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Comment from: Tim [Visitor]
McDonald says: "This is a democracy, for god's sake, not some effete, spoiled, socialist European country."

1. European countries are not significantly any more socialist than ours.
2. National economic policies are to golf as color is to the aerodynamic qualities of elephants.
3. European golf courses are free to set their own rules just like golf courses here in the good ol' USA.

Did you intend to persuade anyone to your point of view?
06/30/05 @ 22:55
Comment from: Shogey Booter [Visitor]
That's what starters and rangers are for. The starter questions and instructs the group as to the appropriate tees before it tees off and the ranger "puts the clock on" slow groups.

... not sure if public and "munis" have these "niceties" as a general rule but in absence of a starter or a ranger, the desk man in the pro shop should direct (those whom he has not seen before) to the appropriate tees.
In addition, he could politely point out that the basic rules of etiquette are printed on the back side of the score card and request that they be read and obeyed.
07/04/05 @ 15:34
Comment from: Bill [Visitor]
I've play a lot in both the US and Europe. The big difference is not the handicap requirement (it applies to almost every private/semi-private course) but the way people play the game. The golfers in the UK hit the ball, walk up to it, take a look and whack it again. There's none of this 2 minute consultation of the GPS enabled golf cart to figure out you can't get there with your game! Another thing they do is play ready golf, even on the green. I watch golfers stand around for seconds or minutes watching their buddy putt and then start this whole "Tiger Woods" line up the putt routine. They should have had it done already. I say can all these "gadgets" and learn how far you hit your clubs and then just "do it."
07/06/05 @ 13:34
Comment from: Spudboy [Visitor]
The causes for slow play: too many people trying to "play like the pros". In short, take their own sweet time about it because there are no repercussions.

I doubt the local muni could hire enough rangers to keep things flowing smoothly, but the mid-ranged public courses sure could.

"Carding" someone for a course or set of tees would work only on private courses. Even then, this is no guarantee that play will speed up. Remeber, it takes Tiger about 5 hours to finish a round, and this is probably on the faster end of things for those guys...
07/06/05 @ 21:48
Comment from: RJ [Visitor]
5 hours is entirely too long for a 2some to play 18 holes (referring to the previous Tiger comment here since on the weekends these guys usually play as 2somes)...I guess you could argue since they are playing for so much money they need to take their time, but I say if they are that good (which they are, no debate on skills) they should still be able to finish in a reasonable time frame...me and my buddy are in the 12-14 range and playing deliberately we play in 3 hours, if we try to play at a better pace we come closer to 2 hours...there is no reason to spend half a day (of daylight) on a golf course, none, even if you are playing for a million smackers...unless you are playing 36, then all i have to say is, need another?
07/07/05 @ 21:19
Comment from: Rucrazy [Visitor]
I have no problem showing my official handicap card. (USGA index 2.8) The main problem is very slow play and, no marshals to speed things up. I play 4 to 5 times a week in 2 to 4 man groups. With a totally vacant track it is usually under 2 1/2 hours. We can usually take our first time on a course and turn it in the same fashion. Remember....
HIT IT.......FIND IT....HIT IT AGAIN....AND SO ON ......AND SO ON.....AND SO ON.....

So take your 20 Handicap and play from the tips. Just play with some pace.
07/08/05 @ 07:54
Comment from: Inco Plan [Visitor]
I think Tim McDonald is a very bright guy,
but reading his comments I get sick of
the way he thinks he can write about
other people or countries doing their own
The USA do have a President, some other
countries in Europe do have a King or Queen.
The USA, a very young "nation", have
still to learn a lot.
They have the power, they need the brains.
08/21/05 @ 10:36

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