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Comment from: Paul Fisher [Visitor]
I had to laugh when I saw your header.

I played golf in Italy for 14 months whilst working there.

There are many courses and I did play whilst on a visit to Venice as well but can't remember the name of the course. We had to get there by ferry.

The course eticate is probably not as I would expect but it is a golf learning society. The courses are certainly in good condition but do not compare with Augusta and the like.

As for the armpits, they can be a 'hairy'experience. most lady golfers are westernized.
06/20/05 @ 23:44
Comment from: John Doe [Visitor]
Golf in Italy: are there courses, and do the women really have hairy armpits?

Hey, that's France you're talking about with hairy women's armpits!

FYI, in Italy the guys wash their hair only once a month. :)

06/23/05 @ 10:41
Comment from: Agien [Visitor]
He you native Americans. There is more in this world than the U.S.ofA.
Certainly Italy as it was civilised while you were still fluid.You guys always have misconceptions about the whole world and it shows in opnions foreign politics etc.
Italy playes fine golf by decent upper class Italians and the ladies are without plastic surgery and still a lot more beautiful than anyplace.
I live in holland but love Italy.
06/23/05 @ 11:26
Comment from: The Cheez [Visitor]
The women in Italy are the most beautiful, feminine women you will ever lay eyes on. I say enjoy, its the best place to enjoy the better things in life all found in one country! Good food, good wine, beautiful women, and at the end of the day you are playing the best game in the world, no matter what the conditions are at the course.
06/24/05 @ 08:43
Comment from: Plastic [Visitor]
I'm a women, a golfer and a journalist. And unlikely Italian... What a pity!
I've also hairy armpits but I'm happy, very happy! Maybe because I don't travel outside my owm country to write such many bad things about a country I don't know and I prefer to stay in my own country to make people not laughing about my texts...
06/25/05 @ 02:38
Comment from: Fulvio Golob [Visitor]
I'm the editor of the leading Italian golf magazine, Golf & Turismo, and I'm really astonished. In Italy we have beautiful golf courses designed by Arnold Palmer, Robert Trent Jones, Jack Nicklaus, John Morrison, Pete Dye, Robert von Hagge, Graham Cooke, Gary Player and so on. Some of them have nearly a century of history (Golf Club Roma "Acquasanta", the oldest, was settled in 1903). And in Rome the ruins of a Roman aqueduct are the background, as a XVII century villa in Padua, the Costa Smeralda sea at Pevero and the Como lake at Villa d'Este (please ask George Clooney and his Hollywood's friends that live there). In Milan and Turin the courses are "drowned" in the deep, marvellous green of two Royal Parks, in Venice and Florence you can fell in love with the landscape (the Venetian Laguna and the Chianti Hills). "A place called Udine" is in the middle of a world famous wine region, as you can learn in any wine atlas (not to mention the autochtonous "Prosciutto di San Daniele", probably the best ham in the world). And near Udine you can play good golf (in Fagagna), visit ancient castles and cathedrals, palaces and villas, wonderful cities (Trieste, Padua, Udine itself and, naturally, Venice...), eat and drink so well. And obviously meet beautiful women. As all around Italy. So, dear friend, please take back home your razors: maybe you need them more than us.
PS - For breakfast, please ask a brioche with cappuccino. And wait till noon for a cold flute of spumante...
06/28/05 @ 10:59
Comment from: Marc Seguin [Visitor]
Thanks for your message, sounds beautiful, I am booking a holiday in March, plan to spend 5 days golfing, prior to a week in venice with my wife, interested to know if you know of a good 5 day golf package or web site I can access to find one.

Anxious to visit Italy, love Food & wine.
09/29/05 @ 13:54

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