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Comment from: David Wooler [Visitor]
I agree with you, Tim. I can just picture the parking lot incident, complete with that nails down the blackboard voice of his.

Just a year or two ago he was ragging on the equipment manufacturers after Daly drove over one of the par 4 greens during the Memorial. It wasn't even a week later I see a print ad with Jack extolling the virtues of his new driver - guaranteed to add 10-15 yards to your drive.

I think the model was called the Hypocrite.

David Wooler
07/15/05 @ 16:45
Comment from: Justin Bryant [Visitor]
You're allowed to not like anyone you choose, but the reasons you gave are weak. You have no idea what prompted the incident with the caddie, but make no mistake: caddies are employees and golfers their boss. Every boss chews out an employee now and then. Jack played almost all of his career with one caddie, Angelo Argea, and he provided that man with a living and a career. If you choose to use that isolated incident as your basis of his worth, then take my word for it: there's not a single professional golfer worth your admiration.

You should have stuck with "I just don't like him" instead of trying to come up with reasons. His shallowness? Is anything shallower than you saying you don't like Jack's voice?

07/15/05 @ 17:00
Comment from: Justin Bryant [Visitor]
The comment about Jack's equipment is also off base. Jack's complaint was and always has been about scaling back the golf ball, not the driver, and he has always maintained that while pros are hitting it too far, recreational golfers should have every advantage technology can provide. So there's nothing hypocritical about your example. It's just a flawed anecdote.

