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Comment from: Jennifer Mario [Visitor]
Hey Tim, not sure what you meant by this comment:

"it isn’t only women who are excluded. Why do you think the overwhelming majority of PGA Tour pros are Republicans?"

Is there some rule that says women can't play golf? Because I've been playing for five years now, apparently unaware of this rule. Or are you saying that there's some rule that says Democrats can't play golf? I'm a member at several golf clubs, and no one has ever asked who I vote for, although from the preponderance of Kerry bumper stickers in the parking lot, I can guess who everyone else did. You mention the political affiliation of the PGA tour pros, but have you checked the LPGA's? I'm guessing you'll find a different story over there.

Perhaps you're trying to suggest that Republicans are sexist/racist/bigoted/fill in the blank here with some other negative generalization. Check with the good old boys at Augusta, I bet you'll find that most of them are the species known as "fine Southern Democrats."

Choosing to play golf or not is just that, a choice. So Martha's only hurting her own cause: her "disgust" with golf will only lead to fewer women taking up the game and taking advantage of the "business access it provides." Is that really her goal?

My prediction: after Hootie goes, so will Augusta's outdated discrimination policy. Look for women being invited to join in about ten to fifteen years. Meanwhile, Martha needs to figure out how to get more women in the game, not less.
2005-04-06 @ 11:43

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