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Comment from: Lesley Douglas [Visitor]
You're quite right - Michael Campbell is a breath of fresh air! His win today was hard earnt and a long time coming. I hope this will inspire and encourage him to go on and on ... He's now, in New Zealand anyway, in a league of his own.
06/19/05 @ 23:35
Comment from: john edmnds [Visitor]
And just imagine how scary Pinehurt number 1 must be ????
06/20/05 @ 05:37
Comment from: Robert Kerehoma [Visitor]
An avid Cambo fan from the year dot
It was something to behold!
There are 3 variations for the word choke in Maori
1) Nanati (bananatee) leave off the BA in (pronounced )ba nanatee Physically choke
2)Rawa pronounced rahwah (smoke choke)
3)Kowaowao pronounced corewowwow (choke by weeds)
Whichever context you choose Michael didn't. Kia kaha
06/20/05 @ 18:31
Comment from: Mark Deemer [Visitor]
Sorry, Tim, I do not like your comments about the number one player in the world. Please recap for me the story you wrote in April 1997. Or any thing you put down on paper in the year 2000. Give Tiger the respect he is due. Come on, man your are journalist!!!
06/21/05 @ 13:07
Comment from: Mark Deemer [Visitor]
You're a journalist.
06/21/05 @ 13:09
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]
Spot on about Tiger . Great player but very arrogant with it . Needs to learn a little humility and stop talking as if he is 55 and remember he is nearer 25 with an awful lot to learn about life . Shame our Open is at St Andrews this year as it could not be better for him which he demonstrated last time so i guess his inflated ego will just get bigger for the time being and we will have to wait for that attribute known as Humilty a little longer !
06/23/05 @ 07:40
Comment from: MikeR [Visitor]
MC was a flash in the pan. His game is just as fickle as any of the other inconsistent Thursday thru Saturday pro. As luck will have it, on any given day, any of those guys can win. But combining winning with consistent contention is a another story! Comparing MC with TW is a joke. Where has MC been? And where did all those other top four or five guys go? Sergio and his momentum the week before. Basically, MC & TW shot equal over all four days. "Mop of the floor" should refer to the field, not TW. Confidence from the outside of looks like arrogance, because the individual refuses to the critics like you affect existence. Let us not forget about the daily barrage of stupid questions they have to answer with a smile. Or the rude fan's that have no consideration for others. Most of us never have to put up with that everday going to work. They get it 24/7. As history has proven, when an athlete can back the rhetoric with consistency, you haters take cheap shots. Rob, "talking from 55 instead of twentysomething," reflects a line of maturity/understanding you and others will never get. Face it, anyone of TW's caliber is good no matter how anyone attempts to marginalize his success. Despite the fact the guy took year to overhaul his game, he still contended most events! If not for VJ, and a few flash in the pan's, the #1 spot was wide open for one year. How about VJ setting a goal to get to #1, and making it. Success is admired for the tenacity, and focus. Face it haters, its not just about TW the golfer! Your personal issues weigh more than your honest opinions. For the true golf fans, its great when any of the top four represent the final paring. Trashing one of the final two, and give the other jokers a pass, Pleaaaase, talk about humility! Not that others players are not good or nice guys, but why do the guys like Weir, Sergio, Daly, Furyk, Beam, and the list goes on, get attention for their inconsistency, you'd rather peg the guy contending, just because he always does!

06/24/05 @ 13:28

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