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Handicap cards to alleviate slow play? Ridiculous

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A reader wrote in with a suggestion for fixing slow play, saying the U.S. should go the European route by requiring valid handicap cards before getting on a golf course. That way, the reasoning goes, U.S. golfers would be forced to play from the appropri… more »

Rory Sabbatini should be a member at Grand Strand's Thistle

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The slow pace of play in golf is a subject that sparks emotion and fierce debate among both pros and hacks: You either blasted Rory Sabbatini or praised him for his recent actions that spotlighted the problem yet again. Many of you had it right: the p… more »

golf in Italy: press revolt squelched by most powerful force in universe

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For those of you who have expressed interest, the Great Press Revolt in Italy was undone by a force more powerful than the Italian government and global media combined: I'm talking about wives. The male golf writers -- from England, Germany and the U.… more »

Golf in Italy -- food, wine and a press revolt

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The Italian government is trying hard to promote its golf. The problem is, there are not that many golf courses, only about 200 or so in the whole country, and they are rather spread out. So what do you do? You promote "Golf and more" -- the "more" be… more »

Retief Goosen NOT finished after near-death experience at U.S. Open

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I love to jump on a man when he's down. It's the best time to jump because he's usually defenseless. So I'll get my shots in on Chris Baldwin, along with the rest of you who have gone nuts over Baldwin's blog on Retief Goosen being history after his near… more »

Golf in Italy: are there courses, and do the women really have hairy armpits?

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Anybody know anything about golf in Italy, specifically in the Venice area? I'm heading there today, and staying outside Venice in a place called Udine. I'm bringing my clubs, a taste for good wine and several razors to offer as gifts to women with h… more »

Except for Michael Campbell, high hilarity at U.S. Open and Pinehurst No. 2

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I'm not normally one of those sadists who enjoys seeing the PGA Tour pros tortured, especially by unfair golf courses. But, I have to admit I was braying like a donkey on Ecstasy during Sunday's U.S. Open finale. Maybe it's because all of Pinehurst No… more »

Paul Casey shows true colors at U.S. Open

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Paul Casey, the Brit who has made disparaging comments about Americans, withdrew from the U.S. Open after shooting an 85. Casey didn't deign to give an explanation for his withdrawal, but we can pretty much assume it was because of his bad golf. Bad m… more »

Jason Gore the BIG story at Pinehurst No. 2 and U.S. Open

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What is it about BIG golfers we like so much? Craig Stadler, John Daly, now Jason Gore -- all, shall we say husky -- golfers. Of course Gore's story is a little different. He's become a crowd favorite at Pinehurst No. 2 because he's such an unlikely c… more »

Chris Berman a blast at U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2

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Because of work, I've been watching ESPN's taped replays of the U.S. Open, and I have to say I love listening to Chris Berman. At first, I thought he was a fish out of water, completely inappropriate for the quiet, hushed tones golf announcers usually us… more »

Retief Goosen at U.S. Open: bland dullard or stoic hero?

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I can't make up my mind about Retief Goosen. Is he simply a victim of media indifference or is there just nothing there to write about? You have to admit, he never says much during interviews. Not that that's bad. A big night for Goosen is to go out… more »

Retief Goosen at U.So Open: bland dullard or stoic hero?

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I can't make up my mind about Retief Goosen. Is he simply a victim of media indifference or is there just nothing there to write about? You have to admit, he never says much during interviews. Not that that's bad. A big night for Goosen is to go out… more »

Better golf deals for the value for the non-pros than Pinehurst No. 2, site of U.S. Open

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I know a lot of people who have been disappointed with Pinehurst No. 2, site of this year's U.S. Open. Now, it IS a great course, no doubt about it, but nearly all of its mystique lies in its surreal greens. Trying to stop a long approach on No. 2's gree… more »

No need for Rory Sabbatini to apologize at U.S. Open

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Rory Sabbatini felt the need to apologize and issue a statement at the U.S. Open regarding an incident at last week's Booz Allen tournament. Sabbatini was playing with Ben Crane, a notoriously slow player on tour. Sabbatini stood near the 17th green w… more »

Golf and ED: a great pairing

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So Kiel Christiansen, Jennifer Mario and all those other prudes -- that's what they are, despite their disclaimers -- are offended by erectile dysfunction ads during golf tournaments?It's true that I am almost genetically impossible to offend -- I'm… more »
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