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Chris Baldwin should definitely take a lesson

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I think TravelGolf's West Coast Bureau Chief and blogger Chris Baldwin should quit his convoluted rantings about golf instructors and take a lesson. I'd like to say he definitely needs it because I've seen his golf game, but I haven't. The one time I was… more »

Vijay Singh in the golf Hall of Fame? Isn't he still playing?

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I know golf is a different kind of sport and you can play until you're 106, but it still doesn't seem right to me to have a guy still playing on the PGA Tour and be in the Hall of Fame. Nothing against Vijay Singh, who was just named to the HOF, but he'… more »

John Daly: smoke 'em if you got 'em

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So I'm watching John Daly warm up for his playoff with Vijay Singh at the Houston Open by chain-smoking and joshing with buddies and officials, whoever happens to pass by. He finally warms up when he gets to the first tee, cigarette dangling from his mo… more »

Where's the National Golf Course Owners Association in all this?

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It seems to me that the problem of golf courses charging premium fees even while their courses are udergoing aerification or other types of maintenance that disrupt the golf, should be addressed by the National Golf Course Owners Association. This is a… more »

Test Post

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asdfasdfasdf more »

Brandon -- name that course!

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Brandon Tucker recently wrote a good blog about a course with bad conditions, but a reader pointed out that Brandon didn't NAME the course, which is why a lot of people read, to learn which courses to avoid as well as which courses to play… more »

Santee strippers challenge Rebel!

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I don't know what The Rebel blogger has against Santee, but he's at it again, disparaging the small, South Carolina town -- even though he has apparently never been there. How can you 'diss a place you've never been to? Easy, you call on all the old ste… more »

Las Vegas' Silvers a phony

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There's nothing I detest more than a phony, and Dennis Silvers, aka the Las Vegas Golf Guru, takes the cake. Here's a guy who brayed and bragged about being a no-holds-barred, kick-ass, tell-it-like-it-is blogger. But, when it came time to do just that… more »

Golf resort tipping

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The older guy who had been playing in the group in front of me, who looked like he was comfortable ordering people around, was in a lather about the ball boy wiping his clubs down without permission. Now, it's one thing for someone not to tip, it's anot… more »

Help me

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TAMPA -- I'm becoming one of those people I loathe. It's the result of staying at two of the best golf resorts in Florida -- the Westin Innisbrook and Saddlebrook. Since they're both excellent, I can't help comparing the two in small, selfish ways. I don… more »

$10 for a shot of scotch?!??

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PALM HARBOR, Fl. -- Hey, I'm no rube fresh off the hay truck -- I know when you go to a golf resort, you're going to pay resort prices. Just as when you go to an airport, you pay airport prices. But, still -- enough is enough. I ordered a shot of Chivas… more »

Big meat in Tampa

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If you're a serious carnivore and you've been to Tampa, you've probably eaten at Bern's Steakhouse. I have another great steak place for you: Packard's, at the Westin Innisbrook resort, at nearby Palm Harbor. They bring out a cart-load of meat for you… more »

Highway 19 horror

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PALM HARBOR, Fl. -- I was born and raised in Florida, so when I drive down the horror that is Highway 19 these days, starting well north of Tarpon Springs, I can only shake my head and mutter at what it's turned into. Tatoo joints, strip malls, bumper-t… more »

My Tiger Woods ploy right on the money

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Pro athletes are so predictable. All you have to do is pick them to win, and they lose. Pick them to lose, and they win. It's all about motivation and perceived respect -- or disrespect. I've done this for years in my storied journalistic career, and it… more »

CBS holding Masters hostage

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Here's some thoughts from TravelGolf's Jennifer Mario. I was wondering the same thing: Why is CBS holding the Masters hostage? Right now Tiger's made seven straight birdies to steal the lead from Chris DiMarco. This is exciting stuff, and what is CBS ai… more »
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