Again, it's fine if you don't like Jack, but if you're going to give reasons, then you need to do better.
07/15/05 @ 17:04
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]
Tim, You're wrong. Justin didn't say you HAD to give reasons, he said your reasons were lame. As is everything you do.
07/15/05 @ 18:48
Comment from: Rhoda [Visitor]
Tim I couldn't agree with you more. Thank God I have Tivo so I can skip through all of that overblown coverage of him. For a guy that said he would never say when he was quitting the competitive game because he didn't what all that he has been receiving since he announced he might be giving it up, he sure is lapping up the praise and television coverage. I mean when I looked at it yesterday I could believe how much this man was basting in everyone praising him. He should have given up 10 years ago. And then to wear the sweater he wore the last time he won the British Open, all is family in the stands, I mean what is more "Staging My Retirement platform," I don't know what is. I was just pathetic. Just like an old boxer who NEVER knew when his day had come and gone a long time ago. My son and I were havind dinner at Houston's and there he was with that wretched voice of his, in all his smuggness. And if you really look at Nicklaus you will see he is very self centered. I am glad the old fart is gone and as long as I have Tivo I can tolerate him because when I see his old red face all I have to do is bleep, bleep, bleep and pass right over him. So, I just glad to know that I am not the only person who doesn't like the guy for the same reasons.
07/15/05 @ 22:02
Comment from: Greg Pinelli [Visitor]
Before Muhammed Ali was agreat fighter, before Sandy Koufax was a great pitcher, Jack Nicklaus was agreat golfer. It stretches the concept of sports time to even contemplate this. I took some time off to watch his farewell hole at St. Andrews today and a funny thing kept running through my mind. Doug Sanders. A very popular and very talented played who unfortunately ran up against a 2 foot putt on the 18th that terrified him and ended up handing Jack one of his Opens. Seeing Nicklaus in that sweater also reminded me of the long ago time when most fans referred to him as "Fat Jack"
and only watched him intently when he was paired with Arnold Palmer.
07/15/05 @ 22:54
Comment from: Snod Grasser [Visitor]
The only thing I don't like about Jack is that he supported George Bush in the last election.
I'll miss him and as far as chewing out a caddy at the TPC. He hasn't played that in years and probably that year he won the Masters he missed the cut.
Now that Jacks gone we have a bunch of boring old pitching wedge Jack wannabes
07/15/05 @ 23:38
Comment from: Ryan [Visitor]
Are you guys kidding me. Jack is THE BEST GOLFER EVER. He can go out what ever way he wants. I can picture him yelling at his caddie. Why not?? His caddie WORKS for Jack. Who has not been yelled at or berated buy their boss. Thanks for the memories!!
07/16/05 @ 11:17
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]
Though I agree with Justin that it may be unfair to cite Jack's parking lot tirade as evidence of moral bankrupcy, I guiltily enjoyed the shot at Jack. It helps balance all the jock-sniffing sportswriters' endless tributes over the years. Nicklaus is still just a golfer, a cutthroat capitalist (with a suspisciously awful voice), and a shameless Bush supporter who, in a recent Golf Digest piece, whined that W was getting too much bad press. Apparently N. sometimes watches something besides FOX (Faux) News. Though Big Jack goes down in history as a great golfer, there's no evidence that he's been any kind of great man. Nevertheless, he must have done something right to win the everlasting affection of that apparent saint, Barbara. Even if only half the stories about her are true, he's one lucky man (or SOB, depending on your perspective).
07/16/05 @ 20:24
Comment from: Eric [Visitor]
The thing about being on top is someone always wants to take a shot at you. I don't care what is politics are, Jack was the best of the best in golf. Like him don't like him, hate his voice or business practice, but you can't take that away from him.
07/17/05 @ 01:29
Comment from: j.d. fuller [Visitor]
Okay, first of all, any moron, horrid boss, bad parent can yell at their wife, employee, children, but just because it happens every second doesn't make it right. Therefore, even the ignoramus douchebag village idiot could discern, with the help of 100 monkeys typing Shakespare, it still doesn't mean it's right, acceptable or excusable. Ergo, Nicklaus is an asshole for treating his caddie that way. His accomplishments on the golf course stand for themselves and will weather the course of time, or until Woods, another asshole, surpasses him. Just because someone is the greatest at something doesn't mean they're not an asshole to boot. Just look at George W. Bush, the greatest asshole of all time. As to Nicklaus' support of the above referenced asshole, what do you expect? But this gets to the heart of the hypocrite remarks earlier: If Jack supports Bush's corrupted policy, then why doesn't he send his boys over to help out the cause? For the record, his voice alone is well a valid reason for despising him. Given the odds, most of his most rabid supporters probably talk just like him. Now, repeat after me, opinions are like........ Yeah, Nicklaus was the greatest, but the whiny shit still should have retired after he won the '86 Masters.
07/17/05 @ 06:09
Comment from: Tiger Wood [Visitor]
Until I win 18 professional "majors" I will always be 2,3.....on the list of "Greatest Golfers Ever", and that is the way it should be. There is no other professional golfer I admire more than Jack Nicklaus. He has been an incredible competitor, sportsman, and more importantly husband/father. As for berating his caddie in the parking lot, the majority of the golfers on the PGA tour have berated their caddies in a much more public forum......the golf course while playing in a PGA event. Jack had the class to take it off the course. By the way, the caddie probably cost Jack over $30K that tournament by giving Jack poor yardage on several hole. I would have "screamed" then "FIRED" my caddie for such a poor performance. Jack was very gracious and gave the caddie a 2nd chance.
07/17/05 @ 13:02
Comment from: Justin Bryant [Visitor]
Yeah, thanks for the input, "Tiger."

Tim: please don't respond to me if you aren't even clever enough to understand my post.
07/17/05 @ 18:07
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email

07/17/05 @ 21:40
Comment from: Scott [Visitor]
He is a great golfer, but he does seem very self centered and conceded. I respect him for the great golfer he is, but im a caddie myself and none of you guys realize how tough it is, and then to get yelled at by some guy whos palying a game while your working hard isn't fun. Ive been there and it sucks. I have sympathy for the caddie and noone should be that much of an asshole to go off on their caddie. If he took a shit in your golf bag then yeah chew him out but yardage? theres a point where you got to let go, forget thinking about yourself and the money you couldve won, and think about the guy carrying your 100 pound golf bag while helping you out as much as he can. The caddie has a vested interest in how well the golfer does so it was an honest mistake and no reason to go off on ur caddie. So for you guys saying " HE CAN YELL AT HIM CAUSE THE CADDY WORKS FOR HIM " pull your head out of ur a$$ and quit idolizing jack nicklaus as a God. He should be respected for his golf game, not his personality, because from what I've seen, he has got a shitty one.
07/17/05 @ 22:18
Comment from: Tiger Woods [Visitor]
Scott, I've not witnessed this "shitty" personality you write about. Ninety-nine percent of the time, Jack is a very socialable individual. The is much more than I can say for most golfers on the tour. Most "great" people tend to be self centered and conceded. Scott, quit feeling sorry for yourself. You may have failed at being a successful caddie, but I'm sure there are many things that you will prove to be successful at.
07/18/05 @ 01:12
Comment from: Raymond Boone [Visitor]
Tiger Woods is the best golfer ever, best being defined as the golfer who can do the most with a golf ball and beat the best competition in the world most consistently, especially when it counts most, in the majors. Give Jack and Tiger their "A" games, give them the same equipment, make them both 29 years old, and have them play head-to head on Sunday in a major starting with the same score after three rounds, and Tiger beats Jack at least 75% of the time. If Tiger quits golf tomorrow, he's still the best ever.

