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Comment from: Soos [Visitor]
Time to replace the lawmakers.
Golf is the vehicle that gets tourists to your cities, your stores, hotels and eateries.
I won't go from New England to the Gulf Coast for a massage, but I will go any day of the week for a round or two or ten on the links. I will stay there, eat there and shop there.... me and my entire party.
What are these people thinking? And how can they single out industries in their economy as not worthy? Courses generate revenue and pay taxes, and lure business from far away that trade in countless other local industries. The business they attract are quality comsumers with money to spend, and who will bring their friends and return with their friends.
I was there in September and October working, and I will be back in the spring to play golf. A lot of golf.
01/04/06 @ 22:21
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
I'm not quite going to get all the way down to the Coast but my group of 8 is going to hit the middle of the RTJ Trail for the first week of April. Thanks for your previous reviews. I'll be certain to blog about the experience before and after.

Hope it helps a little.
01/19/06 @ 15:29
Comment from: Richard Hodges [Visitor]
My wife and I are British, and play golf in the States a lot (S.C., Florida). I agree with your other commentators - we fly across The Pond to play golf in good weather, and now have some good American friends thru' golf. I am frankly amazed at these people who do not recognise just have big and valuable an industry the leisure golf market is: every retirement or gated community now seemingly cannot be built without a golf course, and it's going that way in Europe more and more. People want to keep fit, and a 4 hour round of golf with good company is a good way of doing it. They'll spend a lot of money, too..............

These courses also cost a heap of money - hurricane damage we British can only guess at must be difficult and expensive to put right without tax incentives/aid etc. Wake up you legislators!!
02/14/06 @ 17:03

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