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Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]

The holiday season must be getting to you...you are actually somewhat magnanimous in your gesture of giving Tiger a break.

I didn't know it was in your nature to be so understanding. I am genuinely impressed.

Have a good holiday.

12/29/05 @ 20:05
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Agreed and Agreed. This way, someone other than Tiger is guaranteed a return trip to the Merc next next year. I want to see Tiger beat Jack's record, and when I'm 75, I want to see some other young dude destroy Tiger's record. I love seeing Annika ravage the LPGA tour, and I think it will be great to see her continue to do it against the next-generation trio of lasses. Greatness never gets old.
12/29/05 @ 20:59
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
You too, Denver. May you live to be 100 with an extra day to repent.

However, please note it doesn't take the high holidays to change me into a caring, magnanimous individual. I worship Korak, Son of Stone, and we practice the art of kindness year-round.
12/30/05 @ 07:43
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]
I get it, now.

I thought maybe you went out to see Brokeback Mtn.

Say hello to Korak for me.
12/30/05 @ 08:46
Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]
Obviously the Mercedes format needs to be revamped. Perhaps it needs to be more like the ladies' Samsung. Tournament winners in the previous year can be guaranteed an invitation--but the tournament organizers need to be free to put together an interesting tournament if the champions won't show up. The tournament of champions is supposed to be able to get Tiger, and if a PGA tournament in Hawaii can't get Tiger, it should be able to invite Michelle Wie.
12/31/05 @ 16:17
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]

What are you smokin', brotha?

Are you nuts? The Mercedes is for WINNERS on the PGA. If Tiger doesn't show up, then I guess that is one less player.

Michelle Wie hasn't earned the right for a Winner's event on the LPGA Tour, so why should she be invited to such an event on the PGA Tour?

Now, I think Michelle Wie has promise, and the criticism she has endured has been too harsh for a competitor her age, but come on!!! Let's get real!!
12/31/05 @ 21:10

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