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Comment from: craig [Visitor]
You know I find it amazing that people have a problemwith Ames and his decision not to commit to the Masters just yet. Good for you, you're from Trinidad, you are astounded that Ames got to the level he has as a golfer. Is it for you or for him that you wish him to be at the Masters?

This guy has been through a year and a half of hell, his wife, whom he truly and deeply loves, almost died from Lung Cancer (which do you think is harder, beating lung cancer, or making the PGA outta Trini??) The woman is not out of the woods and still has a hard time many days. Ames is a hero for taking the stance he took, the masters is just what he said it was, just another golf tournament, an individual pleasure he'd happily forego for 2 weeks of quiet time with his family.

Give your head a shake you friggan snake, learn to golf yourself if you want the people of trinidad to see a hometown boy hit the green pastures of Augusta, Ames has better things to do.
03/27/06 @ 08:52
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
If I were a snake, I'd want to be a moccasin. Moccasins are the only snakes that can bite you underwater.
03/27/06 @ 09:33
Comment from: Sledge [Visitor]
Knowing the situation with his wife, I would also be going to Disney with the family.
He has put things in the right perspective according to himself and his family, congrats to him.
03/27/06 @ 12:22
Comment from: Stacy Solomon [Visitor]
I was pulling for Ames too. Everyone likes an underdog. Remember when Phil Mickelson held that title?

All golfers dream of playing at the Masters. I'm hoping that he puts his Disney vacation on hold. Too many screaming kids anyway.
03/28/06 @ 09:05

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