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Comment from: Paul W [Visitor]
I've probably read 30 articles since Samsung saying that Annika doesn't get enough credit. Those articles certainly give her credit. You also say she won player of the year. What were you expecting?
12/13/05 @ 10:18
Comment from: The Undaunted Duffer [Visitor]
First things first, I agree with you in regards to Annika not getting as much air play as some of her more well endowed colleagues. Where's Annika's reality show? Her life seems to be more dramatic that Gulbis'. (With the exception of Natalie's dad of course.)

"Sex Sells" seems to be a re-occuring theme in the gradious scheme of things. Go figure.

In any event, I feel as of right now, these two (Tiger and Annika) are the greatest performing Golfers thus far.

What the future holds, who knows?
12/13/05 @ 10:26
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Agreed. What the heck is Spits Frustratrated doing with its athlete of the year? Tom Brady? Like him. Annika? The best of all time.
12/13/05 @ 10:30
Comment from: j [Visitor]
Another outstanding winning!
Nothing can slow her down.
No one can break her records.
Invaluable plays,
Known as the best of all time,
Are ample to teach W, C and P.
12/13/05 @ 10:50
Comment from: Jim Coulthard [Visitor]
Ron Mon

If you want SI to pick a golfer, why pick a golfer who won two minor league LPGA Majors when Tiger won two Majors in the PGA? Let me see. We will pretend that the LPGA and the PGA are equal as long the women will just refrain from competing against the men.

Another thing. When Annika and Michelle both wound up tied for 23rd at the US Women's Open, dashing Annika's hope for a gradn slam why did everyone focus on how horrible a 15 year old amateur played to wind up tied with Annika instead of how horrible Annika played to wind up tied with a 15 year old amateur.
12/13/05 @ 19:00
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]
I thought this was a Jennifer Mario article.

Plain and simple, the LPGA isn't as exciting as the PGA. Therefore, no matter how good Annika may be, she will NEVER get the credit many believe she deserves.
12/13/05 @ 20:08
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
Annika is a great player but I think she is recognised as that, and gets all the credit she deserves.
12/14/05 @ 21:22
Comment from: Arthur [Visitor]
You are absolutely correct that she does not get the credit she deserves. When anyone can win half the tournaments they enter, then the question should be if they are the best of all. She will never win the money the men do, but she deserves more recognition from the sponsers because she has already prooven herself to be a winner, unlike Michelle Wie who has not won a thing, just like Anna Kournikova. I wish Anika had a fan club because I would definately join.
12/19/05 @ 16:19

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