions. Daly represents the Everyman who fights through his demons to thumb his nose at conventional wisdom – the Underdog. Tiger seems to represent what we all wish we could be as a golfer, grown up with it since he was in diapers, a family devoted to his greatness, and the perfect golfing mentality and physical presence. – A god on the Course who was sent from Mt. Olympus. While we all wish we could be Tiger everyday, we know it would be more fun to beat the god at his own game on earth, and that is what Daly represents.

The reality is that Tiger and Daly have more skill and fight in them than most of us even appreciate or understand. It would be more fun with the DalySlam though, doncha think?
2005-01-05 @ 18:25

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