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Comment from: Max [Visitor]
Yes, it is scary, especially when real state market it expecting to cool off and the mortgage rates to go up in 2006. The economy will take a hit, I just don't know how bad it will be for our people. There is an interesting article in the MyrtleBeachOnline called "Home sales drop sharply" - here is the link for those who interested

12/24/05 @ 18:44
Comment from: Kurt [Visitor]
Golf courses shot up from 80 to over 120 a few years back. Yes people flock from all over to play golf, but since there are so many, our courses were not being filled. The owners will tell you, they use to have great seasons. Now the smaller ones are finding it harder and harder to stay afloat. The old addage the strong survives, well its true. We need to weed out what we have, make room for development and get back to where the 80 were making money. On a second note, the comment from Max, who used the article from 12/24, well if you notice it is in Washington. If he were to look a week back (sorry I dont have the link), it states how Myrtle Beach is in a protective area. I dont think you will see us get hit in 2006. In fact, I think prices will still increase and we have about another 4-6 years left, at least till 2010. Those are my comments. Thank you.
12/26/05 @ 09:22

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