Jack Nicklaus is the most accomplished golfer ever. He was the best of his era, and he extended that era through a long career. He's the Roger Clemens of golf. They're both great. Who's the greatest? It depends on how you define the term.
07/18/05 @ 10:21
Comment from: St. Nick [Visitor]
I think its great that Jack's family was there at the 18th on his last round at St. Andrews. I don't think it was a phony moment and another tired retirement ceremony. After all Jack made it to all the kids sports events.
Tiger should hope Jack retires at several more majors as he seems to win them all. It would help if Vijay, Phil, Retief, and Ernie would step it up.
07/18/05 @ 11:50
Comment from: steve [Visitor]
for someone who has been in the public eye for so long. the bad stories you hear about him don't justify all of your hissy fits. when i met him he shook my hand firmly and had a look in his eyes saying yes i'm the best but youre important to. for those of you who said that he should have retired years ago. at least he's not playing with his knob and reading people magazine the whole day.
07/18/05 @ 12:57
Comment from: virginia reider [Visitor]

I have always admired Jack as a golfer, a wonderful husband and family man. He has respect for others.I am not a golfer but i follow golf all year. I am also a 69 year old lady. I wrote to him once as a fan, and he was gracious enough to send me an autographed picture that I added to the scrap book I made of his career
God Bless Jack and his beautiful family
Virginia Reider
07/18/05 @ 16:41
Comment from: wes [Visitor]
I just have to say a few things.

Jack is the best golfer of his time. Have you ever used the nicklaus persimmon woods and golf balls well it´s a lot different today with technology. A lot different the game has changed and so has the man still in the open at the old course jack is able to shoot close to par for 36 amazing. What about the 1986 masters. Did you catch that one? If the legend yelled at his caddy so what? Tiger always flares his temper too. Everbody does. It's called golf and byron nelsons record still unbeaten for those who say tiger is the best ever.
07/18/05 @ 16:53
Comment from: Arnie [Visitor]
Love it! I too have no affection for Jack or his whiny voice, but my problem with him has always been that he just comes across as so arrogant, self-centered and aloof. One thing these farewell tours have proven, Jack still loves the limelight. But he still is the greatest golfer that has ever lived. Tiger may change that, but I still feel, prime against prime, Jack would have the edge.
07/20/05 @ 14:56
Comment from: Shark Hark [Visitor]
Tim, thanks for saying what many want to but don't want to offend. Watching the Friday I found myself thinking I don't really like this smug guy but I respect his final round, almost touching.
Then the overplayed footage, that voice of his in interview, so condescending, so ready to jump on you if he isn't pleased.
and to Justin....my honey thinks that guy's who have so much time to think up clever lines like you to Tim, must be alone with your small headed driver. While me and my Homer IQ are too busy to stay as I gotta go lay the lumber on her, shark out.
07/21/05 @ 20:21
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Hey Justin -- check out what the Shark Hark has to say. Man, he's whaling on you!

