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Comment from: John [Visitor]
Tim, you are looking more and more like a fool the more you try to clean it. Stop trying to clean it up, be a man and admit you screwed up. It will save your carrer.
2005-04-11 @ 08:57
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]
Stop it. It's not cute. It's pathetic. Silvers has more credibility than you.
2005-04-11 @ 12:29
Comment from: DC [Visitor]
"Storied journalistic career?!?" You've got to be kidding me. Time for a career change, Tim! The only "storied career" potential I can envision for you is as a revisionist historian!

When I read your (and those you attributed to Jennifer Mario) incredibly naive assertions that CBS had anything to do with the lack of 3rd round coverage, I initially let it pass. Keith called you out, anyway. But your cumulative stupidity on a number of subjects is now too much for me to bear.

Anybody who knows anything about golf also knows that Hootie and the other fogies that run the Masters "Tunamint" call all the shots pertaining to the times and duration of programming at Augusta National. But for the stale Magnolia Lane mantra of "preserving tradition," CBS would by now have installed hat-cams on all of the players if they thought it would give them any additional footage or angles to air. Hard to believe that someone as "in the know" as you claim to be would be ignorant of this truth.

Now you won't even stand up and admit to early-calling Tiger's demise. I thought he was out of it at that point, too. It's a testament to his mental toughness that he was able to bounce back from his early round mistakes and misfortunes and play the way he did this weekend. Just say you were wrong and move on! This crap about your "source" and your role as a tough-love cheerleader for Tiger's camp and cause is the lamest attempt at face-saving I can remember.

Even if there was a shred of truth to your farcical claim of motivating Tiger being your motivation, it would be the height of stupidity and arrogance for you to think that your obscure, insignificant musings would a) merit any conversations with Tiger this week as he focuses on winning a major and b) rank in his top 1000 reasons for wanting to raise his level of play.

You are a spineless, no-talent hack whose excremental "work" displays an utter lack of subject matter knowledge and integrity -- hardly the hallmarks of a storied journalistic career! Good luck with that.
2005-04-11 @ 14:28
Comment from: ERTW_83 [Visitor]
Buddy, give up, you made yourself look like a fool, and now you're just looking like a dumbass. You should NOT be writing about golf. This is perhaps the worst excuse for the worst article ever written.
2005-04-11 @ 15:46
Comment from: Dmr [Visitor]
Ditto !! Unfortunately, I'm not as eloquently versed as all the above but they covered my outrage and sentiments exactly. I graciously thank them. As always, Tiger comes true to form,laughing his way to the bank.
2005-04-11 @ 17:51
Comment from: DO [Visitor]
Tim, everyone makes errors, most of us are men enough to admit it and move one. Your attempt to spin the error into a
win only tells me one thing... your 15 minutes are up. Time for a new career.
2005-04-12 @ 11:18
Comment from: Roy [Visitor]
Give us a break. What an idiot. You are a mediocre, wannabe golf writer who can't get a job with a real golf print publication. Travel Golf dot sucks is pitiful and your "national golf editor" is for a internet web site, not a real golf publication. Real golf pubs are in magazine format and have competent writers. You are a dumb ass.
2005-04-12 @ 14:08
Comment from: ac [Visitor]
When I read this explanation of yours I just decided that I'd let it go.
It was way too stupid to even respond to. It was clear by this explanation that you were a head case.

I'm the guy who started this whole dialogue with you in the first place. I replied to your "Tiger is out this year" comment.

I'm message 1-4 and then again no.6.
Take a look

Since those very first comments I wrote to you, I've visited your blog from time to time only to see that you are getting slashed alive, no one respects you or your comments and honestly I feel bad for you about that. This is not what I wanted to happen for you, that is why I suggested to you in Comment #4 to apologize. You needed to apologize so that you would not lose face or the respect of your readers. I really tried to make you see that although your Tiger theory was totally out of touch, you still could have regained your dignity, integrity and respectability by a heart felt, man to man, & to the women, apology from you to us. Not some long drawn out story like the one above.

You know, somehow because I'm the kind of person that gives one the benefit of doubt, I actually believe that you know a close source, or at least you believe that you know a close source to Tiger's camp.
Dude, I am originally from Hollywood, CA. I know plenty of people who know people. I myself even know a few well known celebraties. The last thing I would do to help inspire them is to basically say to them, "It's over. You suck and will not win this year. Sorry."

Anyway bro, I do feel a bit sorry for you. But you see I was a class clown as a kid. I always stuck my foot in my mouth. Only if I said stuff that was just totally a dumb ass statement, my mother would either slap me or I'd be sent home. It looks to me that your mommy is slapping the hell out of you right now.

Do the right thing and apologize to your readers. Do it like a man and we will all forgive you.
Won't we fella's? We'll forgive him right? We'll come back sometimes to say hello to our little friend who just got lost along the way.

I'm still trying to help you get out of this mess.
2005-04-13 @ 02:39

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