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Sarasota golf: no longer "God's waiting room"

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If you haven't been to Sarasota in the last 10 years, you may not recognize it. The place has really boomed in the last five years. Once part of that area known as "God's waiting room," it's experiencing both growth and an influx of yuppies. The average… more »

Venetian Golf and River Club in Sarasota: coolest driving range in Florida

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The Venetian Golf and River Club, in North Venice, just outside Sarasota, Florida, has a driving range that actually makes warming up fun. It's a lake, for christ's sake. Now, I'm sure there is someone out there who will point out other courses that… more »

Mark Calcavecchia's win at Canadian Open overshadowed by Solheim Cup

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Lost in the crazed madness of the U.S. Solheim Cup team win this past weekend was veteran Mark Calcavecchia’s first win in four years. It was almost but not quite a blast from the past, when the 45-year old won the Canadian Open even though his last tw… more »

Critics of U.S. Solheim Cup captain Nancy Lopez should listen to youngsters

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All those Nancy Lopez critics who stubbornly cling to their mis-placed critiques of the Solheim Cup captain should listen to the U.S. youngsters. You see, picking a team to play in international competition is more than just looking at numbers. It's s… more »

Nancy Lopez captains U.S. to Solheim Cup win -- what say her critics now?

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Nancy Lopez sure knows how to pick them, huh? The U.S. Solheim Cup team, displaying a perfect blend of youth and experience, won the Cup easily Sunday, taking six of the first seven singles matches and running away with it. Lopez made her team practic… more »

Why is interest so high for Solheim Cup? Easy -- U.S. men can't win Ryder Cup

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I have a theory about why the Solheim Cup is getting so much interest this year. It's a pretty simple theory: The U.S. men can't win the Ryder Cup, so we're pinning our hopes on the women. Americans are getting fed up with the pampered U.S. male golfe… more »

Greg Norman lends chopper to Hurricane Katrina victims

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While the PGA rivals FEMA in its red tape-hampered assistance to Hurricane Katrina victims, players and courses are doing it directly. Greg Norman lent both his helicopter and pilot to the rescue efforts, helping ferry medical supplies to hospitals.… more »

Slow pace at Thistle Golf Club on Grand Strand admirable -- not a PR ploy

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This is a little belated, but I have to respond to the Rebel Blogger, who once again must have had some of that wacky tobaccy in his cigar. He responded to a blog I wrote praising Thistle Golf Club near Myrtle Beach for its 12-minute interval tee times,… more »
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