I agree Shark...
07/22/05 @ 08:03
Comment from: Justin Bryant [Visitor]
Yeah Tim, he really whaled on me. It really hurts when someone who doesn't know you make an erroneous assumption about your life. You bloggers are so smart! I just can't compete. And Shark, boy are you right - it took me ages to think up that line to Tim. Ages and ages, because of course I'm not at all clever. That "honey" of yours is certainly bright. Well dude, I have a "honey" too, but please pass on to your honey my thanks for her concern.
07/22/05 @ 12:43
Comment from: Justin Bryant [Visitor]
Oh and Shark, if you read golf blogs with your honey, or (as is more likely the case) actually make conversation with her about golf blogs, that's one red-hot relationship you got there. I am indeed jealous. All my girlfriend ever wants to do is have sex. Any tips on how I can get her to enjoy the bad writing and solipsism of the blog world with me?
07/22/05 @ 12:47
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
Justin, your comments are straying from golf, which is why we're all here. Please get back to the subject at hand.
07/22/05 @ 13:48
Comment from: Justin Bryant [Visitor]
(sigh) Fair enough, Tim, though Shark strayed first, and you clearly delighted in pointing it out to me. Seems a bit unfair to expect me not to respond. But point taken, back to golf.
07/22/05 @ 14:01
Comment from: Steve Eisenberg [Visitor]
Wow, "thin, reedy" voice as a precursor to being liked. What are we in, Nazi Germany?

Arrogance interpreted for being forthright. I thought journalists would appreciate the fact that he renders an opinion, instead of "political correct speak."

If Tiger could emulate anyone in the realm of sportmanship, its Nicklaus. I hope Tiger studies his every mannerism, then someday he can look back in his career and know that he treated fellow sportman with dignity.

If I had a dollar for every story where someone saw a famous personality "berate" someone, or "refuse" to give an autograph-usually to a "sick" child, I would be rich enough to have someone else read this blog column for me!
07/23/05 @ 13:20
Comment from: Jim Davis [Visitor]
Who cares what you think! Give the man his due. He's the greatest golfer of his time. He doesn't get paid to make people feel "warm and fuzzy". It's amazing to me that at age 65 he missed the cut by 1 stroke.

Nuff Said!
07/25/05 @ 08:36
Comment from: Jim Davis [Visitor]
All I know is the man won 19 Major Championships. If berating his caddy is what you've held against him over a 45 year career then you Sir are SHALLOW!
07/25/05 @ 08:40
Comment from: Randy hebert [Visitor]
I was always an Arnie fan over Jack, but I do have to admit seeing one of the greatest sportsmen in golf, Tom Watson, that touched after Jacks last hole makes me realize he couldn't have been all that bad a person.
08/02/05 @ 14:17
Comment from: Ben Hog-end [Visitor]
Tiger Woods IS well on his way to becoming the greatest golfer ever, there's just no denying that. But he is also the most arrogant, classless,and inconsiderate a**hole to ever play the game. He makes a horrible role model for todays' youth with his uncontrollable and incessant cursing, spitting and other childish antics. His defenders say "Well, he's still young, he'll outgrow it." Get real, he's THIRTY years old and should be acting like a responsible adult instead of the spoiled brat that he is...never worked a day in his life. Because of his physical talents, people tend to dismiss or deny his inappropriate behavior. He does not represent the 'gentlemen's game' well at all. Call me jealous or immature, but I absolutely LOVE it when he loses! Long live Arnie, Jack and Gary! Now THOSE gentlemen have CLASS!!!
08/23/05 @ 10:31
Comment from: Gene Mills [Visitor]
All the old pros will tell you that when they played a tournament Jack Nicklaus was where their focus was. Before they could focus on winning the tournament they had to beat Nicklaus. About yelling at the caddie, yelling at any employee is wrong but this happened years ago and things were allot different then. It still doesn't make it right. I'd have to know the circumstances before I could pass judgement. However, when you're playing for the kind of money these guys play for I fully understand tempers running high and handing your boss the wrong club going into a sandtrap could spell defeat if it's not caught. What I don't understand is how folks continuouly refer to Tiger Woods as a Grand Slam winner...the only golfer to have a Grand Slam victory was then amateur Bobby Jones back in 1930 when he won the U.S. and British Opens and the U.S. and British Amateurs all in the same calander year. Ben Hogan is the only player to have won The Masters, and the US and British Opens in the same calendar year. But what does golf do for Tiger Woods? They refer to it as a Consecutive Grand Slam or, after the only player to achieve it, a Tiger Slam since it didn't happen in the same calander year. In my opinion Tiger Woods is a Jack Nicklaus wanna-be and he's got a long, long way to go.
10/11/05 @ 19:29

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