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Comment from: ac [Visitor]
I don't know dude, you can never count Tiger out of anything. Granted, it will be tough to say the least but Tiger is on a whole different level, he's got a spiritual thing going on most people don't even think about.
I would not be surprised if he came back to win it.
What is really surprising to me is how in the world did Thomas Bjørn get to position 2? My god, if he beats Tiger I'm never going to hear the end of it over here in Denmark.
2005-04-09 @ 18:14
Comment from: ac [Visitor]
See what i mean? Hole 3, already -6.
Shit, he's going to psyche all these fools out of their head and out of their game.
They'll see Tiger creeping up on them and will scream with fear and puzzelment.
"Hey! Was'nt Tiger +4 yesterday? What the heck is he doing? He's right on my tail! -6!!! Damn.
You go Tiger.
2005-04-09 @ 18:19
Comment from: ac [Visitor]
one last thing, i promise.
How is it that you, a "National Golf Editor" can make such a statement? On a friday afternoon. "Tiger takes himself out of running in Masters"
I'm sorry man, I am no golf expert, I myself suck badly but I would never make such an idiotic statement about TIGER WOODS. That's really pretty stupid actually when you think about it. What a laugh man. I'd fire your ass.
2005-04-09 @ 18:24
Comment from: ac [Visitor]
OK, I lied in message .3 I have more to say to you, "Mr. National Gold Editor."
What will you do when Tiger wins this thing? He whupped some serious booty today. This will go down as the best comeback of all time in Golf history, and I'm no National golf editor.
Tiger Woods is in the zone, he smells blood and he's going for the win and for the jugular.
When Tiger wins the US Masters 2005, I expect you to write a heart felt apology to all your readers and to Tiger for you lack of knowledge and lack of faith in the greatest athlete that ever held a golf club in his hand.
If you do not man up to your very pre-mature & ignorant statement, "Tiger's out of it this year," then you should at least retire from sports writing and cover knitting or fishing.
Hate to be so mean to you bro. But really man, you must pay for what you said. You showed absolutely no faith nor any understanding of what great athletes are capable of.
They are not like you or even myself, or any of your readers. None of us are in Tiger Woods league. Only guys like Jordan, Schumacher, Armstrong, O'Neal, Montana, Chamberlin, these are ahtletes that are capable of the unbelievable. As a sports writer, you must get this through your head.
Even if Tiger does not win, you should still man up and make your apology. Why? Because he turned his game around from +4 to an incredible -8 strokes since you wrote your silly ass statement and showed the world, like me sitting way over here in copenhagen that you opened your big blog too soon, too loud and you needed to be slapped down.

Enjoy the rest of the tournament :-)
2005-04-09 @ 20:31
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2005-04-10 @ 01:25
Comment from: ac [Visitor]
Well? Waiting :-)
2005-04-10 @ 19:43
Comment from: Insta Marv [Visitor]
NICE call...predictions for the next Major or are you just going to open your mouth a little wider for other foot right now?
2005-04-10 @ 21:40
Comment from: John [Visitor]
I have to agree with the comment on form the guy on #3. Tim McDonald, how did you ever get a jog writing for anyone? Have you eve played golf? You have egg all over your face. I could have stomached the comment about Tiger taking himself out of the Masters, but the go as far as to say he is done for the year was too much. Be a Man and apologize, or you are done. Stick a fork in yourself.
2005-04-11 @ 00:31
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]
Worst Prediction Ever....
And I thought that Silvers guy was a blowhard. Sir, you are an idiot.
2005-04-11 @ 03:40

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